File Title
1 To prevent delirium, increase mobility, connection and sleep
2 Human brain replays new memories at 20 times the speed during waking rest
3 Variabilities in children's speech perhaps not so concerning
4 How COVID-19 wreaks havoc on human lungs
5 Potential vocal tracking app could detect depression changes
6 Orphans and exiles: Research shows the impact of family separation
7 Serenading Lusitanian toadfish drowned out by water traffic
8 Scientists discover immune cell behavior that plays a key role in Alzheimer's disease
9 A call for global oversight of unproven stem cell therapies
10 Consumers spent less on candy and desserts when shopping online
11 Finding quasars: Rare extragalactic objects are now easier to spot
12 How to beat the heat: Memory mechanism allows plants to adapt to heat stress
13 Scientists develop integrated electrodes for high-energy-density flexible supercapacitors
14 Machines can help wine grape industry survive labor shortage
15 Over 500 new FRBs detected in single year due to CHIME telescope
16 Researchers link ancient wooden structure to water ritual
17 Treating sleep apnea with CPAP therapy is associated with lower risk of heart problems
18 Endangered blue whales recorded off southwest coast of India
19 Socially engaged older women more likely to be emotionally abused or mistreated
20 Wearable electroencephalogram device gathers reliable sleep data from the ear
21 Predisposition to addiction may be genetic
22 Study confirms safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination in people with cancer
23 'Transportation is a form of freedom': How to make it more equitable
24 Study: Maternal adult characteristics do not predict stillbirth, early neonatal death
25 More 'fairness' needed in conservation
26 Smokers needed angioplasty and stenting a decade before non-smokers
27 Scientists identify distinctive deep infrasound rumbles of space launches
28 Nearly 1 in 5 patients who die from unexplained sudden cardiac death have suspicious gene
29 For early amphibians, a new lifestyle meant a new spine
30 Researchers tame silicon to interact with light for next-generation microelectronics
31 Social media use one of four factors related to higher COVID-19 spread rates early on
32 Normal breathing sends saliva droplets 7 feet; masks shorten this
33 Asteroid 16 Psyche might not be what scientists expected
34 Understanding gut inflammation may hold clues to mitigating Parkinson's onset
35 Artificial intelligence predicts brain age from EEG signals recorded during sleep studies
36 Game time and direction of travel are associated with college football team performance
37 SARS-CoV-2 detectable--though likely not transmissible--on hospital surfaces
38 Study shows new links between high fat diets and colon cancer
39 New study underscores the role of race and poverty in COVID-19
40 Targeted therapy pralsetinib safely effectively treats lung and thyroid cancers with RET alterations
41 Ceramics provide insights into medieval Islamic cuisine
42 GEM simplifies the internal structure of protons and their collisions
43 Breast cancer risk in African-Americans tied to genetic variations
44 Researchers take quantum encryption out of the lab
45 New light on making two-dimensional polymers
46 Scientists create unique instrument to probe the most extreme matter on Earth
47 New insight into biosynthesis and architecture of photosynthetic membranes in bacteria
48 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
49 New research a 'step change' for diabetes patients
50 Forget wearables: Future washable smart clothes powered by Wi-Fi will monitor your health
51 SNAPSHOT USA: First-ever nationwide mammal survey published
52 Breakthrough study shows defining traits are forged the moment we're born
53 Protein in prostate cancer may inhibit tumor growth
54 Research shows decline in collisions and convictions connected to increase in ridesharing
55 Liquid water on exomoons of free-floating planets
56 Honeybees' hairy abdomens show how to save energy, reduce wear on materials
57 X-ray Scanner Spots Cancers and Analyzes Drugs in Minutes
58 Bacteria-sized robots take on microplastics and win by breaking them down
59 Engineers apply physics-informed machine learning to solar cell production
60 Rapamycin changes the way our DNA is stored
61 SARS-CoV-2 protease cuts human proteins; possible link to COVID-19 symptoms
62 Persistent insomnia symptoms since childhood associated with mood, anxiety disorders
63 Having trouble falling asleep predicts cognitive impairment in later life
64 Better-fitting face masks greatly improve COVID-19 protection
65 A link between childhood stress and early molars
66 Heart transplants: Age is no barrier to successful surgery
67 Study shows adaptive brain response to stress, and its absence in people with depression
68 Improvisation pedagogy supports the social skills of all kinds of learners
69 Astronomers discover a 'changing-look' blazar
70 Origin of fairy circles: Euphorbia hypothesis disproved
71 The impact of double-cropping
72 Corals' natural 'sunscreen' may help them weather climate change
73 Study suggests unmedicated, untreated brain illness is likely in mass shooters
74 Common mechanism found for diverse brain disorders: Study
75 Study: Hope for critically endangered gorillas in eastern DRC
76 VUMC Team Develops Potential Treatment for Life-threatening Microbial Inflammation
77 India's national government has inappropriately prioritised people for COVID-19 vaccination
78 New adaptable nanoparticle platform enables enhanced delivery of gene therapies
79 Single-Shot COVID-19 Vaccine Generates Robust Immune Responses Against COVID-19 Variants
80 Brain connections mean some people lack visual imagery
81 A study shows the unexpected effect of black holes beyond their own galaxies
82 A study analyzes the risk of karst groundwater contamination to human consumption
83 Language extinction triggers loss of unique medicinal knowledge
84 A new approach will help save X-ray studies from failing results
85 The iron jaws of the bristle worm
86 Meiosis: Mind the gap
87 Identifying the main culprit of the COVID-19 disaster
88 Machine learning speeds up simulations in material science
89 Researchers realize unconventional coherent control of solid-state spin qubits
90 Maori connections to Antarctica may go as far back as 7th century, new study shows
91 Food for thought: Eating soft foods may alter the brain's control of chewing
92 Researchers reveal relationship between magnetic field and supercapacitors
93 Warmer temperatures lessen COVID-19 spread, but control measures still needed
94 Key to Cleaner Combustion? Look to the Stars
95 A new culprit in antibacterial resistance: cysteine persulfide
96 Study: Important contribution to spintronics has received little consideration until now
97 Brain alterations detected in obese children
98 Study of hyperhomocysteinemia in rats elucidates tracks to treating migraine
99 Solving mystery of the four-headed echidna penis
100 Innovation projects can reinvent the UN
101 RUDN professor clarified benefits of Mg supplementation in pregnancy and hormonal disorders
102 RUDN University chemist created coordination polymers with up to 99.99% antibacterial efficiency
103 DNA methylation changes and characteristics in neurons of bipolar disorder patients
104 Scientists use public databases to leap over scourge of publication bias
105 Curtin study finds aspirin takes the headache out of restoration
106 Artificial light harming clownfish
107 Turning the heat on: A flexible device for localized heat treatment of living tissues
108 Novel compound reveals fundamental properties of smallest carbon nanotubes
109 Lower and safer doses of laughing gas relieve treatment-resistant depression in phase 2 trial
110 Alarming rising trends in suicide by firearms in young Americans