File Title
1 FDA Recalls Hand Sanitizers Containing Bacteria, Cancer-Causing Chemicals
2 Vaccine Protection Stronger Among Those Previously Infected by COVID-19, Study Reveals
3 68-Year-Old Kansas Woman Dies Allegedly Due To COVID-19 Vaccine
4 Russian President Putin Experiences Minor Side Effects After COVID-19 Vaccine Shot
5 Biden Administration Works on Unified Vaccine Passport, Critics Call It 'Un-American'
6 WHO Report From China Claims COVID-19 Likely Originates From Animals
7 More than 100 Fully Vaccinated People in Washington Test Positive for COVID-19
8 South Korea To Issue Digital Vaccine Passports Showing Person's COVID-19 Vaccination Status
9 Pfizer's Vaccine 90% Effective for at Least 6 Months, Protects Against South African Variant
10 Fully Vaccinated People May Safely Resume Travel, According To CDC
11 New CDC Report Says Vaccinated People are Unlikely to Suffer COVID-19 Infections
12 New COVID-19 Variant: Experts Identify Children as the Major Spreaders
13 AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine 'Vulnerable' to South African Variant, 'Professor Lockdown' Warns
14 Popular Painkiller Recalled Due to Unusual Issue Dangerous to Health
15 WHO, Others, Warn Using Ivermectin as Treatment to COVID-19
16 Health Official Admits Having No Idea AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Blood Clots
17 Patients Critically Sick With COVID-19 May Suffer Mental Health Conditions, New Study Shows
18 #Pierluisi: Puerto Rico Governor Opens COVID-19 Vaccinations to 16 and Above
19 CDC: School Reopenings in September May Happen, Despite Over 30M US COVID-19 Cases
20 AstraZeneca Vaccine Linked to Rare Blood Clots, European Union Confirms
21 Japanese Woman, First COVID-19 Patient to Receive Living Donor Lung Transplant in the World
22 Pregnant Women Complains Of Being Denied COVID-19 Vaccines
23 US FDA Recalls Psychiatric Drug Due to Its Health Risk Issue
24 China Admits Its COVID-19 Vaccines Are Only 50 Percent Effective Against the Virus
25 COVID-19 South African Variant Can "Break Through" Pfizer's Vaccine, New Study Shows
26 US Slams China for Not Cooperating in COVID-19 Origin Probe, Reminds Its Shortcomings in Early Days
27 Regeneron's Antibody Drug Appears to Prevent Virus Spread Within Household, Seeks FDA Approval
28 Australia Considers Reopening International Borders; Allowing Vaccinated Citizens To Travel Overseas
29 Fauci Clashes With Republican Lawmaker Over When COVID-19 Restrictions Can Be Eased
30 White House Struggles to Combat Pandemic Due to Vaccine Hesitancy
31 Nearly Half of Republicans Do Not Want a COVID-19 Vaccine
32 Simple Oral Hygiene Can Help Save Lives as Researchers Find Links Between COVID-19, Gum Disease
33 Does COVID-19 Vaccine Change Menstrual Cycle? Here Are What To Know
34 Pfizer Reports Counterfeit COVID Vaccines Discovered in Mexico and Poland
35 COVID-19 Vaccine: Studies Find Pfizer, Moderna Safe for Pregnant Women, Says CDC
36 How to Deal With Post-Traumatic Stress After a Car Accident
37 US Lifts Pause on Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine but Warns Increased Risk of Rare Blood Clots
38 6 Vaccine Policy Tips for Restarting Your Business
39 3 Easy Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep Longer
40 Social Distancing At 6 or 60 Feet To Prevent COVID-19 Has No Difference, Study Claims
41 Results of New Study on Pregnancy and COVID-19 Suggest Scientists Were Wrong Before
42 Countries Help India Amid Devastating COVID-19 Disaster, Here's How You Can Help Too
43 Antiseptic Throat Spray, Malaria Drug Cut COVID-19 Infection Risk, According to Researchers
44 Vaccinated Americans Do not Need Masks When Outdoors; Biden, CDC Announce
45 India's COVID-19 Crisis: Blames Surge in New Variant as Vaccine Supplies Disrupted
46 Side Effects After Vaccination Could Mean You Already Got Infected, New Study Suggests
47 Will Brazil Follow India: Country Approaches 400,000 COVID-19 Death Toll Amid Vaccine Disruptions, Loosening Restrictions
