File Title
1 New Research Shows Puppies Are Biologically Wired to Communicate With People
2 CryoSat Mission Reveals Massive Ice Loss From Glaciers in Alaska and Asia
3 New Technology "Listens" for Right Whales--One of the World's Most Endangered Whale Species
4 Massive Die-Off Discovered by Accident: A Shark Mystery Millions of Years in the Making
5 Electrons Waiting Their Turn: New Model Explains 3D Quantum Material
6 Electric Fish--Like Humans--Pause Before Communicating Key Points
7 Fish Oil Supplements Taken During Pregnancy Boost Brain Function in Children at Age 10
8 Arctic Sea Ice Thinning Up to Twice As Fast as Expected
9 Best View Yet of Exceptional Cosmic Explosion--Challenges Established Theory of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Universe
10 Neurological and Psychiatric Symptoms Such As Fatigue and Depression Common in Mild COVID
11 Temperature Explains Why the Greatest Variety of Aquatic Life Resides in the Tropics
12 Massive Stars Are Formed Not From Dust Disk but From Debris--"A Chaotic Mess"
13 NASA Celebrates OSIRIS-REx's Perfect Departure Maneuver From Asteroid Bennu
14 New Records of Singapore's Sea-Level History Going Back 10,000 Years
15 Cosmonauts Finish Spacewalk to Ready Space Station for New Module
16 NASA's SpaceX Dragon Resupply Mission Launches--Cargo Includes Water Bears, Squid, Solar Panels
17 World's Lakes Losing Oxygen Rapidly As Planet Warms--Biodiversity and Drinking Water Quality Threatened
18 Chinese Researchers Construct a Multiplexed Quantum Repeater Based on Absorptive Quantum Memories
19 New Research May Help Illuminate the Origins of Life on Earth
20 Researchers Design World's Fastest Information-Fueled Engine
21 Climate Science Surprise: Antarctica Wasn't As Cold During the Last Ice Age As Previously Thought
22 Extraterrestrial Materials: Measuring the Moon's Nano Dust Is No Small Matter
23 Extremely High-Resolution Control: Songbirds Can Control Single Vocal Muscle Fibers When Singing
24 Genetic Link Discovered Explaining Why Some People Who Catch COVID-19 Don't Become Sick
25 Reconstructing Human Ancestors: Soft Tissue Measurements Critical to Hominid Reconstruction
26 MIT Turns "Magic" Superconducting Material Into Versatile Electronic Devices
27 Next Generation Swimming Biobots Can Self-Train, Showing Striking Speed and Strength
28 First NASA Probe Mission to Venus in 40 Years: DAVINCI+ to Explore Divergent Fate of Earth's Mysterious Twin
29 Broken Hospital Procedures Plague Europe: Mothers Transmitting Hepatitis B to Children
30 AI Outperforms Humans in Creating Cancer Treatments--But Do Doctors Trust It?
31 Neuromorphic Chip: Artificial Neurons Recognize Biosignals in Real Time
32 Lessons From the H1N1 Pandemic Point the Way Toward Universal Flu Vaccines
33 Ground-Breaking New Type of Intelligent Material--Many Potential Uses From Drug Delivery to Energy Storage
34 Surviving on Mars: NASA's InSight Lander Uses Martian Sand To Give Itself a Power Boost
35 World's Most Powerful Telescopes Unite in Unprecedented Observations of Famous Black Hole
36 Evolutionary Mystery: New Marine Scale Worm Species First to Provide Evidence of Male Dwarfism
37 NASA James Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed Again--Waiting on Ariane 5 Rocket Readiness
38 70-Year-Old Coffee-Killing Fungus Brought Back to Life by Scientists--Here's Why
39 Time To Rethink Theories: Physicists Predict Neutron Stars May Be Bigger Than Previously Imagined
40 In the Blood: Antibodies Identified That Best Neutralize the Coronavirus in COVID-19 Patients
41 Our Brains Reveal the Truth: Empathic and Altruistic or Cold and Individualistic
42 Could a Simple Pill Beat COVID-19? Pfizer May Have a "Cure" by the End of the Year
43 Spacetime Crystals: New Mathematical Formula May Solve Old Problem in Understanding the Fabric of the Universe
44 Entire Genome From Pestera Muierii 1 Sequenced--35,000 Year-Old Romanian Skull
45 ICARUS Gets Ready to Fly--Officially Starts Its Hunt for Elusive Sterile Neutrinos This Fall
46 Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine Recipients Have Lower Antibody Levels Targeting the India (Delta / B.1.617.2) Variant
