File Title
1 Researchers study historic Mississippi flow and impacts of river regulation
2 Increasing the memory capacity of intelligent systems based on the function of human neurons
3 Keeping a closer eye on seabirds with drones and artificial intelligence
4 UMass Amherst researchers create intelligent electronic microsystems from green material
5 Sleep disorders are associated with increased dementia risk in patients with TBI
6 Radicalized and believing in conspiracies: Can the cycle be broken?
7 Most cities in Sao Paulo state have low potential capacity to adapt to climate change
8 Harnessing healthy behaviors to prevent dementia
9 Ludwig cancer research study shows how novel drug screen can individualize cancer therapy
10 Peace accord in Colombia has increased deforestation of biologically-diverse rainforest
11 How your phone can predict depression and lead to personalized treatment
12 Study shows how taking short breaks may help our brains learn new skills
13 Machine learning reduces microscope data processing time from months to just seconds
14 Control over water friction with 2D materials points to 'smart membranes'
15 Drone improves odor management in water treatment plants
16 The buck stops where? UNH research records longest-ever deer distance
17 No health worries for children born to mothers given seasonal flu vaccine in pregnancy
18 Senolytics reduce COVID-19 symptoms in preclinical studies
19 Study finds novel evidence that dreams reflect multiple memories, anticipate future events
20 Discovery of the oldest plant fossils on the African continent!
21 X-ray flash imaging of laser-induced bubbles and shockwaves in water
22 Sleep characteristics predict cannabis use, binge drinking in teens and young adults
23 UIC research paves way for next-generation of crystalline material screening devices
24 Mapping a successful recovery
25 From burglar alarms to black hole detectors
26 Scientists develop the 'evotype' to unlock power of evolution for better engineering biology
27 Monarchs raised in captivity can orient themselves for migration, U of G study reveals
28 Optimizing immunization with Sanaria PfSPZ-CVac malaria vaccine
29 Microgel coating gives donor cells a boost in reversing pulmonary fibrosis
30 Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 calls for updated practices to prevent transmission
31 Oral health needs among youth with a history of foster care
32 Discovery of circadian rhythm gene in mice could lead to breakthroughs
33 Preventing plant disease pandemics
34 Persistent Stereotypes Falsely Link Women's Self-Esteem to Their Sex Lives
35 Absorbent aerogels show some muscle
36 AI could soon tell you, how often to see the eye doctor
37 'Significant reduction' in GP trainee burnout following mindfulness programme
38 'Camouflage breakers' can find a target in less than a second
39 Science and performing arts against stereotypes
40 Food systems offer huge opportunities to cut emissions, study finds
41 Online 'library of properties' helps to create safer nanomaterials
42 Femtosecond spectroscopy and first-principles calculations shed light on compositional dependence of halide perovskite nanocrystals
43 Tracking RNA through space and time
44 New report shows poor morale of UK anaesthesia trainees and that many have no training posts to go to after helping country through COVID-19 pandemic
45 UNF archaeology uncovering lost Indigenous NE Florida settlement of Sarabay
46 Feeling hot and bothered? It's complicated
47 Study reveals changes in cigarette smoking during the COVID-19 pandemic
48 Researchers used smart watches to monitor changes in quality of life during lockdowns
49 Saving the climate with solar fuel
50 Non-optimal codons enable coronaviruses' promiscuity
51 Report calls for 'comprehensive action' to tackle poverty in UK city
52 New study: Developers' skills and top management commitment lead to Agile project success
53 Artificial intelligence enhances efficacy of sleep disorder treatments
54 A genomic single-cell map explains neuronal death in epilepsy
55 Mechanochemical peptide bond formation behind the origins of life
56 Internal compression stocking helps against varicose veins
57 Deforestation darkening the seas above world's second biggest reef
58 Tree diversity may save the forest: Advocating for biodiversity to mitigate climate change
59 Earth's meteorite impacts over past 500 million years tracked
60 Exercise likely to be best treatment for depression in coronary heart disease
61 Systematic literature review provides evidence base for new therapeutic avenues in vasculitis
62 Men with sensory loss are more likely to be obese
63 Porpoises seem to cooperate in surprisingly sophisticated group hunting
64 New U-Pb zircon ages document Late Triassic Tianqiaoling flora of eastern Jinlin, NE China
65 Weak brain waves may warn of age-related neurodegenerative disease
66 Researchers identify gene linked to congenital heart disease
67 Osteoporosis detection by a simple physical function test
68 Studying wombat burrows with WomBot, a remote-controlled robot
69 A drug from resin to combat epileptic seizures
70 3D images and artificial intelligence are combined to diagnose degrees of Parkinson's
71 New population of blue whales discovered with help of bomb detectors
72 A vital tool to study virus evolution in the test tube
73 Discovery of a dying supermassive black hole via a 3,000-year-long light echo
74 Identification of RNA editing profiles and their clinical relevance in lung adenocarcinoma
75 New AI tool invented by NTU, NP and NHCS scientists could speed up diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
76 New research suggests mineral nanoparticles as ubiquitous enzyme mimetics in Earth systems
77 Susceptibility of COPD patients to heart rate difference associated with exposure to metals in PM2.5
78 CityU scientists make a breakthrough towards solving the structural mystery of glass
79 Researchers improve western North Pacific tropical cyclone intensity forecasts using the logistic growth equation
80 Finding the weak points in radiation-resistant pancreatic cancer cells
81 Facemasks block expired particles, despite leakage at edges
82 Super productive 3D bioprinter could help speed up drug development
83 Study identifies major barriers to financing a sustainable ocean economy
84 Preclinical study suggests new approach to reduce COVID-19 death among the elderly
85 Motor neurons derived from patients point to new possible drug target for ALS
86 Teaching drones to hear screams from catastrophe victims
87 New heart metric may increase survival for heart-failure patients
88 Experiments show natural selection opposes sexual selection
89 Non-altered birth cord cells boost survival of critically ill COVID-19 patients
90 Noisy homes during pandemic drive future design choices
91 Efficiently "switching on" bacteria to produce high-value chemicals
92 Early endeavors on the path to reliable quantum machine learning
93 People who have trouble sleeping are at a higher risk of dying--especially diabetics
94 Scientists can predict which women will have serious pregnancy complications
95 Gap between death rates in rural and urban areas tripled during past two decades
96 The next 20 are years crucial in determining the future of coal
97 Drinking alcohol is linked to reduced chances of pregnancy
98 HKUST-Beijing Tiantan Hospital researchers discover a new cause for the cerebral cavernous malformation
99 CooperVision presents expansive ocular research during 2021 BCLA Virtual Conference
100 Have trouble sleeping? You're at higher risk of dying, especially if you have diabetes
101 Don't skip your routine check-up; here's why
102 Organic molecules reveal clues about dying stars and outskirts of Milky Way
103 An unprecedented survey of the 'nurseries' where stars are born
104 Cosmic cartographers map nearby Universe revealing the diversity of star-forming galaxies
105 Projected acidification of the Great Barrier Reef could be offset by ten years
106 People more afraid of catching COVID-19 are more judgemental, study finds
107 UN: More harmful algal bloom impacts emerge amid rising seafood demand, coastal development
108 Balancing speech intelligibility, face covering effectiveness in classrooms
109 Pandemic teaching transitions back to classroom with lessons learned
110 Voice acting unlocks speech production, therapy knowledge