File Title
1 Hubble Looks at Stunning Spiral Galaxy: NGC 5037
2 Scientists Synthesize New Allotrope of Carbon
3 Five New Species of Listeria Bacteria Discovered
4 Eurasian Horses Diverged from North American Horses One Million Years Ago, DNA Study Shows
5 TESS Discovers Jupiter-Sized Exoplanet around Ancient Binary Star
6 Oligocene Whale Had Both Teeth and Baleen, New Research Shows
7 Milky Way Galaxy Evolved Gradually, Astronomers Say
8 Watermelon Was Domesticated in Sudan from Kordofan Melon, New Genetic Study Suggests
9 Diving Anole Lizards Can Respire Underwater by Rebreathing Exhaled Air
10 Narcissism is Important Risk Factor for Aggression, New Review Suggests
11 New Map of Local Dark Matter Reveals 'Bridges' between Galaxies
12 Optogenetic Therapy Partially Restores Vision in Blind Patient with Retinitis Pigmentosa
13 Europa Has Volcanoes on the Floor of Its Subsurface Ocean, Study Suggests
14 Paleontologists Find First Complete Egg of Extinct King Island Dwarf Emu
15 Indonesian Hunter-Gatherers Were Making Tiny Point Tools Thousands of Years Ago
16 Hubble Spots Magnificent Interacting Galaxy: NGC 2276
17 Physicists Precisely Measure Lifetime of Neutral Pion
18 Study: Night Owls Send More Negative Tweets than Early Birds
19 Helium Rain is Possible inside Jovian Planets, New Experiments Suggest
20 Particles in Quark-Gluon Plasma Move in the Same Way as in Water, Physicists Discover
21 New Fungus Strain Effective against Varroa Mites in Honeybee Colonies
22 New Frog Species from New Guinea Has 'Lovely Chocolate Coloring'
23 New Map Reveals X-Ray-Emitting Threads and Plume-Like Structures near Milky Way's Center
24 Curiosity Spots Carbon Dioxide-Ice Clouds in Martian Skies
25 Hubble Captures Striking New Image of NGC 691
26 People with Myopia More Likely to Experience Poorer Sleep Quality: Study
27 Dark Energy Survey Makes Most Precise Measurements Yet of Universe's Composition and Growth
28 New Species of Duck-Billed Dinosaur Unearthed in Mexico
29 ASKAP Detects Compact Radio Sources in Milky Way's Galactic Plane
30 Study: High Milk Intake Is Not Associated with Elevated Levels of Cholesterol
31 Astronomers Find Twelve Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in Hydra I Cluster
32 Scientists Find Rare Mineral inside Chiton Teeth
33 Active Early Learning Shapes Adult Brain Structure, New Research Shows
34 Hyperbolic Metamaterial Turns Conventional Light Microscope into Super-Resolution Imager
35 Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Deer Carvings in Scotland
