File Title
1 Research sheds light on origins, age of massive impact crater
2 Lessons learnt from simulated strike
3 NASA to participate in tabletop exercise simulating asteroid impact
4 Different neutron energies enhance asteroid deflection
5 The world's oldest crater from a meteorite isn't an impact crater after all
6 Asteroid dust found in crater closes case of dinosaur extinction
7 The comet that killed the dinosaurs
8 An asteroid "double disaster" struck Germany in the Miocene
9 The craters on Earth
10 A subterranean ecosystem in the Chicxulub Crater
11 Earth, moon were bombarded by asteroid shower 800 million years ago
12 Asteroid impact, not volcanoes, made the Earth uninhabitable for dinosaurs
13 Name given to asteroid target of ESA's planetary defense mission
14 Israel says military exports hit $8.3 billion in 2020
15 GAO report: Lack of data causing delays in military spare parts contracts
16 US Senate leader pushes bill to boost industry against China
17 Grassley, Sanders introduce bill requiring Pentagon to pass audits
18 Boost for European fighter jet as Paris, Berlin, Madrid seal deal
19 US Navy says seizes huge weapons cache in Arabian Sea
20 U.S. joins European Union military mobility project
21 NGOs call on UN to hit Myanmar with arms embargo
22 New Zealand signs Artemis Accords
23 The Incredible Adventures of the Hera mission--Presenting Hera
24 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Heads for Earth with Asteroid Sample
25 New View of Asteroid Ryugu's Surface
26 Robotic spacecraft will fly to asteroid, comet
27 Asteroid that Hit Botswana in 2018 likely came from Vesta
28 Hide and Seek--How NASA's Lucy Mission Team Discovered Eurybates' Satellite
29 Drone test of Hera mission's asteroid radar
30 NASA's OSIRIS-REx completes final tour of Asteroid Bennu
31 Quantum communication in space moves ahead
32 Bad connections: US-China defense relations mired in call dispute
33 SES Government Solutions provides medium earth orbit satellite services for combatant command
34 NASA awards new spacecraft avionics development contract
35 When will the first baby be born in space?
36 Russia to sell Soyuz space module
37 Back to the space cradle
38 How to keep spacesuit 'underwear' clean?
39 Starliner completes full space station mission simulation
40 I felt really heavy: astronauts describe returning to Earth on SpaceX capsule
41 Blue Origin will fly first crew to space in July
42 New NASA Student Challenge offers hands-on tech development
43 NASA Invests $105 Million in US Small Business Technology Development
44 Ultrasonic welding makes parts for NASA missions, commercial industry
45 NASA awards laser air monitoring system contract for Orion
46 Roscosmos Chief invites NASA Counterpart to Russia to discuss space cooperation
47 Russia to send film crew, Japanese billionaire to space
48 Top Things to Know about Space Station Crew Handovers
49 Cyprus, Austria, Greece have EU's cleanest beaches: agency
50 Adventure-lovers defy gravity on the tallest Chinese TV tower
51 Study reveals a universal travel pattern across four continents
52 Highest bid for Blue Origin's maiden voyage $2.6 million and climbing
53 NASA stacks elements for upper portion of Artemis II Core Stage
54 A passion for hypersonics propels success at AFRL Lab
55 Merida Aerospace plans to begin rocket test launches in 2021 (from archive)
56 Russian rocket launches UK telecom satellites after delay
57 Competitor fears Musk's SpaceX could 'monopolise' space
58 SpaceX cargo mission to carry water bears, baby squids to space station
59 From Moon bases to Martian cities Musk eyes new era for humanity
60 NASA's Curiosity rover captures shining clouds on Mars
61 Perseverance captures the sounds of driving on Mars
62 Early Martian climate was intermittently warm
63 China shows first high-def pictures of Mars taken by Tianwen 1
64 HKU planetary scientists discover evidence for a reduced atmosphere on ancient Mars
65 Newly discovered glaciers could aid human survival on Mars
66 Turkish lake with likely clues to Mars gains unwanted fame
67 Icy clouds could have kept early Mars warm enough for rivers and lakes, study finds
68 Can a new type of glacier on Mars aid future astronauts
69 Mars didn't dry up in one go
70 Trinity researchers tackle the spiders from Mars
71 New study challenges long-held theory of fate of Martian Water
72 Ice frozen under Mars' surface offers major resource to aid future settlements
73 Melting dusty ice may have carved Martian gullies
74 Where Should Future Astronauts Land on Mars? Follow the Water
75 NASA software unlocks Martian rover productivity
76 China's Zhurong rover moves onto Martian surface to begin scientific operations
77 Perseverance, Hope and a fire god: a history of Mars rovers
78 Perseverance's Robotic Arm Starts Conducting Science
79 Salts could be important piece of Martian organic puzzle
80 Mars' changing habitability recorded by ancient dune fields in Gale crater
81 Is there life on mars today and where
82 Life from Earth could temporarily survive on Mars
83 China's first Mars rover starts exploring red planet
84 China's Tianwen-1 probe sends back Mars landing visuals
85 Volcanoes on Mars could be active, raise possibility of recent habitable conditions
86 Iridium makes strategic investment in DDK Positioning for enhanced GNSS accuracy
87 More than 3,000 jobs created as space sector grows across the UK
88 Canadian manipulator on ISS holed by space debris
89 RUAG Space dispenser places 200th OneWeb satellite in orbit
90 Xplore opens satellite manufacturing facility to advance satellite production
91 Graphene solves concrete's big problem
92 Thirty year stellar survey cracks mysteries of galaxy's giant planets
93 Deep oceans dissolve the rocky shell of water-ice planets
94 Shrinking planets could explain mystery of universe's missing worlds
95 First ever discovery of methanol in a warm planet-forming disk
96 Hubble Watches How a Giant Planet Grows
97 Astronomers detect first ever hydroxyl molecule signature in an exoplanet atmosphere
98 Scientists develop new molecular tool to detect alien life
99 Origins of life researchers develop a new ecological biosignature
100 Alien radioactive element prompts creation rethink
101 When the atmosphere isn't enough
102 Scientists may detect signs of extraterrestrial life in the next 5 to 10 years
103 How planets form controls elements essential for life
104 Jupiter antenna that came in from the cold
105 Europa's interior may be hot enough to fuel seafloor volcanoes
106 Deep water on Neptune and Uranus may be magnesium-rich
107 New Horizons reaches a rare space milestone
108 NASA's Europa Clipper builds hardware, moves toward assembly
109 La Nina climate cycle over: UN
110 'Appointed by God': Samoan leader defiant after vote