File Title
1 Induced hypothermia after cardiac arrest did not improve survival
2 Racism and racial trauma as barriers to breastfeeding
3 Pandemic-era crowdfunding more common, successful in affluent communities
4 Scientists unravel the function of a sight-saving growth factor
5 New models predict fewer lightning-caused ignitions but bigger wildfires by mid century
6 Underwater robot offers new insight into mid-ocean "twilight zone"
7 Scientists prepare for next coronavirus pandemic, maybe in 2028?
8 Giant quantum tornados in a hybrid light-matter system give insight into complex physical phenomena
9 New beetle species discovered and named after iconic sci-fi heroines
10 Longer duration of positive COVID-19 PCR test results in people with certain comorbidities
11 Subterranean investigations
12 Alternate-day intermittent fasting leads to less fat loss than traditional daily energy restriction
13 How sex trafficking trauma affects the way its survivors parent
14 How a supermassive black hole originates
15 Researchers uncover unique properties of a promising new superconductor
16 Study reveals recipe for even more powerful COVID-19 vaccines
17 Having a strong life purpose eases loneliness of COVID-19 isolation
18 P-glycoprotein removes Alzheimer's-associated toxin from the brain
19 Pioneering chemistry approach could lead to more robust soft electronics
20 The give and take of mega-flares from stars
21 Advocating reimbursement parity for nurse practitioners
22 Graphene 'camera' captures real-time electrical activity of beating heart
23 Omega-3s may hold key to unlocking blood-brain barrier
24 RUDN University biologist tested the resistance of bioplastics to aggressive environment
25 Concordia researchers break down the COVID-19 diagnostic arsenal
26 Stem cells may hold a key to developing new vaccines against COVID-19
27 When small epigenomic signals matter
28 Sticky transparent wall coating can capture aerosols and droplets from the air
29 Light in darkness: an experimental look at Paleolithic cave lighting
30 'Wonder material' can be used to detect COVID-19 quickly, accurately
31 Machine learning can now reduce worry about nanoparticles in food
32 A distinctive inflammatory signature found in a genetic form of ALS
33 UChicago scientists identify properties that allow proteins to strengthen under pressure
34 New super-resolution microscopy method approaches the atomic scale
35 MD Anderson research highlights for June 16, 2021
36 Yeast mating--more than meets the eye
37 Immune system dysfunction can modify the association between cannabis use and psychosis
38 Study: Complexity holds steady as writing systems evolve
39 Pursuing safer, cheaper pharmaceuticals via electromagnetic control at the atomic level
40 Icebergs drifting from Canada to southern Florida
41 Smartphone bans in the workplace
42 Model helps analyze decision-making on adopting Type 2 diabetes medical guidelines
43 SNMMI Image of the Year: PET imaging measures cognitive impairment in COVID-19 patients
44 Using microorganisms to monitor water quality within minutes
45 Can biodegradable polymers live up to the hype?
46 Several persistent chemicals were found in fetal organs
47 Bruisable artificial skin could help prosthetics, robots sense injuries
48 Osteoporosis: New approach to understanding bone strength pays dividends
49 Stoneflies: Youth influences adulthood
50 Sweeping analysis concludes there's no cheating old age
51 Algorithm reveals the mysterious foraging habits of narwhals
52 Intestinal cancers: The 14-3-3sigma gene acts as a tumor suppressor
53 What factors put Philippine birds at risk of extinction?
54 Online mental health therapy significantly aids the isolated, immunosuppressed in pandemic
55 Are zoos inadvertently complicit in wildlife trade? The case of a rare Borneo lizard
56 Lies to hide doping in professional sport
57 Electrohydraulic arachno-bot a fascinating lightweight
58 Scientists demonstrate promising new approach for treating cystic fibrosis
59 Research study suggests BAT's Modern Oral products have similar toxicant profile to NRT
60 Pandemic planning: Government should embrace uncertainty rather than confront it or shy away from it
61 Preformed gel particles tested for enhanced oil recovery
62 Corticosteroids may be an effective treatment for COVID-19 complications in children
63 Developing countries pay steep economic & health costs because of high car air pollution
64 Contraception data 'blind spot' could hide pandemic impact on women's reproductive health
65 Like your olives bitter? Molecular breeding can make them even better!
66 How a bath sponge becomes a bio-based industrial filter
67 Convergent mechanism of aging discovered
68 Idea of COVID-19 'immunity passports' decreases people's compliance with restrictions
69 New research finds ways to improve accuracy of Lateral Flow Tests
70 How should governments offer subsidies for clean-energy heating?
71 Growing feeling of safety among the population in Germany
72 Intermittent fasting 'no magic bullet for weight loss' says new study
73 Over-the-counter fungicide can disrupt hormones
74 Children with asymptomatic malaria a 'hidden risk' to disease control efforts
75 Bacteria used to clean diesel-polluted soil in Greenland
76 CNIO researchers find molecular switch that allows organisms to adapt to fasting conditions
77 Quantum-nonlocality at all speeds
78 'Overly stringent' criteria early in the pandemic led to missed diagnoses of COVID-19
79 How do immune cells get activated?
80 Reduced microbial stability linked to soil carbon loss in active layer under alpine permafrost degradation
81 How long-known genes continue to surprise researchers
82 A backdoor in mobile phone encryption from the 90s still exists
83 Particles with 'eyes' allow a closer look at rotational dynamics
84 Measuring the elimination of plastic particles from the body in mice
85 Poison frog tadpoles can survive (almost) anywhere
86 How do we know where things are?
87 Fossil research shows woodlice cousins roamed Ireland 360 million years ago
88 Study: A quarter of adults don't want children--and they're still happy
89 We cannot cheat aging and death
90 Nematic transition and nanoscale suppression of superconductivity in an iron chalcogenide
91 New Cleveland Clinic research identifies link between gut microbes and stroke
92 Keeping strawberries fresh using bioactive packaging
93 Natural killers: Using the body's cells to target breast cancer
94 Researchers find human infant brains, bodies are active during new sleep stage
95 Early lung cancer coopts immune cell into helping tumors invade the lungs
96 The vision: Tailored optical stimulation for the blind
97 Glyphosate pesticides persist for years in wild plants and cause flower infertility
98 New material could remove respiratory droplets from air
99 Ten years of ancient genome analysis has taught scientists 'what it means to be human'
100 Public concern on human health impact of plastic pollution
101 Semiconductor technology mitigates fire risk in electric vehicle batteries
102 Community pharmacy can play a 'key clinical role' in delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations
103 Genetically engineered nanoparticle delivers dexamethasone directly to inflamed lungs
104 Most rivers run dry--now and then
105 Mystery of Betelgeuse's dip in brightness solved
106 Study finds "serious problems with privacy" in mobile health apps
107 Heatwaves increase aggression on mental health wards, according to new study
108 Seabird eggs contaminated with cocktail of plastic additives
109 Researchers translate a bird's brain activity into song
110 Damage control: Plants juggle genome maintenance and growth by being organized