36 Researchers Measure Mass of Human Chromosomes
37 Humans Arrived in North America More Than 30,000 Years Ago, Study Suggests
38 Researchers Sequence Genome of Basenji Dog
39 Juvenile Tyrannosaurs Had Powerful Bite, New Study Shows
40 Healthy Diet Rich in Whole Fruits May Play Role in Mitigating Type 2 Diabetes Risk
41 Some Spiders Can Sniff Out Their Natural Predators, New Study Reveals
42 New Open Cluster Discovered: Valparaiso 1
43 NASA Selects Two New Missions to Venus
44 VLA Focuses on Inner Region of Massive Protostellar Jet
45 Dogs' Skills for Cooperating with Humans are Biologically Prepared, Study Says
46 Astronomers Detect High-Energy Gamma Rays from Afterglow of Long Gamma-Ray Burst
47 Scientists Decode Complex Song of Northern Mockingbird
48 New Study Provides Insights into Diet of Extinct Little Bush Moa
49 Mars helicopter flies. Now comes a push to its thin-air limits.
50 Mars helicopter flies. Now comes a push to its thin-air limits.
51 In a first, SpaceX reuses rocket to send humans into orbit
52 The Travelling Telescope brings stars to students
53 China lands a rover on Mars; NASA tweets congratulations
54 Space tourism draws nearer with Virgin Galactic test flight
55 Apple lawsuit raises questions around Big Tech's dominance
56 Why Donald Trump will remain banned from Facebook, for now
57 SpaceX satellites closing digital gap, but cause light pollution
58 Road report: What it feels like to ride in a driverless car
59 If you can buy a ticket to space, does that make you an astronaut?
60 Capturing carbon emissions: pragmatic solution or costly distraction?
61 In bid to cut emissions, Bogota turns to residents for solutions
62 Climate versus jobs? Not in this heartland state.
63 Why some cities are wary of bitcoin mining's high energy toll
64 Wildflower and lithium mine compete for space in Nevada desert
65 Who isn't worried about inflation? The Federal Reserve.
66 AT&T-Discovery merger: What it means for subscribers, workers
67 The stores are ready, but will the shoppers come back?
68 Why pandemic forced baby boomers to rethink retirement plans
69 US economy is recovering, but unemployed still slow to take jobs
70 Readers write: Points on free speech and public school
71 Readers write: Avoiding bias, and D.C. statehood
72 Helping would-be migrants stay put
73 Readers write: How to address student loan debt
74 Biden pleads for action as voting rights tug-of-war continues
75 Biden is letting in more asylum-seekers. Who will get a spot?
76 Amid a mental health battle, sponsors side with Naomi Osaka
77 A couch is not a home: Where the hidden homeless get housing vouchers
78 Critical race theory: Who gets to decide what is history?
79 In Uganda, a culture clash over defining land ownership
80 Mexico midterms: Why AMLO still has voters' hopes on his side
81 Austrians push for action amid rise in violence against women
82 An Indigenous children's grave unearths Canada's grim history
83 In polarizing election, Peru hears echoes of the past
84 US Warns Against Travel to Japan as Olympics Loom; Doctors Claim the Games Must Be Canceled
85 H5N8 Bird Flu Strain Poses Possibility of Another Pandemic, But Researchers Say There Is Still Opportunity to Prevent Them
86 COVID-19 Origin: White House Presses for Independent Probe While China Refutes Wuhan Lab Leak Theory
87 18 Cases of Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination, Typically Begins 4 Days After the 2nd Dose of the Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines
88 Brazil's President Bolsonaro Leads Lockdown Protests Despite Nearly 500,000 Dying from COVID-19
89 Man Gains Partial Eye Sight After 40-Years of Blindness, Can He Fully See After Treatment?
90 78 Brands of Sunscreen for Recall Over Carcinogen Contamination as Summer Looms
91 COVID-19 Vaccines: US Has Millions of Unused Doses Despite Incentives While Rest of the World Clamors for Vaccines
92 New York to Grant Full-Ride College Scholarships as COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive, Weekly Drawings Every Wednesday
93 Top 11 Stress Management Techniques
94 Wuhan Lab Scientists Divulge They Were Bitten by Bats, Disregard Gloves, Masks, and Other PPE While Handling Bats
95 Doctor in Nursing (DNP) vs. Nursing PhD: What's the Difference?
96 A Mound Shaped Like a Pyramid With 30 Bodies Can Be One of the Oldest War Memorials From Ancient Syria
97 Supreme Court Denies Johnson & Johnson's Appeal To Throw Out $2 Billion Penalty in Talc Baby Powder Cancer Verdict
98 COVID-19 Origins Probe: WHO Reviews Research on When Coronavirus Entered Italy, Indicates Experts Track Down Virus Outside China
99 FDA Issues Recall Order for Enoki Mushrooms Over Potential Listeria Contamination
100 Fauci Says COVID-19 Came from Miners in 2012, While Chinese Whistleblower Claims It's 'Unrestricted Bioweapon'
101 New York Face Mask Guidelines Relax for Schools and Camps, Masks Will Not Be Required Outdoors
102 Obesity Drug That Helps People Lose 15% Weight Now FDA Approved, Pill Being Developed
103 Secondary Infections Inflame the Brain, Worsening Cognition & Memory in Alzheimer's Disease
104 Deep Water on Ice Giants Neptune and Uranus May Be Magnesium-Rich
105 Space Junk and Human Spacecraft--Department of Defense Tracking More Than 27,000 Pieces of Orbital Debris
106 Scientists Use DNA To Trace the Origins of Giant Viruses
107 Invasive Lionfish Threaten Species Along Brazilian Coast--Voracious Predators Are Negatively Impacting Marine Ecosystems
108 Dead Zones Formed Repeatedly in North Pacific During Warm Climates Over the Past 1.2 Million Years
109 Solar Energy and Pollinator Conservation: A Win-Win Combination With Real Impact?
110 Quantum Computing With Holes: A New and Promising Qubit at a Place Where There Is Nothing