File Title
1 The ISSCR releases updated guidelines for stem cell research and clinical translation
2 Concussion with loss of consciousness may be linked to life with some disability
3 Cleveland clinic researchers identify new drug target for treating aggressive prostate cancer
4 Novel sensor discovered that helps bacteria detect and respond to formaldehyde
5 Embryos of many species use sound to prepare for the outside world
6 Global study of 60 cities' microbes finds each has a signature microbial fingerprint
7 Hurricanes and hashtags: Online collective attention for natural disasters
8 Neotropical river otters in Brazil communicate in a rich vocal range
9 Studies reveal that social isolation and quarantine throughout the COVID-19 pandemic may have a detrimental impact on physical and mental health of people living with pre-existing conditions
10 Electric fish--and humans--pause before communicating key points
11 New research deepens mystery about evolution of bees' social behavior
12 Oncotarget: Creation of a new class of radiosensitizers for glioblastoma
13 Immunity boost in the gut
14 Video platforms normalize exotic pets
15 COVID-19 kept our parks busy, but not everyone ventured outside
16 Direct evidence of segregated oceanic crust trapped within the mantle transition zone
17 High-capacity electrodes by valence engineering developed for desalination
18 Versatile coronavirus antibody may be starting point for broader-acting vaccines
19 Dark energy survey releases most precise look at the universe's evolution
20 Measuring the effects of radiotherapy on cancer may open up avenues for treatment
21 Key early steps in gene expression captured in real time by CSU researchers
22 Mouse pups' cries give clues about autism spectrum disorder
23 Driving in the snow is a team effort for AI sensors
24 Visits to 'crisis pregnancy centers' common in Ohio
25 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
26 Hip replacement surgery improves symptoms and biomechanics--but not physical activity
27 Engineered defects in crystalline material boosts electrical performance
28 Partners in crime: Agricultural pest that relies on bacteria to overcome plant defenses
29 Bacterium causing rabbit fever remains virulent for months in cold water
30 Aging: Clinical trial on potential reversal of epigenetic age using a diet and lifestyle
31 Three years younger in just eight weeks? A new study suggests yes!
32 Books on health, economic inequalities in Latin America, Caribbean shed light on content, impact of health policies
33 Fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria has a glowing new weapon
34 Climate skeptics not easily persuaded by available evidence, now or later
35 Exploring optimization of duplex velocity criteria for diagnosis of ICA stenosis
36 Not fear, but goal importance and others' behavior makes you favour COVID-19 measures
37 The robot smiled back
38 Comprehensive electronic-structure methods review featured in Nature Materials
39 Microbial gene discovery could mean greater gut health
40 Reaping the benefits of noise
41 AGA recommends early use of biologics in patients with moderate-to-severe Crohn's disease
42 A deep dive into the brain
43 Benefits of immunotherapy combination persist for more than six years in advanced melanoma
44 Why is it so hard to withdraw from some antidepressants?
45 Genetic risk factors revealed by largest genome study of depression to date
46 Discovery may point to Parkinson's disease therapies
47 Global microbiome study discovers thousands of new species, maps urban antimicrobial resistance and reveals new drug candidates
48 Checking out plastic surgeons on Instagram? Your perception may be biased
49 World needs USD 8.1 trillion investment in nature by 2050 to tackle triple planetary crisis
50 Magnetized threads weave spectacular galactic tapestry
51 Over half of UK's arts and cultural venues at risk from pandemic
52 Families with a child with ADHD can benefit from mindfulness training
53 Lead levels in urban soil are declining but hotspots persist
54 Lactate reveals all about its antidepressant prowess
55 When cancer cells "put all their eggs in one basket"
56 Astonishing quantum experiment in Science raises questions
57 Escape from oblivion: How the brain reboots after deep anesthesia
58 Hubble inspects a contorted spiral galaxy
59 Quark-gluon plasma flows like water, according to new study
60 Spacetime crystals proposed by placing space and time on an equal footing
61 Some forams could thrive with climate change, metabolism study finds
62 LSU Health New Orleans describes a causal mechanism of link between cancer and obesity
63 New research may explain why some people derive more benefits from exercise than others
64 Study upgrades one of the largest databases of neuronal types
65 Recruiting bacteria to build catalysts atom by atom
66 It takes some heat to form ice!
67 Sometimes, even 3-year-olds just want to fit in with the group
68 Cell mechanics research is making chemotherapy friendlier
69 Pertussis more common in Europe than previously thought
70 Parasites as fountains of youth: Study finds infected ants live much longer
71 The new species of bacteria killing palms in Australia
72 Physical activity levels and well-being sink worldwide during coronavirus restrictions
73 Researchers develop technique to functionally identify and sequence soil bacteria one cell at a time
74 'Rescue mutations' that suppress harmful DNA changes could shed light on genetic disorders
75 Vaccine target for devastating livestock disease could change lives of millions
76 Study sheds light on population history of northern east Asia
77 Trust is key for the parents of children with rare diseases to live without anxiety
78 New study confirms noble false widow spiders bites can result in hospitalization
79 Socioeconomically disadvantaged adolescents' diets worsened during lockdown
80 Mathematical model developed to prevent botulism
81 Artificial neurons recognize biosignals in real time
82 Soft drink ads target 'vulnerable'
83 Autism Spectrum Disorder--National database reveals a cumulative incidence of 2.75%
84 AJR: Ultrasound, MRI aid placenta accreta diagnosis
85 Resilience of fisheries following Tohoku tsunami
86 Controlling magnetization by surface acoustic waves
87 Mixtures of two herbicides have less environmental impact when mixed in laboratories
88 Development anomalies recorded for the first time in a rare tiger moth
89 Sleep warning for older men
90 Shiny mega-crystals that build themselves
91 NTU Singapore scientists turn aquaculture waste into new biomaterial for tissue repair
92 New research could pave the way for safer and more efficient COVID-19 testing
93 Shedding new light: A new type of immunosensor for immunoassay tests
94 COVID-19 increases rate of heart attacks in people at genetic risk for heart disease
95 UTSA researchers among collaborative improving computer vision for AI
96 Fungus fights mites that harm honey bees
97 UMass Amherst astronomer reveals never-before-seen detail of the center of our galaxy
98 Effects of nanoplastics on Canadian and Guadeloupean oysters
99 Changes in how cholesterol breaks down in the body may accelerate progression of dementia
100 Plastic waste has some economic benefit for developing countries
101 New framework to enhance national climate action and achieve global goals
102 How more inclusive lab meetings lead to better science
103 Scientists call for international investment to tackle major wheat losses
104 Delaying lung cancer surgery associated with higher risk of recurrence, death
105 Gene research on brassicas provides potential for making better crops
106 Banning the sale of fossil-fuel cars benefits the climate when replaced by electric cars
107 Roots of major depression revealed in all its genetic complexity
108 Atlas of malaria parasite gene activity provides new targets for drugs and vaccines
109 Gravitational wave search no hum drum hunt
110 Online survey successful in gathering COVID-19 data at scale