File Title
1 Fruit- and Vegetable-Rich Diet May Help Reduce Stress Levels
2 Scientists Sequence Genome of Deep-Sea Snailfish
3 Physicists Discover New Uranium Isotope: Uranium-214
4 New Species Fills Billion-Year Gap in Evolution of Cyanobacteria
5 Hubble Spots Massive Cluster of Galaxies: ACO S 295
6 Study: Vegetarians Have Healthier Biomarker Profile than Meat-Eaters
7 Researchers Sequence Genome of New Lavender Cultivar
8 180-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Three Levels of Ancient Food Chain
9 Brain-Computer Interface Translates Brain Signals Associated with Handwriting into Text
10 Bacteria Colonize Our Gut During and After Birth, New Study Shows
11 Solar Orbiter Observes Two Huge Eruptions on Sun
12 Scientists Discover Gene that Controls Flowering in Cacao
13 Ornithologists Estimate There Are 50 Billion Individual Birds on Earth
14 New Research Sheds Light on Formation History of Milky Way
15 Western Diet Causes Damage to Immune Cells in Gut, Study Shows
16 Phobos and Deimos are Fragments of Larger Martian Moon, Study Suggests
17 Study: Only One in Three Adolescents Practice Appropriate Hand Hygiene
18 Earth's Early Rise in Atmospheric Oxygen May Have Suppressed Evolution of Multicellular Organisms
19 Astronomers Detect Nickel in Coma of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov
20 People with Depression Have Higher Levels of Inflammation, Study Says
21 Iron and Nickel Detected in Atmospheres of Solar System Comets
22 Study: Some Dog Owners Feed Their Pets Diets Similar to Their Own
23 FAST Radio Telescope Discovers 201 New Pulsars
24 ALMA Spots Candidate for Most Distant Known Spiral Galaxy
25 Animals Laugh Too, Researchers Say
26 Fossil of North America's Earliest Side-Necked Turtle Unearthed
27 ALMA Detects Hydrogen Cyanide Belt in Stratosphere of Neptune
28 Long-Period Comets Can Cause Meteor Showers on Earth, Astronomers Say
29 After Mass Extinctions, Herbivores Developed Powerful Jaws to Digest Tougher Plants
30 Researchers Develop 3D-Printed Jelly for Biomedical Materials and Soft Robotics
31 Genetics of Sex Pheromone Mate Attraction Discovered: How Moths Find Their Flame
32 New Immunotherapy "Highly Effective" Against Hepatitis B Virus
33 The Chinese Mars Lander: How Zhurong Will Attempt to Touch Down on the Red Planet
34 Strange Isotopes: Scientists Explain a Mysterious Methane Isotope Paradox of the Seafloor
35 Scientists Invent New Method for Producing Synthetic DNA
36 Researchers Identify Genes Associated With Significant Increase in COVID-19 Risk
37 Oddball Supernova Appears Strangely Cool Before Exploding--"Stretches What's Physically Possible!"
38 How to Keep Shared Spacesuit "Underwear" Clean?
39 One-Third of Global Food Production Threatened by Climate Change
40 The Oldest Centrosaurine: Newly Described Horned Dinosaur From New Mexico Was the Earliest of Its Kind
41 Quantum Leap for Quantum Computing: Ion Beams Create Chains of Closely Coupled Qubits
42 The Surprising "Secret" Lens Making Method Used by the "Father of Microbiology" Discovered After 300 Years
43 Deep Space Listening: 6000 Days of Research to Hear Continuous Gravitational Waves
44 Extremely Eye-Opening Research on Online Dating: Super Effective, or Just...Superficial?
45 Artificial Intelligence Accurately Predicts if COVID-19 Patients Will Develop Life-Threatening Complications
46 X-ray Experiments and Machine Learning Innovation Could Trim Years off Battery R&D
47 No Joke: Pigs and Rodents Can Breathe Through Their Butts
48 New AI-Inspired Theory of Dreaming: Our Dreams' Weirdness Might Be Why We Have Them
49 Carb-Eating Bacteria Under Viral Threat: Scientists Discover New Group of Viruses That Attack Bacteria in Our Guts
50 Hormone Drugs May Disarm Coronavirus Spike Protein and Stop COVID-19 Disease Progression
51 Scientists Have Figured Out What Triggers Large-Scale Volcanic Eruptions
52 Alien Species Predicted to Increase by 36% Worldwide by 2050
53 First Images of the Cosmic Web Reveal Unsuspected Presence of Billions of Dwarf Galaxies
54 Simple Surgery Prevents Strokes in Heart Patients--Safe, Inexpensive
55 Relieve Your Stress, Relieve Your Allergies--Increased Allergic Reactions May Be Tied to Stress Hormone
56 Africa's Oldest Human Burial Site Uncovered--Child Buried 78,000 Years Ago
57 Antarctic Ice Sheet Retreat Could Trigger Chain Reaction--Possibly Came Close to Collapse in the Past
58 NASA's Webb Space Telescope to Probe the Outer Realm of Exoplanetary Systems, Hunt for New Worlds
