File Title
1 Researchers use environmental data to assess prostate cancer diagnosis factors
2 Survey measures health care delays during pandemic's beginning
3 Thin is now in to turn terahertz polarization
4 An updated understanding of how to synthesize value-added chemicals
5 Face masks effectively limit SARS-CoV-2 transmission
6 The doctor will see you (on the computer) now: telehealth's time has come
7 AI-enabled EKGs find difference between numerical age and biological age significantly affects health
8 What makes some oysters more resilient than others?
9 The impact of real-time feedback in employee reviews
10 New smartphone app predicts vineyard yields earlier, more accurately
11 Once we're past the fear stage, where do we place the blame for the COVID-19 pandemic?
12 Why are some COVID-19 vaccines working better for men than women?
13 Worrying about your heart increases risk for mental health disorders
14 When Medicare chips in on hepatitis C treatment for Medicaid patients, everyone wins
15 Cornwall EU leave voters wanted to "take back control" and express concern about immigration
16 New biosensor developed to aid early diagnosis of breast cancer
17 Hubble tracks down fast radio bursts to galaxies' spiral arms
18 Multi-story buildings made of wood sell for 9% more than other construction in Helsinki
19 Rare 4000 year comets can cause meteor showers on Earth
20 Global study of glacier debris shows impact on melt rate
21 Clearing the air: A reduction-based solution to nitrogen pollution with a novel catalyst
22 Provenance: How an object's origin can facilitate authentic, inclusive storytelling
23 Out of thick air: Transforming CO2 into light-emitting carbon
24 Study finds gender pay gap in large government agency
25 The viruses in our genes: When activated, they damage brain development
26 How plants leave behind their parents' genomic baggage
27 Understanding light-activated proteins in order to improve them
28 Total deaths due to COVID-19 underestimated by 20% in US counties
29 Survival of migrating juvenile salmon depends on stream flow thresholds
30 Newly identified antibody can be targeted by HIV vaccines
31 An inconstant Hubble constant? U-M research suggests fix to cosmological cornerstone
32 Dana-Farber researchers present key studies at ASCO annual meeting
33 Older adults with functional impairments linked to prescription drug use/misuse
34 Solid-state batteries line up for better performance
35 Science moves closer to diet that improves metabolic health without sharp cuts in calories
36 Weight cycling linked to increased sleep problems in women
37 Airborne radar reveals groundwater beneath glacier
38 The entire genome from Pe?tera Muierii 1 sequenced
39 Forensic memory detection tests less effective in older adults
40 UMD collaborates across disciplines to characterize the economics and value of pollination
41 New research could lead to better treatment for epilepsy
42 The driving force behind tropical mudslides
43 Accounting for finance is key for climate mitigation pathways
44 Epigenetic mechanism can explain how chemicals in plastic may cause lower IQ levels
45 Study finds evidence emotional support animals benefit those with chronic mental illness
46 Deep learning enables dual screening for cancer and cardiovascular disease
47 ALMA discovers the most ancient galaxy with spiral morphology
48 Special issue on the COVID-19 pandemic
49 Not all theories can explain the black hole M87*
50 Origins of life researchers develop a new ecological biosignature
51 Sheltering people with COVID-19 experiencing homelessness curbs spread
52 High risk of conflict between humans and elephants and lions
53 A stressful life in the city affects birds' genes
54 Research shows how people changed their behavior in response to COVID-19 guidance
55 Targeting abnormal cell metabolism shows promise for treating pediatric brain tumors
56 Solar geoengineering may be effective in alleviating impacts of global warming on crops
57 Scientists in Asia resumed work far quicker than western counterparts, international COVID lockdown
58 Global acceleration in rates of vegetation change
59 Surveillance turns up new coronavirus threat to humans
60 Influence of anesthetics of neonatal rat brain
61 A new form of carbon
62 Skoltech team completes a large-scale study into the role of RNA maturation for organ development
63 Young orangutans have sex-specific role models
64 These cognitive exercises help young children boost their math skills, study shows
65 We know the cost of free choice and locality--and not only in physics
66 Alterations in the 3D genome structure and effects on fertility revealed
67 Electrons riding a double wave
68 A peptide that allows cannabis-derived drugs to relieve pain without side effects
69 New findings help in protecting divertor without degrading core plasma
70 Immune cells promote proinflammatory fatty liver disease
71 Doctors have nothing to fear from a central register of interests, say experts
72 E-scooters as a new micro-mobility service
73 The when and why of foehn warming in northwestern Japan
74 New study presents evaporation-driven transport-control of small molecules along nanoslits
75 Making the invisible visible
76 New NUS technology completes vital class of industrial reactions five times faster
77 People with newly diagnosed AD are less likely to have cataract surgery than people without AD
78 How injured nerves stop themselves from healing
79 OU-MRU: High levels of television exposure affect visual acuity in children
80 Experimental drug makes radiation therapy more effective, less damaging
81 Parrot poachers striking while the market's hot
82 Opening up possibilities with open-top optofluidic device
83 Challenging the standard model of cancer
84 Compound commonly found in candles lights the way to grid-scale energy storage
85 Across US, COVID-19 death rate higher for those with IDD
86 Medicare negotiation could save businesses $195 billion and workers another $98 billion
87 Nearly 3% of Americans take immune-weakening drugs that may limit COVID vaccine response
88 New AI-based tool can find rare cell populations in large single-cell datasets
89 Molecule enlists patient's immune system to combat HIV
90 Condensing by turning toward the crowd
91 New tool factors effects of fossil-fuel emissions on ocean research
92 Global pollen samples reveal vegetation rate of change
93 New single-cell analysis tool links immune cells to kidney cancer recurrence
94 Cardioids--heartbeat, heartbreak and recovery in a dish
95 Solving a natural riddle of water filtration
96 Walking in their shoes: Using virtual reality to elicit empathy in healthcare providers
97 Technique uses fluctuations in video pixels to measure energy use of developing embryos
98 New 96 million-year-old fossil represents oldest side-necked turtle in north America
99 Stress from 2016 US presidential election associated with increase in cardiac events
100 Colorectal cancer screening past age 75 lowers cancer death risk for most
101 New research maps COVID-19 dispersal dynamics in New York's first wave of epidemic
102 Less forest, more species
103 Slow yoga prevents fainting
104 Global food, hunger challenges projected to increase mortality, disability by 2050
105 Radar tracking uncovers mystery of where honeybee drones have sex
106 Earth's vegetation is changing faster today than it has over the last 18,000 years
107 From mice to men: Study reveals potential new target for treating acute myeloid leukemia
108 Moon mission delays could increase risks from solar storms
109 Immune genetics and previous common cold infections might help protect Japan from COVID-19
110 Two complete responses and response rate of 41% for people with synovial sarcoma reported at ASCO in Adaptimmune's phase 2 SPEARHEAD-1 trial