File Title
1 'Quantum brain' promises more eco-friendly data centers
2 Liquid machine-learning system adapts to changing conditions
3 Embattled Intel says earnings better than expected
4 Physicists unveil the condensation of liquid light in a semiconductor one-atom-thick
5 3D printing could be used in search for black holes
6 Energy-saving gas turbines from the 3D printer
7 Closing in on state-of-the-art semiconductor solar cells
8 Researchers unveil roadmap to expand NY solar energy, meet green goals
9 Twitter suspends accounts skirting Trump ban
10 Facebook's Workplace tool grows as jobs go remote
11 Verizon to sell Yahoo, AOL for $5 billion to private equity firm
12 Blockbuster Big Tech earnings reports to culminate with Amazon
13 Journalists create their brands in growing 'direct' sales model
14 Spotify counters Apple with podcast subscriptions
15 Facebook fights influence-for-hire campaigns
16 N/A
17 Asian markets rally on US outlook, iron ore at record high
18 China's exports top forecasts, imports growth best in 10 years
19 China suspends economic accord with Australia
20 EU beefs up powers to control China investment
21 Blinken in UK as G7 foreign ministers resume in-person talks
22 Keeping it real: appraisers sift China second-hand luxury market for fakes
23 Erdogan riles critics, Russia with 'crazy' new canal
24 US 'scrutinizing' trade deal with China: official
25 US to let Chinese students start school year, easing COVID rules
26 Hong Kong and Singapore aim to start travel bubble in May
27 China warns of 'serious harm' to relations as Australia scraps BRI deal
28 Major US pipeline targeted in cyber attack
29 WhatsApp delays enforcing new privacy terms
30 Twitter lets people leave tips for some tweeters
31 Facebook fights influence-for-hire campaigns
32 PayPal earnings soar on e-commerce boom
33 Uber loss narrows as it hopes to rev shared rides
34 Trump moves to assert party control despite Facebook ban
35 Facebook panel member on Trump ban ruling--and what happens next
36 Virus deaths top 4,000 in India as WHO green-lights Chinese vaccine
37 WHO approves Chinese COVID vaccine as India logs new virus record
38 WHO approves China's Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine
39 Copper, iron ore hit records as demand surges but stocks mixed
40 Iran talks 'on right track' as diplomats reconvene
41 US says 'possible' to revive Iran nuclear deal before vote
42 US denies reports Iran poised to free four Americans
43 North Korea says Biden has a 'hostile policy,' warns of response
44 N. Korea dismisses 'spurious' US diplomacy: state media
45 Hopes for Iran nuclear breakthrough 'within weeks' but success 'not guaranteed'
46 Russian Iran nuclear negotiators hope for result in three weeks
47 Iran nuclear talks to resume in Vienna
48 IDF strikes Syria after 'missile' targets southern Israel
49 Israel strikes Syria after 'missile' targets southern Israel: army
50 Greece to lend Patriot battery to Saudi as Huthi attacks spike
51 Huthi missile debris sparks fire at Saudi university
52 US, Japan, S. Korea show united front on N. Korea
53 Myanmar junta designates shadow government as a 'terrorist' group
54 New drone attack targets US forces in Iraq
55 US government announces clampdown on 'ghost guns'
56 Vertical turbines could be the future for wind farms
57 Blowing in the wind: Fishermen threaten South Korea carbon plans
58 In Texas, a rancher swaps his oil pumps for wind turbines
59 US to invest heavily to boost offshore wind farms
60 TechnipFMC enters partnership with Magnora to develop floating offshore wind projects
61 BP enters UK offshore wind sector
62 Denmark moves forward on North Sea 'energy island'
63 Magnora enters partnership to establish floating wind company
64 Renewables become biggest UK electricity source: study
65 Deutsche WindGuard unlocks complex wind sites with ZX Lidars
66 Wind powers more than half of UK electricity for first time
67 Norway launches major wind power research centre
68 Supersized wind turbines generate clean energy--and surprising physics
69 NREL advanced manufacturing research moves wind turbine blades toward recyclability
70 Policy, not tech, spurred Danish dominance in wind energy
71 California offshore winds show promise as power source
72 Offshore wind power now so cheap it could pay money back to consumers
73 $43 billion deal for 'world's biggest' offshore wind farm in South Korea
74 ACWA Power signs three agreements for the first foreign investment based independent wind power project in Azerbaijan
75 NASA's On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing 1 Mission Ready for Spacecraft Build
76 Hot and cold space radio testing
77 Illuminating the Cosmic Dark Ages with a Lunar radio telescope
78 Small galaxies likely played important role in evolution of the Universe
79 Robotic solution for disinfecting food production plants wins agribusiness prize
80 AI, captain! First autonomous ship prepares for maiden voyage
81 Army technique enhances robot battlefield operations
82 3D motion tracking system could help autonomous technologies 'see'
83 Panasonic to buy AI logistics firm Blue Yonder for $7.1bn
84 EU unveils AI rules to temper Big Brother fears
85 New brain-like computing device mimics associative learning
86 'Surreal dream': Romanian startup makes Wall Street splash
87 Robotic spacecraft will fly to asteroid, comet
88 Asteroid that Hit Botswana in 2018 likely came from Vesta
89 Hide and Seek--How NASA's Lucy Mission Team Discovered Eurybates' Satellite
90 Drone test of Hera mission's asteroid radar
91 NASA's OSIRIS-REx completes final tour of Asteroid Bennu
92 OSIRIS-REx's set for final observation run before heading to Earth
93 NASA begins final assembly of spacecraft destined for Asteroid Psyche
94 No threat to Earth as huge asteroid zooms past
95 Large asteroid to (safely) zip past Earth
96 Perseverance extracts first oxygen from Mars surface materials
97 Space agencies plan to launch Mars sample return spacecraft by 2026
98 InSight detects two sizable quakes on Mars
99 Biotech fit for the Red Planet
100 InSight Is meeting the challenge of winter on dusty Mars
101 Making methane on Mars
102 InSight 'Mole' payload ends operations on Mars
103 Stanford researchers use AI to empower environmental regulators
104 People may trust computers more than humans
105 Hands-free: Monkey plays video game--with its brain
106 International cutting-edge SWOT satellite to survey the world's water
107 Floods could triple across Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau as planet warms
108 Global glacier retreat has accelerated
109 Germany could lose last glaciers in 10 years
110 Cave deposits show surprising shift in permafrost over the last 400,000 years