File Title
1 Medical Cannabis Products Are Not Always What They Seem
2 High-Tech Climate Intervention: A Sun Reflector to Cool Earth?
3 New Conductive Polymer Ink Paves Way for Next-Generation Printed Electronics
4 Energy Unleashed by Volcanic Eruptions Deep in Our Oceans Could Power All of the United States
5 NASA-Built Carbon Mapper Instrument Will Help to Spot Greenhouse Gas Super-Emitters
6 Science Made Simple: What Is Quantum Computing?
7 Using Ultrasound Waves to Make Patterns That Never Repeat
8 Coronavirus Does Not Infect the Brain, but Still Inflicts Significant Neurological Damage
9 The Arecibo Radio Telescope Collapsed Last December, but Its Legacy of Discovery and Innovation Continues
10 Enhanced Video Shows Dust During NASA Ingenuity Helicopter's Flight on Mars
11 Climate "Tipping Points" Need Not Be the End of the World--Disastrous Consequences Could Be Averted
12 New Biomechanical Model Shows Tyrannosaurus rex Walked Surprisingly Slowly
14 Combining Light & Superconductors Could Boost Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
15 Illuminating the Mystery of Sea Turtles' Epic Migrations
16 Stop-Smoking Drug Chantix Does Not Increase Risk of Psychiatric Problems
17 Violent Stellar Flare From Sun's Nearest Neighbor Breaks Record
18 Ten Ways to Ensure Pollinators Benefit From the Solar Power Boom
19 Research Shows Substantially Higher Burden of COVID-19 Compared to Flu
20 Advanced Quantum-Enhanced Receiver Boosts Fiber Optics Communications
21 New Research Finds Nike Vaporfly Advanced Shoe Technology Reduces Top Race Times for Elite Athletes
22 Natural Cosmic Telescope Helps ALMA Discover Rotating Infant Galaxy
23 Breakthrough Sets Stage for Biotech to Generate 1 Billion Vaccine Doses in Less Than a Month
24 Tracking the Epic Journey of One of the Planet's Largest Icebergs [Video]
25 NASA's Perseverance Rover Produces Oxygen on Mars--Key "First" for Human Exploration of the Red Planet
26 Yale Researchers Create Global Map of Undiscovered Life
27 First People in the US to Experience Drone Delivery Give It a Seal of Approval
28 Friendships and Rivalries: Cooperative Male Dolphins Can Tell Who's on Their Team
29 Astronomers Puzzled by Giant Planet at Large Distance From Sun-Like Star
30 Polymer-Eating Enzymes Make "Biodegradable" Plastics Truly Compostable
31 Asteroseismologists Confirm That Older Stars Rotate Faster Than Expected
32 Dodging Debris to Keep Satellites Safe
33 Toxic Masculinity: DNA Repeats on Y Chromosome Contribute to a Shorter Lifespan in Male Flies
34 Next-Generation Stable Pop-Up Structures Inspired by Origami
35 New All-Sky Map of Milky Way's Outer Reaches Released--Could Offer a New Test of Dark Matter Theories
36 Even Moderate Amounts of Added Sugar Doubles Body's Fat Production
37 Naturally GM: Crops Steal Genes From Other Species to Accelerate Evolution
38 The Unicorn--Closest Black Hole to Earth Ever Discovered
39 Rapid COVID-19 Vaccine Development Built on Over $17 Billion in NIH Funding for Vaccine Technologies
40 Breakthrough Discovery Could Help Electronic Devices Last Longer
41 Navigating Beneath the Arctic Ice--Without GPS
42 Newly Discovered Climate-Friendly Microbes Chomp Dead Plants Without Releasing Heat-Trapping Methane
43 Patching Up Your Health: Ultrathin Self-Powered E-health Patches
44 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Logs Second Successful Flight at "Wright Brothers Field" on Mars
45 Tracking COVID-19 in Our Dust May Help Predict Outbreaks
46 How AI Falsifies Satellite Images: A Growing Problem of "Deepfake Geography"
47 Doctors Deadly Warning for People With Heart Rhythm Disorders Over Cannabis Use
48 Mysterious Melting of Earth's Crust in Western North America Investigated by Scientists
49 SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launches Four Astronauts on NASA's Crew-2 Mission
50 Optimal Information About the Invisible: Measuring Objects That You Can't See
51 Ocean Temperature Reconstructed Over the Last 700,000 Years Using Air Bubbles Trapped in Glacier Ice
52 Surprising Genetics Reveals Flexible Diet May Help Leaf-Eating Lemurs Resist Deforestation
53 Life on Mars? Scientists Find Mars Has Right Ingredients for Present-Day Microbial Life Beneath Its Surface
54 Model Shows Temporary Herd Immunity Emerged During the Early COVID Epidemic--But Got Destroyed
55 Polarized Photovoltaic Properties Emerge in 2D Materials--May Be Superior to Current Solar Cells
56 Hubble Captures Sizzling Hot Giant Star on the Edge of Destruction--Shining With the Brilliance of 1 Million Suns