59 Scientists Rewrite the Genesis of Mosquito-Borne Viruses--Discovery Enables Better Designed Vaccines
60 Vitamin A for Nerve Cells: Experimental Evidence for Synaptic Plasticity in Humans
61 Tiangong: China May Gain a Monopoly on Space Stations
62 Surprise Twist Suggests Stars Grow Competitively--Unprecedented High-Resolution Map of the Orion Nebula Cluster
63 Exploring Earth From Space: Qeshm Island, Iran [Video]
64 National Cyber Defense Is a "Wicked" Problem: Why the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack and the SolarWinds Hack Were All but Inevitable
65 New Material Could Better Protect Soldiers, Athletes and Motorists From Shock, Impact and Explosions
66 Clocking Electron Movements Inside an Atom--Shutter Speed of a Millionth of a Billionth of a Second
67 NASA Invests $105 Million in US Small Business Innovative Technology Development
68 Rapid COVID-19 Testing From a Suitcase
69 Antibody Binding-Site Conserved Across COVID-19 Virus Variants--Big Implications for Future Vaccines
70 Robotic Navigation Tech--That Helped NASA's Perseverance Rover Land on Mars--Will Explore the Deep Ocean
71 Earth's Worst Mass Extinction Took Ten Times Longer on Land Than in the Water
72 US Power Sector Is Already Halfway to Zero Carbon Emissions
73 New Evidence for Controversial Theory That the Electron Is Composed of Two Particles
74 Black Hole Spin Discovery Could Shed Light on General Relativity and the Lifespan of Stars
75 The Fate of the Planet: Unconventional Takes On Pandemics and Nuclear Defense Could Protect Humanity From Catastrophic Failure
76 Can We Make Opioids Less Addictive? [Video]
77 Ancient Zircons Date Onset of Plate Tectonics to 3.6 Billion Years Ago--Event Crucial to Making Earth Hospitable to Life
78 Warp Drives and Negative Energy: Physicists Give Chances of Faster-Than-Light Space Travel a Boost
79 Temperature-Dependent Sex Reversals in Bearded Dragon Embryos
80 Innovative New Pre-clinical Model Could Hold the Key to Better HIV Treatments--Or Even a Cure
81 Several Oceans' Worth of Ancient Water May Reside in Minerals Buried Below Mars' Surface
82 Expert Panel Explains: The Science Behind COVID-19 Vaccines
83 How Habitable Are Planets That Orbit Red Dwarfs--The Most Common Type of Stars in the Galaxy?
84 Preemie Boys Age Faster as Men: They Don't Do as Well as Their Normal-Weight Counterparts or Preemie Girls
85 A Menagerie of Galaxies: Hubble Captures a Cluster With Galaxies of All Shapes and Sizes
86 Shortcut Discovered for Dendritic Cells
87 To Speed Discovery, High-Dimensional Infrared Microscopy Goes "Off the Grid"
88 Scientists Call for Global Action Plan: Save Our Oceans to Protect Human Health
89 Scientists Explore Tesla Roads Not Taken--And Find Potential New Utility in 100-Year-Old Invention
90 How US Recreational Cannabis Legalization Could Change Illegal Drug Markets
91 Astronomers Confirm Third-Nearest Star With a Planet--And It's Rocky Like Earth
92 Actor in a Supporting Role: Substrate Effects on Atomically Thin Semiconductors
93 Alien Life May Not Be Like Earth Life: Scientists Find Molecular Patterns That May Help Identify Extraterrestrial Life
94 Warning: Combination of Omega-3s in Popular Supplements May Blunt Heart Benefits
95 New NASA Multi-Wavelength Data Sheds (Sun) Light on Climate Models
96 Quantum Machine Learning Hits a Limit: A Black Hole Permanently Scrambles Information That Can't Be Recovered
97 Innovative New Technology Converts Waste Plastics to Jet Fuel--In Just an Hour
98 Alien Radioactive Element Discovered in the Ocean Crust
99 The Brain Networks Underlying Imagination--Separate Subnetworks Construct and Evaluate Imagined Scenarios
100 Crystal Critters: Get Salt Out of Water by Making It Grow "Legs" and Self-Eject
101 Researchers Warn: New Tools Needed to Prevent Plant Disease Pandemics
102 Harvesting Light Like Nature Does: Synthesizing a New Class of Bio-Inspired, Light-Capturing Nanomaterials
103 AI Uses Timing and Weather Data to Accurately Predict Cardiac Arrest Risk
104 Clear Signs That Part of the Greenland Ice Sheet Is Close to a Tipping Point
105 Archaeologists Pioneer New Technology to Sort Ancient Pottery
106 Building Molecules Like Tinkertoys? Breakthrough May Transform the Field of Chemical Discovery
107 Artemis 1 Moon Mission: Getting Ready to Rocket
108 Molecular Machines: NanoGear--Mechanics of the Infinitely Small
109 New Propulsion System Could Enable Flying at Speeds Up to Mach 17
110 From Avocet to Zebra Finch: Study Finds There Are More Than 50 Billion Birds in the World