File Title
1 Geostationary Earth Orbit Hyperspectral Infrared Radiance Data Improves Local Severe Storm Forecasts
2 Don't Skip Your Routine Health Check-Up--Here's Why
3 The Next 20 Years Are Crucial in Determining the Economic Future of Coal
4 Map of the Nearby Universe Created by Cosmic Cartographers Reveals the Diversity of Star-Forming Galaxies
5 Puzzling Extinction Event Decimated Sharks 19 Million Years Ago
6 Cell Factories: Genetically "Switching On" Bacteria to Produce High-Value Chemicals
7 Life Beyond Earth: A Detailed Concept for a Moon Habitat
8 Physicists Uncover New Mechanism Enabling Magnetism and Superconductivity to Co-exist in the Same Material
9 Space Debris: It's Time to Act
10 People More Afraid of Catching COVID-19 Are More Judgmental
11 Taking a Bite Out of Oddball Tooth Evolution: Frogs Lost Teeth More Than 20 Times
12 Using Game Theory to Help Discover Intelligent Alien Life
13 Possible Explanation Discovered for Elusive Dark-Matter-Free Galaxies
14 NASA Releases Most Accurate Space-Based Map of Los Angeles' Carbon Dioxide
15 New Magnetic Nanomaterial Developed for Counterfeit Money Prevention
16 Giant Nonlinearity of UV Hybrid Light-Matter States With a Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Waveguide
17 New Neptune-Sized Exoplanet Discovered With a Substantial Atmosphere Ripe for Study
18 See the Dramatic First Images NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captured As It Sailed by the Icy Orb, Ganymede
19 New Defense Against Bacterial Superbugs: Taking Fish Oil May Reduce Antibiotic Resistance
20 Scientists Have Discovered an Achilles Heel of the Coronavirus
21 Diabetes Vaccine Gives Promising Results in Clinical Study
22 COVID-19 Dented 2020's Electronics Sales--But Laptops, Cell Phones and E-Games Defied Slump
23 Popigai: Russia's Crater of Diamonds--Estimated To Contain "Trillions of Carats"
24 Japanese Rice Fish Model of a Rare Human Metabolic Disorder
25 Personalized Soundscape To Help People With Dementia With Time and Place Recognition
26 Massive Predator: School Lesson Gone Wrong Leads to New, Bigger Megalodon Size Estimate
27 Major Scientific Leap: Quantum Microscope Created That Can See the Impossible
28 COVID Vaccine Linked to Low Blood Platelet Count--Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
29 Understanding the Concept of Quietness: Measuring Quiet Sound Diversity
30 Easier to Swallow: New Drug-Formulation Method May Lead to Smaller Pills
31 Breakthrough Insights From Color-Blind Octopus Help Fight Human Sight Loss
32 Study Finds Low Doses of "Laughing Gas" a Fast, Effective Treatment for Severe Depression
33 Astronomers Discover Jets from Massive Protostars Might be Very Different from Lower-Mass Systems
34 Self-Sustaining, Intelligent, Electronic Microsystems Created--Operate Much Like Self-Autonomous Living Organisms
35 Visualizing Cement Hydration on a Molecular Level--Could Enable 3-D Printing of Concrete
36 NASA Has Just Rejected Missions to the Strange Moons of Jupiter and Neptune--Here's What We Would Have Discovered
37 New Clues on How Nitrogenase, an Enzyme Critical for Life, Converts Nitrogen Into Ammonia
38 CHIME Telescope Detects More Than 500 Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts From Outer Space
39 A Ring of Fire Sunrise Solar Eclipse
40 New High-Resolution Pig Brain Maps Facilitate Human Neuroscience Discoveries
41 Alcohol Companies Earn Billions From Underage Drinking
42 Plant-Based "Vegan Spider Silk" Provides Sustainable Alternative to Single-Use Plastics
43 Spaceplate Light Manipulation: Say Goodbye to Your Camera Bump and Hello to Paper Thin Telescopes
44 Common Antidepressant Medication Helps Fight Cancer in Mice--May Activate Immune System to Shrink Tumors
45 DENSe: New Twist on DNA Data Storage Lets Users Preview Stored Files
46 NASA Is Sending a Spacecraft to Asteroid 16 Psyche--It Might Not Be What Scientists Expected
47 Waste Not: New Dipping Solution Turns the Whole Fish Into Valuable Food
48 Climate Protection: Deep Decarbonization by 2050 Is Currently Not Plausible
49 Discovery of a Dying Supermassive Black Hole by Accident--Via a 3,000-Year-Long Light Echo
50 Higher Alcohol Content Craft Beer Popularity Growing As Overall Beer Consumption Down
51 New Research Shows How Taking Short Breaks May Help Our Brains Learn New Skills
52 Tackling the Biodiversity and Climate Crises Together, and Their Combined Social Impacts
53 Searching for Signs of Ancient Alien Life: NASA's Perseverance Rover Begins Its First Science Campaign on Mars
54 Pathogenic Invasions: Changing Community Networks Impact Disease Spread
55 New Insight Into One of the Mysteries of Natural Immunity to Malaria
56 World's Coral Reefs May Cease Calcifying Around 2054
