File Title
1 Alzheimer's disease raises the risk of severe COVID-19 and death from this viral disease
2 Enantiomorph distribution maps for metals and metallic alloys
3 Aging impairs anti-tumor T-cell response via mitochondria dysfunction
4 Big data helps assess seizure burden, improve outcomes in pediatric epilepsy patients
5 Tipping elements can destabilize each other, leading to climate domino effects
6 Filter membrane renders viruses harmless
7 COVID-19: Seroprevalence and vaccine responses in UK dental care professionals
8 Preclinical research reveals that new IgM antibodies administered intranasally to fight COVID-19 more potent than commonly used ones
9 New study further advances the treatment of chronic pain
10 Role of women highlighted in study focused on the benefits of good farmer seed production
11 The DNA of three aurochs found next to the Elba shepherdess opens up a new enigma for palaeontology
12 You're more likely to fight misinformation if you think others are being duped
13 Is elevated level of lung protein an early predictor for COPD?
14 Extreme rainfall: More accurate predictions in a changing climate
15 Study sheds new light on link between COVID pressures and suicidal thoughts
16 Many COVID-19 patients produce immune responses against their body's tissues or organs
17 Protect the sea, neglect the people? Social impact of marine conservation schemes revealed
18 RUDN mathematician boosted domain decomposition method for asynchronous parallel computing
19 Novel antibody drug wakes up the body's defense system in advanced-stage cancer
20 One in 20 workers are in 'worthless' jobs--far fewer than previously thought
21 Five million years of climate change preserved in one place
22 Biomarker predicts bowel cancer recurrence
23 Wearable accelerometer and vibrator 'thimble' could reduce falls amongst seniors
24 Skoltech researchers unveil complex defect structure of Li-ion cathode material
25 Anxieties about side-effects and perceived trial uncertainties driving vaccine hesitancy
26 70-year-old coffee-killing fungus brought back to life to fight the disease
27 How to obtain immune bovine milk to strengthen the body against COVID-19
28 Stone Age raves to the beat of elk tooth rattles?
29 Tick for insomnia treatment
30 How quantum dots can 'talk' to each other
31 Bilingualism as a natural therapy for autistic children
32 High-intensity strength and impact training attenuates skeletal aging
33 CNIC scientists identify essential factors for limb formation
34 3D printed micro-optics for quantum technology
35 Electrochemical cell harvests lithium from seawater
36 Quantum-optically integrated light cage on a chip
37 Yale-NUS College scientist discovers how leafbirds make complex color-producing crystals
38 Dominant factor of carrier transport mechanism in multilayer graphene nanoribbons revealed
39 Coastal flooding increases Bay Area traffic delays and accidents
40 Milk makeover: A great start for a healthy heart
41 NIH researchers identify potential new antiviral drug for COVID-19
42 Key to landing a job after college? Internships, study abroad, undergrad research and more
43 Is Earth's core lopsided? Strange goings-on in our planet's interior
44 Researchers discover potential new approach to treating psoriatic joint inflammation
45 Breast cancer patients embrace integrative health during treatment
46 Jets from massive protostars might be very different from lower-mass systems
47 Beneficial arthropods find winter sanctuary in uncultivated field edges, study finds
48 Combination of early reading programs helps with kindergarten readiness
49 AI outperforms humans in creating cancer treatments, but do doctors trust it?
50 Antarctica wasn't quite as cold during the last ice age as previously thought
51 Puppies are wired to communicate with people, study shows
52 Arctic sea ice thinning faster than expected
53 Mangrove Root Model May Hold the Key to Preventing Coastal Erosion
54 Researchers find evidence that diet can alter the microbiome to affect breast cancer risk
55 Most Americans support Medicare negotiation despite claims it would hurt innovation
56 Studies reveal skull as unexpected source of brain immunity
57 Expression of 'fat' genes correlate with metabolic, behavioral changes linked to obesity
58 Study confirms invasive lionfish now threaten species along Brazilian coast
59 Prior COVID-19 infection reduces infection risk for up to 10 months
60 Neurological symptoms like fatigue common in mild COVID
61 Mixed farming methods could reduce US emissions and increase productivity
62 Bone marrow stem cell transplants can benefit some Type 2 diabetes patients, study shows
63 Decline in number of people receiving life-enhancing cardiac rehabilitation in pandemic
64 Quantum computing with holes
65 Scientists from NTU and Rice University uncover secret behind one of the world's toughest materials
66 Engineers create a programmable fiber
67 Extensive study identifies over a dozen existing drugs as potential COVID-19 therapies
68 Predictive model identifies patients for genetic testing
69 New technology 'listens' for endangered right whales
70 Secondary infections inflame the brain, worsening cognition in Alzheimer's disease
71 Passing the acid test: New, low-pH system recycles more carbon into valuable products
72 Passing the acid test: New low-pH system recycles more carbon into valuable products
73 Healing hydrogels
74 UN urges intense restoration of nature to address climate and biodiversity crises
75 First cells reprogrammed to make synthetic polymers; also making them resistant to viruses
76 COVID-19 pandemic led to increased screen time, more sleep problems
77 People who use methamphetamine likely to report multiple chronic conditions
78 A shark mystery millions of years in the making
79 Front-row view reveals exceptional cosmic explosion
80 Scientists make powerful underwater glue inspired by barnacles and mussels
81 Solar energy and pollinator conservation: A path for real impact?
82 Computer simulations visualize in atomic detail how DNA opens
83 Puppies are born ready to communicate with people, study shows
84 North Atlantic right whales have gotten smaller since the 1980s
85 Water droplets become hydrobots by adding magnetic beads
86 No evidence that the shift to farming made males and females more physically similar
87 Fish oil taken during pregnancy boosts brain function in children at age 10
88 Nutritional supplement proves 92% effective in boosting brain function
89 SLAS Discovery's June issue on synthetic biology available now
90 Computer simulations of the brain can predict language recovery in stroke survivors
91 Social identity within the anti-vaccine movement
92 New form of silicon could enable next-gen electronic and energy devices
93 New drug effective against lung cancers caused by common genetic error
94 Magnetism drives metals to insulators in new experiment
95 Fungus creates a fast track for carbon
96 Adapting laboratory techniques for remote instruction
97 UMass Amherst food scientists aim to make plant-based protein tastier and healthier
98 A novel tuberculosis regimen shortens treatment course for patients
99 Beyond synthetic biology, synthetic ecology boosts health by engineering the environment
100 Collaboration controls killers
101 Vitamin D may not protect against COVID-19, as previously suggested
102 Why scientists want to solve an underground mystery about where microbes live
103 Understanding the skin's defense system
104 Bacteria are connected to how babies experience fear
105 Wide variation in cost and transparency of payer-negotiated prices for thyroid cancer care
106 New study into green tea's potential to help tackle COVID-19
107 A missing antibody molecule may indicate when dengue will become deadly
108 Remote patient monitoring may reduce need to hospitalize cancer patients
109 Early warning system for COVID-19 gets faster through wastewater detection and tracing
110 Geologist identifies new form of quasicrystal