File Title
1 Nontoxic, flexible energy converters could power wearable devices
2 Study first to explore combined impacts of fishing and ocean warming on fish populations
3 Physicists net neutron star gold from measurement of lead
4 Exercise reduces risk of airway disease
5 Circadian clock in the mouse placenta
6 Why older people should chill when it's hot out
7 Toward a feasible alternative to liver organ transplant
8 Study illuminates how COVID-19 worms its way into the brain
9 'Smart shirt' takes a trip to space for science
10 SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone may cause lung damage
11 Researchers uncover potential new way to treat dry mouth
12 Researchers design sensor for fast, inexpensive on-site Ebola detection
13 Plant compound shows promise against triple-negative breast cancer
14 How does a nose evolve into a blowhole? Study suggests there's more than one way
15 Gene changes might explain long-haul COVID-19 symptoms
16 Five studies point to dangers of environmental exposures
17 Five new insights in the fight against COVID-19
18 Depression medication could also protect against heart disease
19 Could corals use sound to communicate?
20 Compound found in some vegetables may reduce diabetes-related kidney damage
21 Capsaicin analog could help treatment-resistant lung cancer
22 Brain development is surprisingly similar between humans and other primates
23 Using big data to save babies
24 Urine of COVID-19 patients could predict who will develop severe disease
25 Self-reported daytime sleepiness is associated with telomere shortening
26 Rapamycin may exacerbate age-related arthritis despite life-extending benefits
27 Prolonged exposure to extreme heat and humidity increases risk of acute kidney injury
28 Potential advancements in treatment of PTSD and PTSD-related Cardiovascular disease
29 Omega-3 supplements help kids with high cholesterol improve lipid profile
30 Light therapy helps veterans treated for traumatic brain injury
31 Got 10 minutes? That's all you need for this high-intensity workout
32 Exposure to Roundup extends seizure-like behavior in roundworms
33 Diabetes drug could protect against dangerous infection
34 Dab on deep heat cream to improve exercise performance
35 Republicans became more vaccine hesitant as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded
36 Doctors overestimate risk leading to over-diagnosis, overtreatment, study finds
37 Groundbreaking kumara research marries scientific evidence with matauraka Maori
38 Algorithm scours electronic health records to reveal hidden kidney disease
39 CCNY team makes single photon switch advance
40 Eye movements of those with dyslexia reveal laborious and inefficient reading strategies
41 Researchers investigate structural changes in snap-frozen proteins
42 FSU researchers develop tool to track marine litter polluting the ocean
43 Skipping the second shot could prolong pandemic, study finds
44 UC San Diego engineering professor solves deep earthquake mystery
45 Improving the way vets care for animals and people
46 Male bladder cancer vulnerability could lead to a new treatment approach
47 Uncertainty of future Southern Ocean CO2 uptake cut in half
48 Socially just population policies can mitigate climate change and advance global equity
49 Soil bacteria evolve with climate change
50 In wild soil, predatory bacteria grow faster than their prey
51 The diploid genome assemblies in marmoset shows huge variations
52 Study finds green spaces linked to lower racial disparity in COVID infection rates
53 The science of picky shoppers
54 Researchers assemble error-free genomes of 16 animals--with another 70,000 coming up
55 Mayo Clinic preclinical discovery triggers wound healing, skin regeneration
56 Reducing blue light with a new type of LED that won't keep you up all night
57 Inactive oil wells could be big source of methane emissions
58 El Nino can help predict cacao harvests up to 2 years in advance
59 Two compounds can make chocolate smell musty and moldy
60 Study finds people of color more likely to participate in cancer clinical trials
61 Driving behaviors harbor early signals of dementia
62 How a SARS-CoV-2 variant sacrifices tight binding for antibody evasion
63 Business school research is broken--here's how to fix it
64 A case for simplifying gene nomenclature across different organisms
65 Human antibiotic use threatens endangered wild chimpanzees
66 Research gives trees an edge in landfill clean-up
67 Research delves into link between test anxiety and poor sleep
68 Seasonal water resource on the Upper Indus
69 Using cosmic-ray neutron bursts to understand gamma-ray bursts from lightning
70 COVID-19 may result in prolonged infection in immunocompromised children and young adults
71 Mapping the electronic states in an exotic superconductor
72 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
73 Using nanobodies to block a tick-borne bacterial infection
74 National cardiogenic shock initiative results demonstrate increased heart attack survival
75 Processed diets might promote chronic infections that can lead to disorders such as diabetes
76 New frontier for 3D printing developed state-of-the-art soft materials able to self-heal
77 Virtual reality could help improve balance in older people
78 Research could enable biotechnology advances: medicine, protective equipment, sensors
79 Scientists create first-of-its-kind 3D organoid model of the human pancreas
80 New computer model helps brings the sun into the laboratory
81 Dynamic changes in early childhood development may lead to changes in autism diagnosis
82 Injectable dermal fillers don't just fill--they also lift, new study suggests
83 Ludwig Cancer Research study shows pancreatic cancer cells reverse to advance malignancy
84 Epilepsy discovery reveals why some seizures prove deadly
85 Pharmacist-led smartphone app benefits kidney transplant recipients
86 Novel late-stage colorectal cancer treatment proves effective in preclinical models
87 A minty-fresh solution: Using a menthol-like compound to activate plant immune mechanisms
88 Researchers develop comprehensive pregnancy care management plan among Chinese pregnant women type 1 diabetes
89 How can we stop mankind from stagnating?
90 Christmas Eve coke works fire followed by asthma exacerbations
91 Cancer-linked mutation accelerates growth of abnormal stroke-causing brain blood vessels
92 Touched by light: Photoexcited stannyl anions are great for producing organotin compounds
93 How acidic are atoms?
94 Measuring the Moon's nano dust is no small matter
95 New model may explain the mystery of asymmetry in Parkinson's disease
96 A path to graphene topological qubits
97 Brazilian coronavirus variant likely to be more transmissible and able to evade immunity
98 Black hole-neutron star collisions may help settle dispute over Universe's expansion
99 Cloth face coverings can be as effective as surgical masks at protecting against COVID-19
100 May Day: How electricity brought power to strikes
101 Proposal of new universal nomenclature for oxytocin and vasotocin genes
102 New method might improve prostate cancer and high cholesterol treatments
103 A pioneering study: Plant roots act like a drill
104 Job changes following breast cancer are frequent in some cases
105 Socioeconomic deprivation modifies genetic influence on higher education
106 Show me your playlist and I'll tell you who you are
107 Observations indicate strengthening of tropical Pacific western boundary currents for six decades
108 Causes of extreme weather and climate events in China during 2020/21
109 Early MR scans found more people with broken-heart syndrome
110 Cognitive neuroscience could pave the way for emotionally intelligent robots