File Title
1 ALS development could be triggered by loss of network connections in the spinal cord
2 Protecting the intellectual abilities of people at risk for psychosis
3 Curtin study finds WA's natural 'museums of biodiversity' at risk
4 Study reveals diverse magnetic fields in solar-type star-forming cores
5 Closer hardware systems bring the future of artificial intelligence into view
6 Corruption in healthcare worsens the health of patients and the quality of nutrition
7 No space wasted: Embedding capacitors into interposers to increase miniaturization
8 The role of computer voice in the future of speech-based human-computer interaction
9 Making batteries live longer with ultrathin lithium
10 NUS researchers develop novel technique to automate production of pharmaceutical compounds
11 'Electronic nose' accurately sniffs out hard-to-detect cancers
12 Best of both worlds: High entropy meets low dimensions, opens up infinite possibilities
13 Chimeric viruses unearth hidden gems in dengue virus structure
14 Head injury and concussion in toddlers: Early detection of symptoms is vital
15 Childhood cancer discovery may stop tumour spread before it starts
16 Hi-CO unravels the complex packing of nucleosomes
17 New study suggests falcons have natural 'eye makeup' to improve hunting ability
18 Turning the tables--how table corals are regenerating reefs
19 Study provides new insights on COVID-19 risk in patients receiving dialysis
20 Scientists say active early learning shapes the adult brain
21 Light-shrinking material lets ordinary microscope see in super resolution
22 Seeds of economic health disparities found in subsistence society
23 Rush researchers develop new measure of brain health
24 Most buprenorphine prescriptions are written by a small number of providers
25 Most box office hit films suitable for children in India contain alcohol imagery
26 Make COVID jab free for everyone in India to boost uptake and curb death toll
27 Antibodies produced in the lung can prevent respiratory infections from becoming severe
28 Hypertension during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of stroke in offspring
29 Unprecedented data sharing driving new rare disease diagnoses in Europe
30 Lean and mean: Maximizing 5G communications with an energy-efficient relay network
31 Why moms take risks to protect their infants
32 Greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs higher than previously expected
33 Role of sleep-related brain activity in clearing toxic proteins and preventing Alzheimer's disease
34 How best to focus efforts on classifying new species to prevent their extinction?
35 Malaria parasite's partiality for the spleen
36 When should screening start for men with a family history of prostate cancer?
37 Vitamin D may not provide protection from COVID-19 susceptibility or disease severity
38 Global costs of Plasmodium vivax malaria estimated for the first time
39 Intratumoral SIRPalpha-deficient macrophages activate tumor-specific cytotoxic T cells
40 Biologists find invasive snails using new DNA-detection technique
41 International study of weight stigma reveals similar, pervasive experiences
42 Lighting Hydrogels Via Nanomaterials
43 People of color twice as likely to die after traumatic brain injury, new study finds
44 Record-breaking temperatures more likely in populated tropics
45 UMaine researchers: Culture drives human evolution more than genetics
46 Male piglets less resilient to stress when moms get sick during pregnancy
47 Declining fish biodiversity poses risks for human nutrition
48 Researchers make first-ever discovery of Zika virus RNA in free-ranging African bats
49 CMU Team develops machine learning platform that mines nature for new drugs
50 MDI Biological Laboratory scientist identifies signaling underlying regeneration
51 Printing a better microgrid
52 Spiders can sniff out and avoid killer ants, SFU study finds
53 Opioid Agonist Therapy reduces mortality risk among people with opioid dependence
54 Study offers insights for communicating about wildlife, zoonotic disease amid COVID-19
55 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's shadow figment technology foils cyberattacks
56 Partners play pivotal role in pregnant women's alcohol use and babies' development
57 Kids who sleep with their pet still get a good night's rest: Concordia research
58 A new dimension in the quest to understand dark matter
59 New articles for Geosphere posted online in May
60 R&D exploration or exploitation? How firms respond to import competition
61 How HIV infection shrinks the brain's white matter
62 Global travelers pick up numerous genes that promote microbial resistance
63 Climate change increases extreme rainfall and the chance of floods
64 Major advance in fabrication of low-cost solar cells also locks up greenhouse gases
65 Similarity of legs, wheels, tracks suggests target for energy-efficient robots
66 New study may help explain low oxygen levels in COVID-19 patients
67 Broadly neutralizing antibodies against pandemic flu point to new vaccine targets
68 How is the genome like an open book? New research shows cells' 'library system'
69 The powerhouse future is flexoelectric
70 Pandemic shows essential role of ECT as treatment for severe depression
71 Why short selling is good for the capital markets
72 Neuroscience doesn't undermine free will after all
73 The uneven benefits of CSR efforts
74 Oncotarget: Lung squamous cell carcinoma tumors reveal therapeutic alterations
75 Oncotarget: E6-specific inhibitors as therapeutics for HPV+ head and neck carcinomas
76 Aging: Cdkn1a transcript variant 2 is a marker of aging and cellular senescence
77 The best strawberries to grow in hot locations
78 DNA circuits
79 THOR: Driving collaboration in heavy-ion collision research
80 Sinai Health scientists provide detailed map to understanding human cells
81 New nanoparticle design paves way for improved detection of tumors
82 Study evaluates the filtration efficacy of 227 commercially available face masks in Brazil
83 Study finds specialty behavioral health establishments increased, but more needs to be done
84 Plastic waste in the sea mainly drifts near the coast
85 Social media influencing grows more precarious in digital age
86 Early exposure to cannabis compounds reduces later neural activity in zebrafish: study
87 Patients Taking Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Respond Less Well to COVID-19 Vaccine
88 The feasibility of transformation pathways for achieving the Paris Climate Agreement
89 Protein disguise could be new target for cancer immunotherapy
90 Current global environmental law and policy are failing, experts say
91 Using advanced imaging to study sickle cell disease
92 Cells/colony motion index of oral keratinocytes predicts epithelial regenerative capacity
93 Laser physics: Two-stage particle-beam booster
94 Want to Talk About Prenups? Describe Them as Something Else
95 Less aviation during the global lockdown had a positive impact on the climate
96 Astronomers discover a massive star cluster, of intermediate age, in the constellation Scutum
97 Anyone can get super-hearing
98 RUDN University chemists created cheap catalysts for ethanol conversion
99 Metal ions help COVID-19 virus to disguise itself
100 Tiny implant cures diabetes in mice without triggering immune response
101 Cancer-promoting Ras protein exists in a pair within cells
102 Understanding feelings: When less is more
103 Nanomaterials with laser printing
104 Regulation of the genome affects its 3D structure
105 Machine learning brings an early diagnostic for pancreatic cancer a step closer to reality
106 Researchers figured out how the ancestors of modern horses migrated
107 App helps pregnant women to a healthy lifestyle
108 Study of UK dental professionals shows extent of occupational risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection
109 Juvenile white-tailed sea eagles stay longer in the parental territory than assumed
110 Gut to brain: Nerve cells detect what we eat