File Title
1 Using fossil plant molecules to track down the Green Sahara
2 Isolating an elusive missing link
3 Beer byproduct mixed with manure proves an excellent pesticide
4 Newly discovered African 'climate seesaw' drove human evolution
5 Researchers report reference genome for maize B chromosome
6 Medical AI models rely on 'shortcuts' that could lead to misdiagnosis of COVID-19
7 Duetting songbirds 'mute' the musical mind of their partner to stay in sync
8 Gender stereotypes still hold true for youth and types of political participation
9 Ethnic diversity helps identify more genomic regions linked to diabetes-related traits
10 Extreme CO2 greenhouse effect heated up the young Earth
11 Diabetes remission diet also lowers blood pressure and reduces need for medication
12 New 'Swiss Army knife' cleans up water pollution
13 Overconfidence in news judgement
14 Tai chi about equal to conventional exercise for reducing belly fat in middle aged and older adults [plus additional topics]
15 Brain activity reveals when white lies are selfish
16 Oncotarget: Piperlongumine promotes death of retinoblastoma cancer cells
17 Oncotarget: Progression in high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
18 Oncotarget: Activation of plasmacytoid dendritic cells promotes AML-cell fratricide
19 A 'jolt' for ocean carbon sequestration
20 Magnesium ions injected directly into compromised bone accelerate bone regeneration
21 Converting scar tissue to heart muscle after a heart attack
22 Low-wage earners spent less time at home during early pandemic lockdown
23 Central Oregon bat survey shows value and scale-up potential of citizen science
24 How an elephant's trunk manipulates air to eat and drink
25 New Geology articles published online ahead of print in May
26 Forged books of seventeenth-century music discovered in Venetian library
27 Scientists develop novel therapy for crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus
28 Sloan Kettering Institute scientists learn what fuels the 'natural killers' of the immune system
29 Optic nerve firing may spark growth of vision-threatening childhood tumor
30 Analysis reveals global 'hot spots' where new coronaviruses may emerge
31 Time-dependent viral interference between influenza virus and coronavirus in the infection of differentiated porcine airway epithelial cells
32 New method to improve durability of nano-electronic components, further semiconductor manufacturing
33 New evidence may change timeline for when people first arrived in North America
34 Modulating rapamycin target protein promotes autophagy, lowering toxic Huntingtin protein
35 Adults With Cognitive Impairment Who Use Pain Medication Have Higher Falls Risk
36 Innovative surgical simulator is a significant advance in training trauma teams
37 Researchers develop prototype of robotic device to pick, trim button mushrooms
38 New algorithm could help enable next-generation deep brain stimulation devices
39 COVID-19 simulation shows importance of safety efforts during vaccine distribution
40 UCI-led study sheds light on mysterious genotype-phenotype associations
41 UArizona engineers demonstrate a quantum advantage
42 SWOG researchers advance cancer care at virtual ASCO 2021
43 Diet plays critical role in NASH progressing to liver cancer in mouse model
44 If countries implement Paris pledges with cuts to aerosols, millions of lives can be saved
45 Harmonious electronic structure leads to enhanced quantum materials
46 Improved detection of atrial fibrillation could prevent disabling strokes
47 Parasites may accumulate in spleens of asymptomatic individuals infected with malaria
48 Healthy lifestyle linked to better cognition for oldest adults--regardless of genetic risk
49 Canadian prescription opioids users experience gaps in access to care
50 Tens of thousands of women turn to the ER for fibroid symptoms
51 UB researchers look to improve the WIC shopping experience
52 Direct action of SARS-CoV-2 on organs may cause exacerbated immune response in children
53 Study finds that a firm's place in a supply chain influences lending and borrowing
54 How AI could alert firefighters of imminent danger
55 Researchers discover gene linked to bone cancer in children, ID potential novel therapy
56 Self-aware materials build the foundation for living structures
57 Chip inserted under the skin may better identify patients at risk of recurrent stroke
58 Scientists identify mechanism linking traumatic brain injury to neurodegenerative disease
59 Study: Parler provided echo chamber for vaccine misinformation, conspiracy theories
60 Taking a bite out of tooth evolution: Frogs have lost teeth more than 20 times
61 Mini bone marrow model predicts response to blood disorder treatment
62 Trust among corvids
63 How the major Swedish forest fire of 2014 affected the ecosystem
64 2D natural clay offers a platform for machine learning algorithm
65 The effects of protein corona on the interactions of AIE-visualized liposomes with cells
66 COVID-positive people have more severe strokes, Geisinger-led study finds
67 More salmonella infections in Europe: Hygiene rules help prepare poultry safely
68 Foster care, homelessness are higher education hurdles
69 Manipulating quinary charge states in solitary defects of 2D intermetallic semiconductor
70 Early bird or night owl? Study links shift worker sleep to 'chronotype'
71 Researchers develop proof-of-concept treatment that elevates adult and fetal hemoglobin
72 Story tips: Un-Earthly ice, buildings in the loop, batteries unbound and 3D printing for geothermal
73 Treatabolome project designed to shorten diagnosis-to-treatment time for patients with rare diseases
74 Turbulence in interstellar gas clouds reveals multi-fractal structures
75 Why deep freezing iron-based materials makes them both magnetic and superconducting
76 New device helps restore penile length and sexual function after prostate cancer surgery
77 The narrative of becoming a leader is rooted in culture
78 Ancient volcanic eruption destroyed the ozone layer
79 Small 'snowflakes' in the sea play a big role
80 Moffitt Cancer Center experts to present new clinical research data
81 The evolutionary fates of supergenes unmasked
82 A new model enables the recreation of the family tree of complex networks
83 Research team investigates ride-sharing decisions
84 Mumpreneur success still requires conventional masculine behaviour
85 Mass of human chromosomes measured for the first time
86 How news coverage affects public trust in science
87 Researchers Fine-Tune Control Over AI Image Generation
88 Scientists demonstrate a better, more eco-friendly method to produce hydrogen peroxide
89 A new direction of topological research is ready for take off
90 Men make more extreme choices and decisions, find scientists
91 It's never too early to begin healthy eating habits
92 Alternatives to plastic straws: Which materials are suitable?
93 Researchers discover how cells can survive in high salt concentrations
94 Novel nano-encapsulation approach for efficient dopamine delivery in Parkinson's treatment
95 Junk food game helps people eat less and lose weight
96 Is the U.S. Understating Climate Emissions from Meat and Dairy Production?
97 Precise data for improved coastline protection
98 Tuberculosis in Irish prisons: New study recommends increased testing
99 Bar-Ilan University researchers increase life expectancy in mice by an average of 30%
100 Deep impact of superficial skin inking: Acoustic analysis of underlying tissue
101 Air quality improved during India lockdown, study shows
102 Clinical-level emotional/behavioral problems in schoolchildren during the lockdown
103 How do plants hedge their bets?
104 Restored peatlands store carbon and mitigate climate change
105 Study pinpoints key causes of ocean circulation change
106 Solar energy-driven sustainable process for synthesis of ethylene glycol from methanol
107 A novel nanometer-scale proximity labeling method targeting histidine residues
108 Sick bats also employ 'social distancing' which prevents the outbreak of epidemics
109 Safe distance: How to make sure our outdoor activities don't harm wildlife
110 Newly identified atmospheric circulation enhances heatwaves and wildfires around the Arctic