File Title
1 Threat of Major Human Nutritional Shortages From Declining Biodiversity in Wild Amazon Fisheries
2 Primates Change Their "Accent" in Shared Territory to Avoid Conflict
3 Staphylococcus: From Harmless Skin Bacteria to Deadly Pathogen
4 Depression Linked to Rapid Kidney Function Decline--Even in People With Healthy Kidneys
5 From Heavy Ion and Neutron Star Collisions to the Big Bang
6 We Just Had the Super Flower Blood Moon and an Eclipse--Here's What's Next!
7 Structure of a Toxic Matter Identified That Destroys the Nerves in the Brain, Causing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases
8 NASA's Curiosity Rover Captures Strange Shimmering Iridescent Clouds on Mars
9 Battle-Tested, Climate Change-Resistant Corals Could Provide Lifeline to Battered Reefs
10 Sonothermogenetics Can Control Behavior by Stimulating a Specific Target Deep in the Brain
11 Alzheimer's "World First" Discovery: Blood Oxygen Levels Could Explain Why Memory Loss Is an Early Symptom
12 New Research Shows How to Boost Muscle Regeneration and Rebuild Tissue
13 Exploring Earth From Space: Spectacular View of the Great Lakes
14 Quark-Gluon Plasma--Which Filled the Universe Shortly After the Big Bang--Flows Like Water
15 Biologists Construct a "Periodic Table" for Cell Nuclei--And Discover Something Strange, Baffling and Unexpected
16 Tracking Receptor Proteins to Unveil Molecular Basis of Memory and Learning
17 Dark Matter Particle Explorer Has Measured High-Precision Galactic Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum
18 What Is Happening Deep Beneath the Surface of Ice Planets?
19 Galactic Warp: Does the Milky Way Move Like a Spinning Top?
21 Key Discovery About How Genes Turn On and off--"Critical Implications for Human Health"
22 Science Made Simple: Anatomy of Our Sun
23 Antibiotics Can Treat Human Diseases Like Cancer--Not Just Bacterial Infections
24 Satellites May Have Underestimated Global Warming in the Lower Atmosphere Over the Last 40 Years
25 OSIRIS-REx Heading Home With Abundant Sample of Asteroid Bennu
26 Same Difference: Two Halves of the Hippocampus Have Strikingly Different Gene Activity
27 Spectacular Image Captured by Hubble Shows a Strangely Contorted Spiral Galaxy
28 Will COVID-19 Eventually Become Just a Seasonal Nuisance? Scientists Model Possible COVID-19 Futures
29 Using the International Space Station to Study Earth's Climate & Keep Our Planet Safe
30 Tiny Magnetic Particles in Microscopic Fossils Record Ancient Climate Conditions
31 Narcissism Linked to Aggression--Study Found Relationship "Across the Board" All Over the World
32 Want to Reduce Your Depression Risk by Double Digits? Wake Up an Hour Earlier
33 Asteroid Impact Crater on Earth Provides Clues About Martian Craters
34 Non-hallucinogenic Psychedelic Analog Rapidly Reverses Effects of Stress on the Brain
35 Breakthrough: Shrinking Planets Could Explain Mystery of Universe's Missing Worlds
36 China Makes Remarkable Gains in Maternal and Child Survival Rates
37 A Quantum Leap for Quantum Computing
38 Meet the World's Largest Iceberg: A-76 Is Over 100 Miles Long
39 The Robot Smiled Back: Engineers Use AI to Teach Robots to Make Appropriate Reactive Human Facial Expressions
40 Hubble Captures Fantastic Detail of Eponymous Spiral Galaxy NGC 691
41 Beer Byproduct Mixed With Manure Proves an Excellent Pesticide--Increases Crop Yields
42 Common Antibiotic Effective in Healing Coral Disease Lesions--95% Success Rate
43 New Microscopy Technique Reaches Deeper Into the Living Brain
44 Stunning New Image of the Center of Our Galaxy Hints at Previously Unknown Interstellar Energy Source
45 Manufacturing Innovation: Ultrasonic Welding Makes Parts for NASA Missions
46 Escape From Oblivion: Innovative Experiment Shows How the Brain Reboots After Deep Anesthesia
47 Arizona's Meteor Crater--Scientific Insights From "Young" and Well-Preserved Crater
48 17 Years of Gravity Observations Show How Earth's Water Cycle Is Ramping Up As Climate Warms
