File Title
1 Autistic people find it harder to identify anger in facial expressions--new study
2 Acoustic solutions made from natural fibers can reduce buildings' carbon footprints
3 Growing evidence fruit may lower type 2 diabetes risk
4 Salps fertilize the Southern Ocean more effectively than krill
5 Using the fungal electrical activity for computing
6 Luring bacteria into a trap
7 A speedy trial: What it takes to be the fastest land predator
8 Replicating patients' tumors to test different treatments
9 Tree choices important for addressing climate change
10 MicroRNAs may contribute to atherogenesis in a cell-type-dependent manner
11 Activation of carbon-fluorine bonds via cooperation of a photocatalyst and tin
12 How platelets help resolve lung inflammation
13 Global research team develops fine-scale risk maps to tackle malaria in Haiti
14 Better endurance and reliable data retention: A new STT-MRAM Quad technology
15 Blood sugar highs and lows linked to greater dementia risk in type 1 diabetes
16 After 15 years, deep brain stimulation still effective in people with Parkinson's
17 New study explores link between economic shock and physical inactivity
18 World's smallest, best acoustic amplifier emerges from 50-year-old hypothesis
19 Antibiotics no help for mysterious lung-scarring disease, large trial finds
20 Future Pandemic? Consider Radically Altering Animal Agriculture Practices
21 US conservatives less able than liberals to distinguish truth from falsehoods in study of responses to 20 political news stories
22 Target protein identified for improving heart attack treatment
23 Income level, literacy, and access to health care rarely reported in clinical trials
24 Marking the 40th anniversary of the AIDS epidemic: A paper in the New England Journal of Medicine
25 Synthetic SPECIES developed for use as a confinable gene drive
26 Continuous glucose monitors help manage type 2 diabetes
27 Shining light on two-dimensional magnets
28 Urban crime fell by over a third around the world during COVID-19 shutdowns, study suggests
29 Ben-Gurion U. studies show promise using drones to elicit emotional responses
30 How harm reduction advocates and the tobacco industry capitalized on pandemic to promote nicotine
31 Immunotherapy after surgery reduces deadly relapse risk in advanced bladder cancer
32 Can echolocation help those with vision loss?
33 Research suggests BMI may not be best obesity indicator to assess risk for lung cancer
34 Researchers learn how swimming ducks balance water pressure in their feathers while diving
35 People who eat a healthy diet including whole fruits may be less likely to develop diabetes
36 Experts propose 'five Cs' to tackle vaccine hesitancy
37 Blood clot-busting nanocapsules could reduce existing treatment's side effects
38 Coloring tumors reveals their bad influence
39 Fossil secret may shed light on the diversity of Earth's first animals
40 Oldest human traces from the southern Tibetan Plateau in a new light
41 Researchers identify how to prevent cancer metastases
42 Clinical trial launched following discovery that psychiatric drug may prevent bowel cancer
43 Bringing order to hydrogen energy devices
44 New study reveals how smoking during puberty can cause negative consequences in offspring
45 Young T. rexes had a powerful bite, capable of exerting one-sixth the force of an adult
46 Hexagonal boron nitride's remarkable toughness unmasked
47 Atmospheric metal layers appear with surprising regularity
48 Mapping intermittent methane emissions across the Permian Basin
49 Dead zones formed repeatedly in North Pacific during warm climates, study finds
50 Proof of concept for real-time detection of SARS CoV-2 infection with an electronic nose
51 USTC constructs a multiplexed quantum repeater based on absorptive quantum memories
52 World's lakes losing oxygen rapidly as planet warms
53 Better popping potential for popcorn
54 Entangled quantum memories for a quantum repeater: A step closer to the Quantum Internet
55 Conservatives more susceptible to believing falsehoods
56 'Prescription' to sit less, move more advised for mildly high blood pressure & cholesterol
57 Researchers explore ways to detect 'deep fakes' in geography
58 Healthy diet before, during pregnancy linked to lower complications, NIH study suggests
59 Aortic condition more deadly in women than in men
60 Transgender teens may turn to substance use to cope with stress
61 Gender differences exist even among university students' wage expectations
62 Targeted 'radioligand' improves survival in advanced prostate cancer
63 What we know about water may have just changed dramatically
64 A new water treatment technology could also help Mars explorers
65 Salt marshes trap microplastics in their sediments, creating record of human plastic use
66 Mayo Clinic study provides clarity on use of anticoagulants in gastrointestinal cancers
67 Mason scientists explore herbal treatment for COVID-19
68 New findings offer improved therapy of early-stage, BRCA mutation-associated breast cancer
69 Immunotherapy after bladder cancer surgery may reduce recurrence, study shows
70 Cultural, belief system data can inform gray wolf recovery efforts in US
71 New algorithm for modern quilting
72 The dream team: Scientists find drug duo that may cure COVID-19 together
73 Mockingbird song decoded
74 Secret shopper study sheds light on barriers to opioid treatment for women
75 Genetic base editing treats sickle cell disease in mice
76 South Pole and East Antarctica warmer than previously thought during last ice age, two studies show
77 Scientists discover new approach to stabilize cathode materials
78 URI scientists discover function of microbes living in oysters
79 Researchers design simulation tool to predict disease, pest spread
80 Shoot better drone videos with a single word
81 Analyzing tumor microenvironment at single cell level sheds light on metastatic melanoma outcomes
82 N/A
83 CO2 emissions are rebounding, but clean energy revolutions are emerging
84 Linked faults under Salt Lake City may elevate risk of building damage
85 Study on heavy drinking in young adults and the psychological impacts of COVID-19
86 Life stage differences shield ecological communities from collapse
87 A better way to introduce digital tech in the workplace
88 University study highlights alarming rise in usage and costs of antidepressants
89 New tech predicts chemotherapy effectiveness after one treatment
90 Negative relationships linked to worse physical and mental health in postpartum women
91 Underwater ancient cypress forest offers clues to the past
92 Athletic competition after COVID
93 Immunotherapy drug delays recurrence in kidney cancer patients
94 Polar vortex, winter heat may change bird populations
95 New method accurately reflects hotspots in epidemic
96 Fifty years of progress in women's health
97 Researchers reveal the inner workings of a viral DNA-packaging motor
98 COVID's impact on pregnancy, birth trends
99 Story tips from Johns Hopkins experts on COVID-19
100 Immune therapy after surgery lowers relapse risk in patients with high-risk melanoma
101 Study finds age doesn't affect perception of 'speech-to-song illusion'
102 Nanoscale sensors measure elusive water levels in leaves
103 Are wind farms slowing each other down?
104 The biodegradable battery
105 UNH research: Black bears may play important role in protecting gray fox
106 Study shows obesity may increase risk of long-term complications of COVID-19
107 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine recipients have lower antibody levels targeting the Delta variant
108 Which way does the solar wind blow?
109 Let's talk about the elephant in the data
110 Quantum holds the key to secure conference calls