47 Quantum Computing and Sensing: Engineers Demonstrate a Quantum Advantage
48 Gravitational Wave Search No Hum Drum Hunt--"Map to the Potential El Dorado of Gravitational Waves"
49 Natural Painkiller: New Research Advances the Treatment of Chronic Pain
50 Innovation Pioneers Score World First for Sustainable Construction With "Game-Changing" Graphene-Enhanced Concrete
51 Strange Sea Creature Found in Oceans Around the World May Improve Health of Marine Ecosystems
52 The Robot Made Me Do It--Robots Can Encourage Risk-Taking Behavior in People
53 New Discovery Helps Explain How COVID-19 Overpowers the Immune System
54 Bowl-Shaped Nanoparticles Help Untangle Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid Beta Plaques
55 A Glowing New Weapon in the Fight Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
56 MIT: Experiential Learning Through Entrepreneurship
57 NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Creating Robots to Go Where Humans Can't
58 Quantum Communication in Space Advances
59 Close Encounters of the Jovian Kind: NASA's Juno to Get a Close Look at Jupiter's Moon Ganymede
60 COVID-19 Psychological Distress: 1 in 3 Adults Anxious, Depressed
61 SpaceX Cargo Craft Docks to International Space Station
62 Edge of Space: The Science of NASA's AIM Spacecraft
63 Can Omega-3 Fatty Acids--Fish Oil Supplements--Prevent Psychotic Disorder?
65 Green and Economical: Underground Storage of Carbon Captured Directly From Air
66 Science Made Simple: Earth's Upper Atmosphere
67 Terpen-Tales: The Genetics Mystery Behind the Unique Fragrance of the Lovely Lavender
68 Finding Quasars: Important but Extremely Rare Extragalactic Objects Are Now Easier to Spot
69 Smashing Gold With Finesse: Shockless Compression Experiments Establish Extreme New Pressure Scales
70 NASA's Telescope on an Airplane--SOFIA--Offers New Way to Study Earth's Atmosphere
71 Artificial Intelligence Helps Design Better Antibody Drugs
72 Which Way Does the Solar Wind Blow? Supercomputers Improve Space Weather Prediction
73 3D Printing Tiny, Ultraprecise Parts for Massive Impact
74 A Morphing Spiral Galaxy Amongst Friends
75 Researchers Discover a Molecule Critical to Functional Brain Rejuvenation
76 Just a Few Common Bacteria Account for Most of the Carbon Use in Soil
77 Activating Genes With a Smartwatch to Control Insulin Production
78 Human Decision-Making in Climate Reconstructions Can Lead to Substantially Different Results
79 Simple Blood Test Can Accurately Reveal Underlying Neurodegeneration (Dementia, ALS)
80 Is Earth's Core Lopsided? Something Strange Is Going On in Our Planet's Interior
81 Medical Cannabis to Prevent/Treat COVID-19? High-CBD Sativa Extracts Modulate ACE2 Expression
82 NASA: 2021 Arctic Sea Ice Maximum Extent Ranks Seventh-Lowest on Record
83 Clinical Trial Will Answer Critical Questions About Potential of Mouthwash to Kill Coronavirus and Slow COVID-19 Spread
84 Solar Eclipse, Scorpion's Sting, Juno and More--Skywatching Tips for June 2021
85 Warning: High Caffeine Consumption May Increase Risk of Blinding Eye Disease
86 Opposite Action Strategy Could Improve Industrial Gas Separation
87 New Crystalline Form of Silicon Could Enable Next-Gen. Electronic and Energy Devices
88 Arctic Rotifer Lives After Being Frozen for 24,000 Years in Siberian Permafrost
89 At Last, Physicists Report Definitive Evidence of How Brilliant Auroras Are Created
90 The Science Behind Superfoods: Mangoes, Honey and Spices Could Bring Important Health Benefits
91 First Tales of the Earliest Domesticated Goats Revealed by 10,000-Year-Old DNA
92 MIT Engineers Have Discovered a Completely New Way of Generating Electricity
93 Research Suggests That Schools Can Safely Reopen With Proper Mitigation Strategies
94 Plant-Based and Fish Diets May Help Lessen Severity of COVID-19 Infection
95 Defying Your Natural Body Clock Linked to Depression and Lower Wellbeing
96 Don't Miss the Breathtaking "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse
97 In Quest to Map the Universe, Astrophysicists Launch Largest Sky Survey Ever
98 Argonaut Ultracold Robotics Project: Voyaging Into a Sea of Liquid Argon
99 Falcons Have Natural "Eye Makeup" to Improve Hunting Ability
100 Consumers Spend Less on Unhealthy Candy and Desserts When Shopping Online
101 Injecting an Alkalinizing Agent Into the Ocean To Offset 10 Years' Worth of Acidification of the Great Barrier Reef
102 Scientists Discover Exactly How COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc on Human Lungs
103 Evolutionary Experiments Show Natural Selection Opposes Sexual Selection
104 Dr. Katalin Kariko Awarded $100,000 Vilcek Prize for Research That Led to Development of mRNA Vaccines for COVID-19
105 More Harmful Algal Bloom Impacts Emerge Amid Rising Seafood Demand and Coastal Development
106 New Vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi Security Revealed
107 Unusual "Rosetta Stone" Solar Eruption Could Help Explain Mysterious Powerful Explosions on the Sun
108 Survival of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients Doubled by Birth Cord Stem Cell Treatment
109 Trouble Sleeping? You're at Higher Risk of Dying, Especially if You Have Diabetes
110 Virus Variants: A Vital Tool to Study Viral Evolution in the Test Tube