File Title
1 Cannabinoids May Help Limit Secondary Damage of Traumatic Brain Injuries
2 Environmental Trade-Offs of Autonomous Vehicles: Convenience Will Likely Come at a Cost
3 New COVID-19 Saliva Test Invented: Portable, Affordable, Accurate, and Fast
4 How to Become "Ant-I-Social"--Erosion of Ant Genome Tied to Loss of Functional, Behavioral and Social Traits
5 A Ghostly Solution: Strange Property of the Quantum Realm Enables Efficient Energy Harvesting in Tiny Device
6 Synaptic Transmission: Not a One-Way Street for Key Brain Synapse in the Hippocampus
7 Science Made Simple: What Are Catalysts?
8 World-First Concept for Rechargeable Cement-Based Batteries--Imagine a 20-Story Building That Stores Energy Like a Giant Battery
9 AI Technique Ushers In New Era of High-Resolution Simulations of the Universe
10 NASA Adds Kayla Barron to SpaceX Crew-3 Mission to International Space Station
11 DNA Evidence From Mass Grave Suggests Bubonic Plague Had Long-Term Effect on Human Immunity Genes
12 Artificial Intelligence Program Accurately Predicts Lung Cancer Risk
13 Superfast, Portable COVID-19 Testing Method Gives Results Within One Second
14 Eating a Western Diet Impairs the Immune System in the Gut--May Increase Risk of Inflammation, Infection
15 Solar Orbiter Images First Coronal Mass Ejections--See the Stunning Videos From Multiple Instruments
16 Ancient Australian Aboriginal Memory Tool Superior to "Memory Palace" Learning Technique
17 Unknown Physics on the Cosmic Scale? 1000 Supernova Explosions Chart the Expansion History of the Universe
18 New Technology Makes Cancer Tumors Eliminate Themselves
19 National Border Walls and Fences Threaten Wildlife As Climate Changes
20 Newly Discovered Quasicrystal--"Magnificent in Its Complexity"--Was Created by the First Nuclear Explosion at Trinity Site
21 Diffuse Auroral Eraser: Physicists Discover a New Type of Aurora
22 Geoscientists Find That Shallow Wastewater Injection in Oil and Gas Production Fields Drives Deep Earthquakes in Texas
23 Invasions by Alien Insects and Animals Can Teach Us About COVID-19
24 Following Atoms in Real Time Could Lead to New Types of Materials and Quantum Technology Devices
25 Tauktae: An Unusually Powerful Tropical Cyclone Strikes India
26 If a Rocket Falls on Your House, Space Law Protects You--But There Are No Legal Penalties for Leaving Junk in Orbit
27 Space Weather Puzzle Unlocked by Supercomputer Simulations
28 Nano-Photosynthesis: An Illuminating Possibility for Stroke Treatment
29 A Molecule That Shouldn't Exist--"The Biggest Scientific Shock of My Life"
30 Stopping the Airborne Spread of COVID-19: Nanofiber Filter Captures Almost 100% of Coronavirus Aerosols
31 Supermassive Black Hole Devours Passing Star--Exhibits Properties That Surprise Astronomers
32 Diseases of Despair Have Soared in the US Over the Past Decade
33 Big Surprise!--Heavy Metal Vapors Unexpectedly Found in Comets Throughout Our Solar System--and Beyond
34 Revolutionary Method Developed to Drastically Reduce Stray Light on Space Telescopes
35 Ancient Horse DNA Reveals Gene Flow Between North American and Eurasian Horses
36 What Factors Matter in Sexual Attraction for Men and Women of Different Ages?
37 STARFORGE: Stunning Simulation of Stars Being Born Is Most Realistic Ever
38 Research Indicates Unexpected, Illegal Production of Several Ozone-Depleting Chemicals in Recent Years
39 Almost 1 Million Extra Deaths Related to COVID-19 Pandemic in 29 High Income Countries in 2020
40 Invasive Alien Species Cost Africa's Agricultural Sector a Staggering $3.6 Trillion a Year
41 New and Effective Treatment Discovered for Vitamin D Deficiency
42 Research on Bizarre Rodent Genetics Solves a Mystery--And Then Things Got Even Stranger
43 Postcode Lottery of Nutrient Intake From Crops Revealed--Dietary Micronutrients Vary Substantially With Location
44 Red Meat Intake, Heavier Alcohol Use, and Poor Education Linked to Colorectal Cancer
45 Extreme Space Weather Danger: Moon Mission Delays Could Increase Risks From Solar Storms
46 Less Forest, More Species: Climate Change Drives Declining Biodiversity in Tibet's Mountainous Regions
47 NASA Satellite Captures Stunning Mid-Atlantic Phytoplankton Bloom
48 Strange "Black Swan" Defect Discovered in Soft Matter for First Time
49 NASA Selects Winners of Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest
50 Engineers Harvest Energy From WiFi Signals to Power Small Electronics
51 Nanotechnology Advance Enables Tinier Transistors With Extraordinary Performance
52 Robotic "Third Thumb" Use Can Alter How the Hand Is Represented in the Brain
53 From Mice to Men: Potential New Target Discovered for Treating Acute Myeloid Leukemia
54 Mapping the Quantum Frontier: New Experiments Designed to Test the Mysterious Quantum Realm
55 NASA Laser Communications: Empowering More Data Than Ever Before
56 Solving a Natural Riddle of Water Filtration to Create Clean Water While Consuming Less Energy