57 New Superconducting Thermometer Can Accelerate Quantum Computer Development
58 Researchers Discover Why Lightning Branches and Flickers
59 New Biochemical Clues in Cell Receptors Help Explain How Coronavirus May Hijack Human Cells
60 NASA Releases First Aerial Color Image of Mars Captured by the Ingenuity Helicopter
61 Critical Muscle Gene Linked to Type 2 Diabetes
62 Breakthrough Could Result in Faster and Cheaper Energy to Power Electronics
63 Fires in the Far East Captured From Space
64 Conservationists May Be Unintentionally Spreading Diseases and Parasites Between Threatened Animal Populations
65 SpaceX Crew Dragon Docks to Space Station--Crew-2 Astronauts Join ISS Crew
66 Enhanced X-ray Emissions Coincide With Giant Radio Pulses From Crab Pulsar
67 Climate Change Has Shifted the Axis of the Earth
68 NASA Prepping for Ingenuity Helicopter's Third Flight Test
69 Using CRISPR Gene Editing Technology as a Research Tool to Develop Cancer Treatments
70 Giant Cloud Rat Fossils Discovered in Philippine Caves
71 New Evidence Uncovered of Human-to-Cat Transmission of COVID-19 Coronavirus
72 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Delivers 1st Complete View of Venus' Orbital Dust Ring
73 How Bioenergy With Carbon Capture and Storage Could Help Stabilize the Climate Without Breaking the Bank
74 Octo-Tiger: Breakthrough Astrophysics Code Rapidly Models Stellar Collisions
75 Complete Chromosome 8 Sequence Reveals New Genes and Disease Risks
76 Natural Plant and Animal Surfaces Inspire Infection-Proof Engineered Implants
77 Shocking Study Finds That 97% of Earth's Land Area May No Longer Be Ecologically Intact
78 Stunning First 3D Super-Resolution Images Captured Inside Living Mice
79 Good News and Bad News for African Elephants: Range Is Just 17% of What It Could Be
80 Climate Change Is Making It Harder to Get a Good Cup of Specialty Coffee
81 Space Launch System Core Stage Heads to NASA's Kennedy Space Center
82 Sea Ice Highs and Lows 2020-21: Downward Trends in Polar Ice Continue
83 How and Why Humans Became the Best Throwers on the Planet
84 Don't Miss the Next Full Moon--A Pink "Supermoon"
85 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Produces Oxygen on Another Planet for the First Time
86 Little Swirling Mysteries: Dynamics of Ultrasmall, Ultrafast Groups of Atoms Uncovered
87 Experts Say Humanity Faces a Grim and "Ghastly Future"--State of Planet Is Much Worse Than Most People Understand
88 60-Year Scientific Mystery About DNA Replication Solved
89 How NASA and SpaceX Will Get People From Earth to Mars and Safely Back Again
90 NASA's Gateway Lunar Outpost to Improve Radiation Detection for Artemis Astronauts
91 Incredible Cosmic Conditions: Bringing Neutron Stars Down to Earth
92 New Era in Coral Biology Research: Scientists Have Cultured the First Stable Coral Cell Lines
93 Flying Faster & Farther: NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completes Third Flight
94 Mapping the Path to Rewilding: The Importance of Landscape in Restoring Biodiversity
95 Earth's Continental Crust Emerged 500 Million Years Earlier Than Thought
96 New Platelet-Based Formulation Developed for Combination Anticancer Therapy
97 Scientists Discover a Natural Cyan Blue That Could Replace Synthetic Blue Dye Used in the Food Industry
98 Hope and Warning for the Survival of the Sumatran Rhinoceros Delivered by Genome Sequencing
99 UK, South African, Brazilian: A Virologist Explains Each COVID Variant
100 Planetary Defense Conference: NASA to Participate in Exercise Simulating Asteroid Impact
101 This Pink Supermoon Has a Twist--Expect Flooding, but a Lunar Cycle Is Masking Effects of Sea Level Rise
102 Whisker Simulation Gives New Insight Into Mammals' Mysterious Sense of Touch
104 Copper Mining Bacteria: A More Efficient, Safer Alternative to Sourcing Copper
105 Icy Ocean Worlds Seismometer Performed Well in Seismic Experiments in Greenland
106 Startling New Evidence Shows a Mouse's Bite Holds Venomous Potential
107 Electrifying Cement With Nanocarbon Black: Cement That Conducts Electricity and Generates Heat
108 Engineers Have Developed the World's First Fully Recyclable Printed Electronics
109 Tyrannosaurus rex Mystery Solved: How Dinosaurs Delivered Bone-Crushing Bites
110 Pesticide Exposure May Increase COVID-19 Susceptibility
111 Ultra HD 3D Holographic Head-Up Display Could Improve Road Safety
112 Solving a Martian Climate Puzzle: Icy Clouds Could Have Kept Early Mars Warm Enough for Rivers and Lakes
113 Astronaut Shoots Stunning Photo From ISS: A Clear Day Over San Francisco Bay