File Title
1 Mystery solved: Dust cloud led to Betelgeuse's 'Great Dimming'
2 Sudden cardiac death more likely to fell persons with HIV infection
3 Correlated errors in quantum computers emphasize need for design changes
4 Researchers identify new gene that may increase risk of ALS
5 Space scientists solve a decades-long gamma-ray burst puzzle
6 Ocean circulation is key to understanding uncertainties in climate change predictions
7 ALMA discovers earliest gigantic black hole storm
8 Small numbers of cells in a tumor could be key enablers of cancer metastasis
9 Study shows Head Start teachers' depressive symptoms related to children's math skills
10 When testing Einstein's theory of general relativity, small modeling errors add up fast
11 Urbanization drives antibiotic resistance on microplastics in Chinese river
12 Ozone pollution has increased in Antarctica
13 Bats in Switzerland harbor diverse viruses, some potentially zoonotic
14 Blocking IL-11 signalling can help liver regenerate after injury from paracetamol toxicity
15 Tailored laser fields reveal properties of transparent crystals
16 New study finds SARS-CoV-2 can infect testes
17 Sacred natural sites protect biodiversity in Iran
18 Managed retreat: A must in the war against climate change
19 Vaccination, previous infection, protect against gamma variant in animal model
20 New analysis discusses role of managed retreat as a climate change response
21 Controlling brain states with a ray of light
22 For the first time, researchers visualize metabolic process at the single-cell level
23 Tug-of-war receptors for sour taste in fruit flies sheds light on human taste biology
24 Altered microstructure improves organic-based, solid state lithium EV battery
25 Printable Purdue biosensor simultaneously records, makes images of tissues and organs
26 Algorithm uses mass spectrometry data to predict identity of molecules
27 Most cancer cells grown in a dish have little in common with cancer cells in people
28 How cells 'read' artificial ingredients tossed into genetic recipe
29 Mountain fires burning higher at unprecedented rates
30 Convalescent plasma improves survival in COVID-19 patients with blood cancers
31 Women in science propose changes to discriminatory measures of scientific success
32 Researchers propose methods for additive manufacturing quality control
33 Sorghum, a close relative of corn, tested for disease resistance on Pennsylvania farms
34 Changing a 2D material's symmetry can unlock its promise
35 Study explores how the elderly use smart speaker technology
36 KIYATEC clinical study data shows test accurately predicts brain cancer patient response
37 Incidents of serious parasitic disease on the rise in Alberta, Canada
38 Reduced-dose gadobutrol vs. standard-dose gadoterate for contrast-enhanced brain MRI
39 Quaise Inc. drilling technology could allow geothermal to power the world
40 Anti-science, partisan tweets could flag an outbreak
41 'Nanodecoy' therapy binds and neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 virus
42 Thin, stretchable biosensors could make surgery safer
43 Beneficial bacteria can be restored to C-section babies at birth
44 Sulfur enhances carbon storage in the Black Sea
45 If you ride an e-scooter, take safety precautions
46 A new rapid assessment to promote climate-informed conservation and nature-based solutions
47 Moffitt develops non-invasive approach to predict outcomes in lung cancer
48 Mystery of Galaxy's Missing Dark Matter Deepens
49 Most comprehensive RNA-Atlas ever
50 On the road to practical, low-cost superconductors with unexplored materials
51 Depression, tau deposits seen in subset of middle-aged persons
52 Complications following dental implant therapy are common
53 Biodiversity imperiled
54 Blood cancer patients with COVID-19 fare better with convalescent plasma
55 Exposure to nature during COVID-19 lockdown was beneficial for mental health
56 Immune system protein may defend against deadly intestinal disease in babies
57 People with back pain miss far fewer workdays when they receive recommended treatments
58 Passive rewilding can rapidly expand UK woodland at no cost
59 FDA advisory panelist outlines issues with aducanumab's approval for Alzheimer's disease
60 Probing the dynamics of photoemission
61 Masonic Medical Research Institute researchers develop new imaging agent to detect activated platelets
62 Start-stop system of hunting immune cells
63 Long-term Himalayan glacier study
64 Hackensack Meridian CDI scientists develop 'CATCHER' for crucial biomarkers
65 Online coaching improves choices of women experiencing pregnancy difficulties
66 University of Groningen scientists design superfast molecular motor
67 Health and socializing: Why people use mixed-reality sports platforms
68 Beyond mere blueprints: Variable gene expression patterns and type 1 diabetes
69 RNE and Leopoldina call for swift action--lay the foundations for climate neutrality now
70 Probing deeper into tumor tissues
71 CSIC scientists propose a new strategy to regulate the cells communication network
72 Adding checkpoint inhibition to anti-HER2 breast cancer therapy brings no benefit
73 RUDN University biologists develop a rapid test for detecting the fire blight in plants
74 First evidence that medieval plague victims were buried individually with 'considerable care'
75 Testicular cancer: Improved treatment and prognosis
76 RUDN University medics detect alterations in amino acid profiles in children with ADHD
77 Historical climate effects of permafrost peatland surprise researchers
78 Asymptomatic pertussis more common in infants than previously thought
79 Hybrid membrane doubles the lifetime of rechargeable batteries
80 Religious participation makes both old and young more likely to trust their neighbors and donate to charity
81 Researchers identify gene responsible for increased risk of infantile fragility
82 Exposure to nature during COVID-19 lockdown was beneficial for mental health
83 New method could reveal what genes we might have inherited from Neanderthals
84 Skeletal scaffold supports bone cells and blood vessels
85 A promising new target for urinary tract infections and kidney stones
86 Financial networks: A new discipline to interpret crises and green transition
87 Wild chimpanzee orphans recover from the stress of losing their mother
88 'First empirical evidence of an identity-related societal cleavage'
89 Novel chirped pulses defy 'conventional wisdom'
90 Response to DNA damage: The dual role of extramitochondrial cytochrome C
91 Excess nitrogen puts butterflies at risk
92 'Mosquito smoothie' innovation boosts future malaria vaccine potential
93 Scientists achieve ultra-fast optical orbiting of nanoparticles at subdiffraction scale
94 Theory of Tradition: Why architect Seiichi Shirai practiced calligraphy
95 Parrot talk
96 A new 'twist' to break viscoelastic liquid bridges
97 Researchers reveal defect properties in Sb2S3 material
98 Detoxifiers from the landfill
99 One in a million: Fluorescent 'microtags' help track individual cells
100 The absorption of an individual electrons captured on film
101 New beetle-dwelling roundworm species discovered in Japan
102 Anthropogenic forcing increases drought risks in Southeast Asia
103 A remote control for gene transfer
104 COVID-19 vaccines pre-prepared in syringes can be safely transported
105 Predicting resistance to anticancer drugs
106 State of the art and future directions in the clinical application of HR-pQCT in adults
107 RUDN mathematician builds a COVID-19 spread model--it shows how vaccination affects pandemic
108 Sensitive and specific detecting biomarker of radiation-resistant nasopharyngeal carcinoma
109 Bronze Age Scandinavia's trading networks for copper settled
110 New discovery shows Tibet as crossroads for giant rhino dispersal