File Title
1 Newly approved targeted therapy sotorasib prolongs survival in KRAS G12C-mutated lung cancer
2 COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impact on the mental health of adolescents
3 Disparities in COVID-19 rates among adults with kidney failure in New York City
4 Plant competition during climate change
5 Preventing suicide among a 'hidden population' in public housing
6 Mexican variant and monitoring actions of SARS-CoV-2 genome
7 Colorectal Cancer: UVA Health Expert Helps Develop New National Screening Guidelines
8 Genomics-informed decisions can help save species from extinction
9 An atom chip interferometer that could detect quantum gravity
10 Attentive listening helps teens open up, study finds
11 Using HPC and experiment, researchers continue to refine graphene production
12 How to retard time for cells
13 Gene protection for COVID-19 identified
14 Geostationary Earth Orbit Hyperspectral Infrared Radiance data improve local severe storm forecasts proofed by using a new Hybrid OSSE method
15 Substantial carbon dioxide emissions from northern peatlands drained for crop cultivation
16 Self-excising designer proteins report isoform expression
17 Multisensory facilitation near the body in all directions
18 Ten-fold increase in carbon offset cost predicted
19 Don't like your greens? Blame it on Brassica domestication
20 MLB 'FEVER'--improved elbow MRI view for Major League Baseball pitchers
21 Corals tell Arabian Sea story of global warming
22 Structural uniqueness of the green- and red-light sensing photosensor in cyanobacteria
23 How do bad kidneys lead to heart disease? Broken cellular clocks provide new clues
24 Giving brown fat a boost to fight type 2 diabetes
25 Most Californians unaware of law to prevent gun violence but would support using it
26 Lessons from the last pandemic point the way toward universal flu vaccines
27 Technique inspired by lace making could someday weave structures in space
28 Study finds lower mortality rate for men at high risk for death from prostate cancer who received early postoperative radiation therapy
29 NTU scientists establish new records of Singapore's sea-level history
30 Getting they/them pronouns right
31 Soft tissue measurements critical to hominid reconstruction
32 Underground storage of carbon captured directly from air--green and economical
33 Study of past South Asian monsoons suggests stronger monsoon rainfall in the future
34 Most US adults may lack knowledge about palliative care
35 ADHD medications associated with reduced risk of suicidality in certain children
36 Oncotarget: Inflammatory microenvironment & hepatic macrophage in hepatocellular carcinoma
37 Newly approved drug effective against lung cancer caused by genetic mutation
38 Songbirds can control single vocal muscle fibers when singing
39 Screening reveals coeliac disease cases in children have doubled in 25 years
40 Mothers transmitting hepatitis B to children as broken hospital procedures plague Europe
41 New marine scale worm species first to provide evidence of male dwarfism
42 New insights into survival of ancient Western Desert peoples
43 The ACCOLADE study on C3 glomerulopathy
44 Mechanisms of kidney protection by gliflozins
45 Healthy environment, healthy kidneys!
46 Nucleosome breathing from atomistic time snapshots
47 New single-atom catalysis boots reductive amination reaction
48 Binder-free MWW-type titanosilicate for selective and durable propylene epoxidation
49 Sugar overload may be a recipe for long-term problems
50 40 years on: Discrimination still linked with HIV and AIDS
51 Snowflake morays can feed on land, swallow prey without water
52 Are heavy metals toxic? Scientists find surprising new clues in yeast
53 First glimpse of brains retrieving mistaken memories observed
54 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
55 In youth, COVID-19 causes more complications than flu; fatality is rare
56 A new disease called halo blight threatens Michigan hop production
57 Clever biomolecular labelling enables identification of immune cells
58 Correcting misperceptions about, and increasing empathy for, migrants
59 Non-invasive sensor shows correlation between blood pressure and intracranial pressure
60 Mandating vaccination could reduce voluntary compliance
61 Darkened windows save migrating birds
62 Plants get a faster start to their day than we think
63 Stabilizing gassy electrolytes could make ultra-low temperature batteries safer
64 A breakthrough in the physics of blood clotting
65 Monoclonal antibody prevents HIV infection in monkeys, study finds
66 Climate change a bigger threat to landscape biodiversity than emerald ash borer
67 From farm to plate: Where do global consumer dollars flow?
68 New drug-formulation method may lead to smaller pills
69 Chip mimicking bovine endometrium used in study of factors that can jeopardize pregnancy
70 Largest-ever pre-adolescent brain activation study reveals cognitive function maps
71 Do customer loyalty programs really help sellers make money?
72 Papers explore massive plankton blooms with very different ecosystem impacts
73 Drop in convalescent plasma use at US hospitals linked to higher COVID-19 mortality rate
74 Feedback on cafeteria purchases helps employees make healthier food choices
75 Space travel weakens our immune systems: Now scientists may know why
76 RUDN University chemists created anti-hantavirus drugs 5 times more efficient than existing drugs
77 Study helps to deeper understanding of brain dysfunctions in patients with schizophrenia
78 Sensing what plants sense: Integrated framework helps scientists explain biology and predict crop performance
79 Trained viruses prove more effective at fighting antibiotic resistance
80 In Oregon, new gun violence restraining orders appear to be used as intended, but could be used more proactively
81 Researchers discover how cowpea mosaic plant virus activates immune system against cancer
83 Study suggests no link between antiseizure drugs used in pregnancy and cognitive problems in babies
84 Research advances one step closer to stem cell therapy for type 1 diabetes
85 New potential therapy for fatty liver disease
86 African great apes to suffer massive range loss in next 30 years
87 Oncotarget: Infiltration in human skin squamous-cell carcinoma
88 Oncotarget: The drug sensitivity of hepatocellular cancer cells
89 A new hope: A novel vaccine against COVID-19 is safe and induces antibody production
90 Puerto Rico is prone to more flooding than the island is prepared to handle
91 Unexpected discovery opens a new way to regulate blood pressure
92 Study shows cities can consider race and income in household energy efficiency programs
93 Saudi Arabians: Somatic mutations in breast cancer: New opportunities
94 Infrared imaging leaves invasive pythons nowhere to hide
95 Army researchers develop innovative framework for training AI
96 'Surfing' particles: Physicists solve a mystery surrounding aurora borealis
97 Visualizing cement hydration on a molecular level
98 Atom swapping could lead to ultra-bright, flexible next generation LEDs
99 McGill Task Force unveils standards for treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder
100 Researchers make new charge storage mechanism discovery
101 New COVID-19 model reveals effectiveness of travel restrictions
102 Restoring gut microbes missing in early life dysbiosis can reduce risk of colitis in mice
103 Lead halide perovskites--a horse of a different color
104 Exploring an epidemic's meaning from the perspective of nursing
105 School lesson gone wrong leads to new, bigger megalodon size estimate
106 Two-thirds of women don't meet criteria to discontinue cervical cancer screening
107 From meat-production to urinary tract infections
108 A quantum step to a heat switch with no moving parts
109 Football and team handball training may increase health span and, ultimately, lifespan
110 CO2 sensors in two urban areas registered big drop in emissions during COVID-19 pandemic