57 Self-Propelled Particles Can Condense by Turning and Moving Toward Crowded Areas
58 New Species of Ancient Turtle Discovered: 96 Million-Year-Old Fossil Is Earliest Evidence of Sidenecked Turtles in North America
59 European Space Agency Advances Its Plan for Satellites Around the Moon
60 Breakthrough Sees Creation of Light-Emitting Solid Carbon From CO2 Gas
61 Global Spread of the Highly Pathogenic H5N8 Avian Influenza Virus Is a Serious Public Health Concern
62 New Research Shows Alarming Risk of COVID-19 From Aerosols to Healthcare Workers
63 Boosting Energy Production at US Wind Plants With Wake Steering
64 New Insights Into How Whisker Bending Translates to Sensory Touch Signals
65 Magnetic Monsters: Hubble Tracks Down Location of Mysterious Radio Signals From Intergalactic Space
66 Gene Signature Discovered for Plaque-Eating Microglia in Alzheimer's Disease
67 Alarming Biodiversity Devastation: Human-Driven Decline Requires Millions of Years of Recovery
68 New Robot-Assisted Nondestructive Broadband Imager Is the Next Step Towards Advanced Technology
69 Green Light on Gold Atoms: Unexpected Findings From Metallic Nano-Antennas That Concentrate Light
70 NASA's Webb Space Telescope to Study How Massive Stars' Blasts of Radiation Influence Their Environments
71 New MIT Algorithm Helps Robots Collaborate to Get the Job Done
72 Unprecedented Nanoscale Look at Reaction That Limits the Efficiency of Generating Clean Hydrogen Fuel
73 The Charlotte Whale: Unexpected Discovery of a Whale Skeleton Hundreds of Miles From the Sea
74 Unraveling the Mysteries of Dark Energy: Successful Start of Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI)
75 Sandwich Structure Improves Efficiency of Next-Generation Solar Panels
76 Pediatric Infectious Disease Expert Guidance: Should My Child Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
77 VIPER: NASA Rover to Search for Water & Other Resources on Moon
78 Drugs Used to Treat COVID-19 Patients Tracked Throughout the Pandemic
79 Mars Report: Update on NASA's Perseverance Rover & Curiosity Rover [Video]
80 NASA Finds Organic Salts Are Likely Present on Mars--Remnants of Ancient Martian Microbial Life?
81 Extraordinary Evolution Research Reveals Mammals in the Time of Dinosaurs Held Each Other Back
82 DNA Markers Uncovered in Grape Genetics Research Reveal What Makes the Perfect Flower
83 Global Study Finds Vast Under-Treatment of Diabetes
84 Researchers Establish the First Entanglement-Based Quantum Network
85 Incredible Microscope Sees Atoms at Record Resolution
86 AI-Powered Smart Toilet May Soon Analyze Poop for Health Problems
87 Scientists Discover How Behavioral Rhythms Are Fine-Tuned In the Brain
88 New Faster, Cheaper COVID-19 Test Kit Receives Scientific Seal of Approval
89 China's Zhurong Rover Hit a Mars Milestone That Took NASA Decades--Here's What's Next
90 How "Great" Was the Great Oxygenation Event? Enzyme "Family Tree" Reveals When Organisms First Started Using Oxygen
91 Espresso, Latte or Decaf? Cardiovascular Symptoms and Genetic Code Drive Your Desire for Coffee
92 Avocado Discovery May Point to Better Leukemia Treatment
93 Molecular Biologists Travel Back in Time--Over 3 Billion Years
94 Super Lunar Event: Supermoon! Red Blood Lunar Eclipse! All Happening at Once--Here's What It Means
95 Correcting Online Falsehoods Can Make Matters Worse
96 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: How Microbes Could Communicate With Alien Species
97 New Research Shows Face Masks Effectively Limit COVID-19 Transmission
98 NASA Fires Up the Massive RS-25 Rocket Engine in Test for Future Artemis Moon Missions
99 Less Waste During Production of Marble Slabs in Ancient Roman Imperial Period Than Today
100 New Method Invented for Predicting Solar Radio Flux Two Years Ahead
101 Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Way Videos Are Organized
102 How Planets Form Determines Whether They Retain Elements Essential for Life
103 Clyde's Spot on Jupiter Has Morphed Into a Strange, Complex Structure
104 Scientists Develop New Gene Editor to Correct Disease-Causing Mutations
105 KiNET-X Experiment: NASA Launches Rocket in Search of Aurora Answers
106 Evolving Periodicity: Starlight, Star Bright...As Explained by Math
107 Science Made Simple: What Is a Stellarator?
108 Exploring Earth From Space: Los Cabos, Mexico [Video]
109 See NASA's Curiosity Rover's Stunning 360-Degree View Atop "Mont Mercou" on Mars
110 Coherent Storage of Light Over One-Hour Achieved--Great Stride Towards the Application of Quantum Memories
111 Groundbreaking Research Optimizes Body's Own Immune System to Fight Cancer
112 Investigating Baked Meteorites Yields Clues to Planetary Atmospheres
113 Nearly the Speed of Light in One Millimeter: Presenting a New Type of Particle Accelerator
114 Darwin's Descent of Man Foreshadowed Modern Scientific Theories
115 Anesthesia Doesn't Simply Turn Off the Brain--It Dramatically Changes and Controls Its Rhythms