49 New Details Revealed of What Happened in the First Microsecond of the Big Bang
50 Tiny Marine "Snowflakes" Play a Big Role in the Sea
51 Study of 11 Medical-Mystery Patients Results in Discovery of New Genetic Form of ALS in Children
52 Genomic Research Into Different Ancestries Leads to Better Results and Better Care
53 Isolating an Elusive Missing Link in One of the Most Important Reactions on the Planet
54 Brain Activity Reveals When White Lies Are Selfish
55 Study Across 60 Cities in 32 Countries and Six Continents Reveals: New Species Are All Around Us!
56 Surprise Discovery of African "Climate Seesaw" Changes View of Human Evolution
57 Science and Social Media Show How Ship's Plastic Cargo Dispersed From Florida to Norway
58 Controlled Trial Finds Tai Chi Similar to Conventional Exercise for Reducing Belly Fat
59 Noble False Widow Spider Bites Can Result in Severe Symptoms Requiring Hospitalization
60 Spin-Ice: Breakthrough in 3D Magnetic Nanostructures Could Transform Modern-Day Computing
61 Who's to Die and Who's to Live: Mechanical Cue Is at the Origin of Cell Death Decision
62 Antidepressant Power of Lactate Revealed in New Research
63 Breast Milk Does Not Transfer COVID, but Does Produce COVID-Fighting Antibodies
64 Mosquito Protein Discovery Could Lead to Treatments Against Life-Threatening Viruses
65 PEARL Membrane: New "Swiss Army Knife" Cleans Up Water Pollution
66 Unprecedented Data Sharing Drives New Rare Disease Diagnoses--Just "Tip of the Iceberg"
67 Cognitive Clock--Researchers Develop New Measure of Brain Health
68 Biological Invasions: Destructive Species Found Using New Environmental DNA-Detection Technique
69 Spinning Disks, Oddball Stars, and Strange Planets Help Astronomers Test Theories About Planetary System Formation
70 Kalvestene Grave Field: Viking Ship Burials Shrouded in Mystery
71 Supercomputing Tapped to Study Exotic Matter in Stars
72 Researchers Examine "Godzilla"--The Record-Shattering 2020 Trans-Atlantic Dust Storm
73 Which Animals Will Survive Climate Change? Genetic Changes Help Scientists Predict
74 Neuroscientists Discover Why Moms Take Risks to Protect Their Infants
75 Antibody-Secreting Cells in the Lung Can Prevent Respiratory Infections From Becoming Severe
76 Is It Time for Us to Send Astronauts Back to the Moon?
77 Contrary to Earlier Research, Vitamin D May Not Protect Against COVID-19
78 Evidence of Sleep-Dependent Brain Activity in Clearing Toxic Proteins and Preventing Alzheimer's Disease
79 The China Dark Matter Experiment Listens to the Sound of Cosmology From a Laboratory Deep Underground
80 Ordinary Microscope Sees in Super-Resolution With Specially Engineered Light-Shrinking Material
81 Experts Urge: Make COVID Vaccine Free for Everyone in India to Curb Death Toll
82 Exploiting a Strange State of Matter: Researchers Confront Major Hurdle in Quantum Computing
83 Revolutionary Self-Aware Materials Build the Foundation for Living Structures
84 Newly Discovered Atmospheric Circulation Enhances Heatwaves and Wildfires Around the Arctic
85 Meticulously Forged Books of Seventeenth-Century Music Discovered in Venetian Library
86 Immunity Boost in the Gut: Microbiota Are "Crucial Factors" Affecting Immune Responses to Vaccinations
87 Most Intense Burst of Evolution Ever Seen: Fossil Secret May Shed Light on Origins of Many of Earth's First Animals
88 Researchers Engineered a New Synthetic Fly Species--Here's Why
89 Catalytic Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol: Low Temperature and High Efficiency
90 Model Developed for the Distribution of Inner Planetary Systems May Help Unravel Cosmic Mystery
91 Earth's History Sends Climate Warning--Urgent Action Needed
92 Investigative Genetic Genealogy: Solving a Double Murder Arouses International Interest
93 Deception and Lies: Wild Siberian Jays Use Social Knowledge to Avoid Being Tricked
94 Mapping Intermittent Methane Emissions Across the Permian Basin--The Largest Oil- and Gas-Producing Region in the U.S.
95 Scientists Create Exotic "Outer Space" Ice--Unlike Any on Earth
96 Unexpected Discovery of Ancient Bones May Change Timeline for When People First Arrived in North America
97 A Step Closer to the Quantum Internet: Entanglement of Two Multimode Quantum Memories
98 Hexagonal Boron Nitride's Incredible Toughness Unmasked--"What We Observed...Is Remarkable!"
99 Regular Caffeine Consumption--From Coffee, Cola, or Energy Drinks--Affects Brain Structure
100 Shining Light on Two-Dimensional Magnets: New Research Paves the Way to Hyper-Efficient Data Storage
101 Rare Mineral Discovered in a Living Organism for the First Time
102 Creation Without Contact in the Collisions of Lead and Gold Nuclei
103 Vegetarians Have Healthier Levels of Disease Biomarkers Than Meat-Eaters
104 Hubble Views Magnificent Lopsided Galaxy NGC 2276
105 NASA to Send Two Missions to Study "Lost Habitable" World of Venus
106 Urban Crime Fell Significantly Around the World During COVID-19 Shutdowns--With One Key Exception
107 Icebergs Push Back: Slushy Iceberg Aggregates Control Calving Timing on Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbrae
108 Beemmunity: Pollen-Sized Technology Protects Bees From Deadly Insecticides
109 Extensive Study Identifies Over a Dozen Existing Drugs As Potential Treatments for COVID-19
110 UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: UN Urges Intense Restoration of Nature to Address Climate and Biodiversity Crises
111 MIT Engineers Create a Programmable Digital Fiber--With Memory, Sensors, and AI
112 Hidden Dark Forces: A New Dimension in the Quest to Understand Dark Matter