57 Noise and Light Pollution Changes Which Species of Birds Visit Our Backyards
58 COVID-19 Creates Hearing and Balance Disorders--Aggravates Tinnitus Symptoms
59 The Uttarakhand Disaster Left More Than 200 People Dead or Missing--It Could Happen Again
60 Sky-Mapping Astronomy Algorithms Meet Pathology to Identify Predictive Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy
61 Polymer Fluorescence: Chain Length Determines Molecular Color
62 Mass of Human Chromosomes Measured for the First Time--Mysteriously Heavier Than Expected
63 New Research Reveals the Effects of COVID-19 on Human Kidney Cells
64 Healthy Obesity Isn't Healthy--Still at Increased Risk of Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Strokes and Respiratory Diseases
65 Closing "Wet Markets" Is Not an Effective Policy Solution for Safeguarding Human Health, Biodiversity
66 Allergy Season Starts Earlier and Lasts Longer Each Year Due to Climate Change and Pollen Transport
67 Scientists Uncover New Details of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Interactions with Human Cells
68 New Chemistry for Cleaner Combustion Engines--From New Clues to the Origins of the Universe
69 What Is This?--Astronomers Spot a Strange "Blinking Giant" Near the Center of Our Galaxy
70 Human African Sleeping Sickness: Sex Cells in Parasites Are Doing Their Own Thing
71 Deep Evolutionary Origins of the Human Smile in Ancient Ancestors
72 EnVision: Revolutionary Venus Mission Promises a "New Era" in the Exploration of Earth's "Evil Twin"
73 Ultra-High-Density Hard Drives Made With Graphene Store 10x More Data
74 Meet the Massive Australotitan, the "Southern Titan"--Australia's Largest Dinosaur!
75 AI Trained With Genetic Data Predicts How Patients With Viral Infections--Including COVID-19--Will Fare
76 Reaping the Benefits of Noise: Scientists Show 10x Efficiency Increase in Harvesting Energy From Noise
77 An Omega-3 That's Poison for Cancer Tumors
78 Monitoring Species Condemned to Extinction May Help Conservationists Save Others As Global Temperatures Rise
79 Oxygen Control Hypothesis--Did Earth's Early Rise in Oxygen Help Multicellular Life Evolve?
80 Vitamin D Deficiency Strongly Exaggerates the Craving for and Effects of Opioids--Supplements May Help Combat Addiction
81 Breakthrough Understanding of Limb and Organ Regeneration--Closer to the Development of Regenerative Medicine Therapies
82 A New Bridge Between the Geometry of Fractals and the Dynamics of Partial Synchronization
83 A New Era of Spaceflight? Exciting Advances in Rocket Propulsion
84 Producing Graphene at Industrial Scale: High-Performance Computing Helps Refine Process for Improved Efficiency
85 The Line Is Getting Fuzzier--Asteroids and Comets May Be More Similar Than We Think
86 Bacteria-Sized Metallic Robots Take On Microplastics--And Win by Breaking Them Down
87 Building a Better Bulb: New Prototype LED Lightbulb Emits Less of That Troublesome Blue Light
88 See the Northrop Grumman Minotaur 1 Rocket Launch--Visiblity Map
89 7 Things You May Not Know About Catalysis
90 Childhood Vaccination Rates Declined During COVID-19 Pandemic
91 Pine Island Glacier's Ice Shelf Is Ripping Itself Apart--Speeding Up Key Antarctic Glacier
92 Gravity Might Play a Bigger Role in the Formation of Elementary Particles Than Scientists Thought
93 Battery Technology Breakthrough: An Atomic Look at Lithium-Rich Batteries
94 Delicious Chemistry--How a PhD Student Learned To Use His Chemistry Skills in Cooking Dishes
95 Systems Thinking From MIT Unleashes Capacity at Mexico's Largest Brewery
96 ExoMars Rover Replica Begins Earth-Based Mission in "Mars Terrain Simulator"
97 Planetary Defense: NASA Approves Continued Development Asteroid Hunting Space Telescope
98 Taming Silicon to Interact With Light for Next-Generation Microelectronics
99 Gap in Death Rates Between Rural and Urban Areas Tripled During Past 20 Years
100 Innovative Battery Technology Puts Flying Cars on the Horizon
101 Satellite Observations Show Marine Clouds Amplify Global Warming
102 New Discovery Shows Human Cells Can Write RNA Sequences Into DNA--Challenges Central Principle in Biology
103 Solar and Wind Power Could Mitigate Conflict Surrounding Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Northeast Africa
104 New Cell Atlas of COVID-19 Pathology Reveals How the Coronavirus "Wreaks Havoc in the Lungs"
105 Efficient Gene Therapy: A New Technique for Correcting Disease-Causing Mutations
106 Nano Optics Breakthrough: Researchers Observe Sound-Light Pulses in 2D Materials for the First Time
107 New Look at Nuclear Weapon Effects for Near-Surface Detonations
108 New Species of Ancient Shark Discovered
109 Science Made Simple: What Are Sterile Neutrinos?
110 How Did 500 Species of a Fish Evolve in a Lake? Dramatically Different Body Clocks