48 First-Known Pregnant Mummy With Fetus Still Inside Her from 155 Years Ago Discovered
49 US Starts Sending COVID-19 Aid to India, Including Much-Needed Oxygen
50 Breakthrough Study Indicates How to Block HIV Infections in Infants
51 Eating Rotten 'High Meat' Becomes New Fad, Is It Safe to Join the Trend?
52 Choosing the Right Mattress for a Good Sleep
53 A Closer Look at OSI Group's Safety and Quality Policies
54 Thyroid Medicine Gets Third Major Recall Over Lack of Potency, Severely Affects 43 People
55 Why Do Snails and Slugs Come Out After It Rains?
56 What to do When You Want to Get a Good Night's Sleep?
57 US Vaccine Rollout: FDA To Approve Pfizer for Children; Joe Biden Sets New Goal for Adults
58 How to Manage Your General Health
59 Biden Supports Waiving Patent Protections To Help Produce More COVID-19 Vaccines Globally
60 Oldest Human Burial in Africa Is That of a Child Called Mtoto
61 COVID-19 Long Haulers Can Experience Functional Neurological Disorder, Claims New Analysis
62 Sinopharm Efficacy Rate: China's COVID-19 Vaccine Gets WHO Approval for Adult Emergency Use
63 Fauci Claims COVID-19 Surge in Fall, Winter Unlikely to Happen; Could be Back to Normal Next Mother's Day
64 One-Third of COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics Agree to Be Inoculated If Offered $100
65 EU Will Not Renew Order for AstraZeneca Vaccines Beyond June 2021
66 Coronavirus Origin: Controversial Theory That COVID-19 Came From Lab Not Impossible, Says Expert
67 FDA Approves Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine for Younger Teens Ages 12-15; Pharma Claims It Is 100% Effective
68 COVID-19 Vaccine Pop-up Sites Will Open in New York City Subway Stations to Increase Youth Vaccinations
69 With Over a Third of Americans Vaccinated, U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Edges Closer to 900,000
70 Fossilized Remains of 9 Neanderthals Killed by Hyenas Found in Italian Cave
71 The Most Humane Ways to Keep the Pigeon Population Away
72 How to Manage Your General Health
73 Georgia Among First US States To Provide COVID-19 Vaccine to Children Ages Below 16
74 India Discovers Deadly Black Fungus on COVID-19 Patients That Can Lead to Blindness
75 CDC Says Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Linked to 28 Blood Clotting Cases, 3 Deaths
76 Ohio Offers $1 Million Lottery for People To Get COVID-19 Vaccine
77 CDC Lifts COVID-19 Mask and Social Distancing Restrictions for Fully Vaccinated Americans
78 COVID-19 Vaccine Passport: Countries That Will Require, Accept Proof of Vaccination Before Travelers Can Enter
79 Precision Nutrition is the Latest Health Trend
80 Brazil Ignores Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine; Ex-Health Minister Claims Country Does Not Need It
81 Mixing COVID-19 Vaccines Is Link to More Side Effects, New Study Shows
82 Regent's New Electric SeaGlider Is a Futuristic Flying Boat With Zero Emissions
83 How The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Responding To COVID-19
84 8-Month-Old Boy Becomes World's Youngest COVID-19 Vaccine Recipient
85 COVID Vaccines Are NOT Magnetic, Experts Explain Videos Are Fake
86 Archaeologists Discover Rare Egyptian Articfacts: Over 300 Rock-Cut Tombs of Akhmim Leaders
87 CDC Advises Schools Not To Discontinue Using Face Masks
88 CDC's New Masks Guidance Leaves States, Businesses Scrambling; Agency Claims Decision Is Based on Science
89 WHO: Long Working Hours Are a Killer
90 Joe Biden Says COVID-19 Infections Down in All States, Will Donate Vaccines To Other Countries
91 Fauci Claims Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Effective Against Indian Variants; Admits He Still Wears Mask
92 Stealth Jets' Improved Coating Is Better at Deflecting Radar, Also Lasts Longer
93 New B-21 Stealth Bomber Can Defend Itself with Air to Air Missiles
94 B-21 Bomber Is the Most Advanced Bomber Made to Overcome Anti--Stealth Defenses
95 The US has 21 'Stealth Bombers' In-Tandem With F-35 Jets If China Wants to Tango
96 U.S. Air Force Wants to Make the B-2 Bomber More Resistant Against EMP Attack
97 COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Needed as Fauci Says Protection From Coronavirus Is Usually Not Lifelong
98 Total Lunar Eclipse: Moon to Turn Red on March 26, Here's When and How to Watch
99 US Can Prevent Another COVID-19 Surge if 70% Of the Population Receive the Vaccine by July 4, Fauci Claims
100 Ivermectin To Undergo COVID-19 Drug Trial in the University of Minnesota as Online Interest Surges
101 Black Fungus on COVID-19 Patients: Industrial Oxygen Considered One Factor That Causes Mucormycosis in India
102 India Suffers Shortage of Black Fungus Drug as Deadly COVID-19 Variant Continues to Pile up More Cases
103 Anthony Fauci Seeks Further Probe As He Is Dubious of COVID-19 Having Developed Naturally
104 Finer touch for tuning stem cell 'fate' with substrates of varying stiffness
105 Smart toilet may soon analyze stool for health problems
106 Identifying how chemotherapy drug works could deliver personalized cancer treatment
107 Researchers develop novel raman method to capture target molecules in small gaps actively
108 No cause for alarm about graduate students' mental health
109 New study targets secrets of great entrepreneurial cities
110 Otago study helps explain how religious beliefs are formed