File Title
1 California prepares for more West Coast space launches
2 Launch postponed for Soyuz rocket with UK telecom satellites
3 British spaceflight to become reality as government provides launchpad for spaceports
4 Rocket Lab mission failure blamed on possible engine problem
5 Virgin Orbit selects AVS to build key infrastructure for launches from Cornwall
6 Small launchers--big market
7 China plans four Tiangong Space Station launches in 2021
8 Cosmodrome project injects new life into Russian Far East
9 The company's multiple technologies support United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket launch
10 Long March-6 launches nine commercial satellites
11 The End of Space Access
12 NASA adds Vulcan Centaur to launch services program catalog
13 Roscosmos has lost several contracts for satellite launches due to 'mean' US sanctions
14 Rocket Lab to recover Electron Booster on next mission
15 Gilmour Space to launch Fleet satellites in 2023
16 ESA boost for UK space transportation initiatives
17 Rocket Lab launches 100th satellite
18 China's Long March 7A rocket puts satellite in orbit
19 Space launch from British soil one step closer
20 Rocket Lab plans new Neutron rocket, intends to go public
21 India launches PSLV-C51 carrying Brazil's Amazonia-1 and 18 Satellites
22 Virgin Galactic posts revenue loss of $238 million in Q4
23 Russia plans at least 10 launches from Baikonur in 2021
24 One small step towards spaceflight in the UK as government publishes environmental guidance
25 Private Chinese company launches smart suborbital rocket
26 AFRL Materials Characterization Facility pushes state of the art
27 Recycling of rare elements in electronics may help environment, create jobs
28 New optimization approach helps design lighter carbon fiber composite materials
29 Scientists consider true costs of sand, call for sustainability effort
30 Turkey bans import of polymer waste
31 EU, US move to end steel row and point to China
32 Chameleon skin-inspired material changes color, can detect seafood freshness
33 Molecular Tomographer algorithm maps gene expression in space
34 Marine animals inspire new approaches to structural topology optimization
35 EU slaps tariffs on China aluminium products
36 Less than a nanometer thick, stronger and more versatile than steel
37 A new technique to synthesize superconducting materials
38 Tires turned into graphene that makes stronger concrete
39 Pioneering study gives new insight into formation of copper deposits
40 Tianzhou 2 docks with China's new station core module
41 Spacewalks planned for Shenzhou missions
42 China cargo craft docks with space station module
43 New advances inspire China's deep space exploration
44 GMV supplies operations centre for the new generation of Yahsat satellites
45 Kleos engages ISISPACE to build third satellite cluster
46 SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites from Florida
47 SpaceX launches 52 Starlink satellites, two other payloads
48 How were the carbon contents in terrestrial and lunar mantles established
49 Measuring Moon dust to fight air pollution
50 Republic of Korea signs onto Artemis Accords for lunar exploration
51 NASA rover to search for water, other resources on Moon
52 Enaire and Indra plan new constellation to improve air traffic management
53 Reduction in air transport emissions requires intensified efforts
54 91 European airports vow to be CO2 neutral by 2030
55 NASA tests system for aircraft positioning in supersonic flight
56 First two F-15EX fighter planes join Alaska training exercise
57 Some B-1B Lancers resume flight after safety stand-down
58 Blue Angels to headline Ft. Lauderdale Air Show with new Super Hornets
59 Militants threaten Iraqi F-16 program, Inspector General report says
60 Egypt orders 30 more fighter jets from France: sources
61 Lufthansa jets don 'shark skin' to take bite out of emissions
62 F-15E fighter planes deliver munitions to UAE
63 Airbus to transform its European set-up in aerostructures
64 The return of supersonic aircraft must be sustainable
65 French parliament backs cuts in domestic flight routes
66 USAF F-22s participate in interoperability exercises with Japanese forces
67 U.S. F-16s to participate in Greek-led training exercise
68 USS Paul Ignatius fires Standard Missile-3 interceptors in test
69 First modernized SBIRS Missile Warning Satellite under Space Force control
70 ULA postpones launch of missile detection satellite
71 GAO report: Missile Defense Agency missed 2020 delivery, testing goals
72 Greece to lend Patriot battery to Saudi as Huthi attacks spike
73 Missile Warning Satellite Delivered to Cape Canaveral
74 Lockheed, Northrop to compete for Next Generation Interceptor program
75 Lockheed Martin awarded $3.7 billion to modernize key missile defense mission
76 Northrop Grumman Common Infrared Countermeasures System ready for full-rate production
77 Israel says Iron Dome can now intercept drones, missiles at same time
78 Missile Defense Agency to consider two sites for Hawaii-based radar
79 SPY-7 joint Japan project completes initial demonstration of capability
80 Israel and US begin Arrow 4 development
81 US renews call on Turkey to dump Russian missile system
82 Turkey hints at compromise with US over Russian missiles
83 Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor Phase IIb Awards
84 Northrop builds command centers for Poland's air, missile defense system
85 Israel delivers second Iron Dome Defense System battery to U.S.
86 China's artificial sun brings nuclear fusion energy closer
87 On course to create a fusion power plant
88 Fooling fusion fuel: How to discipline unruly plasma
89 Tracking the progress of fusion power through 60 years of neutral particle analysis
90 Phoenix receives contract from DOE for fusion energy technology
91 Understanding imperfections in fusion magnets
92 Extreme-scale computing and AI forecast a promising future for fusion power
93 Nuclear fusion: building a star on Earth is hard, which is why we need better materials
94 Laser-cooled plasma-in-a-bottle could answer many questions
95 An aggressive market-driven model for US fusion power development
96 Keeping an eye on the fusion future
97 New machine learning theory raises questions about nature of science
98 New fiber optic temperature sensing approach to keep fusion power plants running
99 Novel public-private partnership facilitates development of fusion energy
100 Massive underground instrument finds final secret of our sun's fusion
101 China turns on nuclear-powered 'artificial sun'
102 NRAO selects contractor for Next-Generation VLA Antenna Development
103 ESA to build second deep space dish in Australia
104 ThinKom antenna design offers flexible installation options for special-purpose aircraft
105 Origami-inspired antenna technology for use in small satellites
106 GomSpace wins contract to develop satellites for global air traffic management consortium
107 NASA scientists use lightning to help predict hurricane intensity
108 World's largest Earth observation conference will come to Bonn in 2022
109 Lynred's NGP infrared detector to fly on Copernicus CO2M satellite mission
110 NASA Earth System Observatory to help address, mitigate climate change