File Title
1 Seabirds face dire threats from climate change, human activity--especially in Northern Hemisphere
2 How metals work together to weaken hardy nitrogen-nitrogen bonds
3 Jebel Sahaba: A succession of violence rather than a prehistoric war
4 Biologists construct a 'periodic table' for cell nuclei
5 Technology that predicts protein stability is released by UK university spin-out company
6 Prenatal exposure to paracetamol associated with ADHD and autism symptoms in childhood
7 Scientists find new insights into the elusive continuous waves from spinning neutron stars
8 Icebergs push back
9 Obsessive compulsive disorder linked to increased ischemic stroke risk later in life
10 Archaeology: Prehistoric violence at Jebel Sahaba may not have been single event
11 Managing global climate change--and local conditions--key to coral reefs' survival
12 New microscopy method reaches deeper into the living brain
13 Seabirds sound alarm: Breeding success corresponds to hemispheric rates of ocean warming
14 Poor sleep may impact academic achievement for children in disinvested neighborhoods
15 DNA vaccines for COVID-19 effective in mice, hamsters
16 Mass gatherings during Malaysian election directly and indirectly boosted COVID-19 spread
17 Parents modify the home literacy environment according to their children's progress in learning to read
18 Scientists overhear two atoms chatting
19 Climate change-resistant corals could provide lifeline to battered reefs
20 Baylor study uses candy-like models to make STEM accessible to visually impaired students
21 New GSA Bulletin articles published ahead of print in May
22 New tool activates deep brain neurons by combining ultrasound, genetics
23 Exoskeleton-assisted walking may improve bowel function in people with spinal cord injury
24 Same difference: Two halves of the hippocampus have different gene activity
25 Researchers create new CRISPR tools to help contain mosquito disease transmission
26 Older adults with cerebral palsy need more, receive less physical therapy
27 Exoskeleton therapy improves mobility, cognition and brain connectivity in people with MS
28 Penn researchers discover drug that blocks multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants in mice
29 Climate change makes West Nile virus outbreaks 'plausible' in UK
30 ECOG-ACRIN research highlights at ASCO 2021
31 MS experts call for increased focus on progressive MS rehabilitation research
32 Open, expressive family life may reduce social deprivation effects among adopted children
33 Natural gas pipeline density higher overall in more vulnerable US counties
34 Better choice of contraceptives can prevent breast cancer
35 Moving one step closer to personalized anesthesia
36 Study identifies risk for some childhood cancer patients developing secondary leukaemia
37 Scientists develop transparent electrode that boosts solar cell efficiency
38 'Good' bacteria show promise for clinical treatment of Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis
39 The dark matter particle explorer has measured high-precision cosmic ray helium energy spectrum
40 Detecting skin disorders based on tissue stiffness with a soft sensing device
41 Revenge of the seabed burrowers
42 Ban on flavored vaping may have led teens to cigarettes, study finds
43 Electrons waiting for their turn: New model explains 3D quantum material
44 Mechanically imprinting atoms in ceramic
45 Horror films as a reimagined space for healing
46 Stem cell drugs surprise researchers: Could lead to better drugs in the future
47 40 top scientists to WHO: requirements for ventilation systems must be reinforced
48 World Vape Day: BAT's review highlights 10 years of scientific evidence on vaping
49 Alzheimer's: Blood oxygen levels could explain why memory loss is an early symptom
50 Chimaeroid from Early Cretaceous reassessed in light of new data
51 Danish invention preserves muscle mass in COVID-19 patients
52 Research: Countries in violation of Baltic Sea Convention, polluting marine environment
53 New insights into switchable MOF structures
54 Cheap alloy rivals expensive platinum to boost fuel cells
55 Antarctic hotspot: Fin whales favour the waters around Elephant Island
56 A non-invasive procedure allows obtaining archaeological information without excavating
57 Peptide nanoparticles marked for in vitro visualization
58 A new light-sheet microscopy unit enables an extended field of view and reduced photodamage
59 The properties of non-racemic dihydrofurans have been studied at Samara Polytech
60 DNA-based material with tunable properties
61 Proton's travel route in polymers could lead the way to clean fuels
62 Study of Fe2+ ions contributes to further understanding of magnetoelectric coupling
63 Nanofibrous filters for PM2.5 filtration
64 A novel nitrogen-doped dual-emission carbon dots as an effective fluorescent probe for ratiometric detection dopamine
65 Using the environment to control quantum devices
66 Rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus during COVID-19 quarantine period
67 A helping hand for working robots
68 New drug combo found effective against high-risk leukaemia
69 Plant flowering in low-nitrogen soils: A mechanism revealed
70 Japan's hands-off formula in disciplining schoolchildren works. Is it worth a try elsewhere?
71 Researchers build structured, multi-part nanocrystals with super light-emitting properties
72 Results of the COLCORONA study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine
73 Pollen-sized technology protects bees from deadly insecticides
74 UM research suggests social factors important for human-wildlife coexistence
75 Reef-building corals and the microscopic algae within their cells evolve together
76 Waking just one hour earlier cuts depression risk by double digits
77 Pioneering single-dose radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment
78 Tiniest of moments proves key for baby's healthy brain
79 Researchers create machine learning model to predict treatment with dialysis or death for hospitalized COVID-19 patients
80 Next-gen electric vehicle batteries: These are the questions we still need to answer
81 Helping doctors manage COVID-19
82 When to release free and paid apps for maximal revenue
83 Plastic in Galapagos seawater, beaches and animals
84 Blood test detects childhood tumors based on their epigenetic profiles
85 Solving a double murder arouses international interest
86 Data from 45 million mobile users further shows poorer people less able to stay at home COVID rules
87 Providing more low-value care doesn't lead to higher patient experience ratings
88 How retroviruses become infectious
89 A fiery past sheds new light on the future of global climate change
90 Depressive symptoms linked to rapid kidney function decline
91 Elucidating how the production of antibodies is regulated, one cell at a time
92 Declining biodiversity in wild Amazon fisheries threatens human diet
93 Lessening the cost of strategies to reach the Paris Agreement
94 Watch me move it, move it: Gliding structure in Mycoplasma mobile revealed
95 Research shows potential new sunscreen is coral-safe and provides more UVB/UVA protection
96 50 years of progress in women's health
97 Less is more? New take on machine learning helps us "scale up" phase transitions
98 Looking at future of Antarctic through an Indigenous Maori lens
99 Genetic treasure trove for malaria researchers
100 Right off the bat: Navigation in extra-large spaces
101 Scientists identify protein that activates plant response to nitrogen deficiency
102 Unraveling DNA packaging
103 Suitable thread type and stitch density for Ghanaian public basic school uniforms
104 Ethnically diverse research identifies more genetic markers linked to diabetes
105 Lundquist investigators in global study expanding genomic research of different ancestries
106 Scientists discover a new genetic form of ALS in children
107 Emotional regulation technique may be effective in disrupting compulsive cocaine addiction
108 Study suggests tai chi can mirror healthy benefits of conventional exercise
109 The price is right: Modeling economic growth in a zero-emission society
110 Global warming already responsible for one in three heat-related deaths