File Title
1 New study identifies quality measures for end-of-life care for children with cancer
2 An uncrackable combination of invisible ink and artificial intelligence
3 Urgent action needed to protect dolphins and porpoises from bycatch in European waters
4 Why robots need reflexes--interview
5 A high-tech textile to stay comfortable outdoors
6 Many patients with cancer are experiencing loneliness and related symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic
7 Personalized sweat sensor reliably monitors blood glucose without finger pricks
8 Temple scientists: Drug derived from cannabis shows promising pain-halting effects in mice
9 What is driving reductions in residential greenhouse gas emissions in the US?
10 Methane nibbling bacteria are more active during summer
11 Study sheds more light on rate of rare blood clots after Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine
12 3D bioprinting technique controls cell orientation
13 Like a Trojan horse, graphene oxide can act as a carrier of organic pollutants to fish
14 Microneedles are promising devices for painless drug delivery with minimal side effects
15 Release of drugs from a supramolecular cage
16 Bees thrive where it's hot and dry: A unique biodiversity hotspot located in North America
17 Coalitions and conflict among men
18 Researchers create leather-like material from silk proteins
19 Examination of an Estonian patient helped discover a new form of muscular dystrophy
20 The ants, bees and wasps of Canada, Alaska and Greenland--a checklist of 9250 species
21 Biophotonics in photomedicine
22 Repeat vape aerosol exposure causes minimal damage to lung tissue compared to cigarettes
23 Promising malaria vaccine enters final stage of clinical testing in West Africa
24 Tubingen study raises hope for effective malaria vaccine
25 Superconductivity, high critical temperature found in 2D semimetal W2N3
26 Large bumblebees start work earlier
27 A surprising discovery: Bats know the speed of sound from birth
28 Fast changing smells can teach mice about space
29 Water flora in the lakes of the ancient Tethys Ocean islands
30 SMART evaluates impact of competition between autonomous vehicles and public transit
31 Ancient DNA reveals origin of first Bronze Age civilizations in Europe
32 Revealing the impact of 70 years of pesticide use on European soils
33 Mysterious hydrogen-free supernova sheds light on stars' violent death throes
34 Tracking down the tiniest of forces: How T cells detect invaders
35 Scroll'n'roll--nanomaterials towards effective photocatalytic pollution treatment
36 New bonobo genome fine tunes great ape evolution studies
37 Elegant constrictions in a cellular kill switch
38 Robotic flexing: biologically inspired artificial muscles made from motor proteins
39 International group of experts publish consensus definition of 'postbiotics'
40 New Monarch butterfly breeding pattern inspires hope
41 Research confirms trawl ban substantially increases the abundance of marine organisms
42 A new window to see hidden side of magnetized universe
43 From 4500 possibilities, one compound emerges as promising treatment for PAH
44 Thin, large-area device converts infrared light into images
45 UBCO cardiovascular researcher urges women to listen to their hearts
46 Legendary Sargasso sea may be sea turtles' destination during mysterious 'lost years'
47 New algorithm uses a hologram to control trapped ions
48 Journal publishes research review by TTUHSC pharmacy investigator
49 Cryptic sense of orientation of bats localised: the sixth sense of mammals lies in the eye
50 A new pelomedusoid turtle from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar discovered
51 Scientists find a new anti-hepatic fibrosis drug target
52 The Lancet: First nation-wide data shows two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine highly effective against COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation, and death
53 Greater access to birth control leads to higher graduation rates
54 How accurate were early expert predictions on COVID-19, and how did they compare to the public?
55 Pandemic poses health risk to moms of preschoolers
56 When algorithms go bad: How consumers respond
57 Strange isotopes: Scientists explain a methane isotope paradox of the seafloor
58 New MRI technique can detect early dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier with small vessel disease
59 New marker predicts benefit of radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer
60 Large study links dementia to poor kidney function
61 Small things can have a major effect on the prevention of biodiversity loss
62 Stem cells create early human embryo structure in advance for fertility research
63 Is PTSD overdiagnosed?
64 ICU admission linked to increased risk of future suicide and self-harm
65 Breathing problems are the second most common symptom of heart attacks
66 New map reveals genes that control the skeleton
67 One bone fracture increases risk for subsequent breaks in postmenopausal women
68 New tool offers personalized, low environmental impact, healthy diet specific to country and season
69 Light pollution at night affects the calls of migratory birds
70 The online learning needs of students across different grades during the COVID-19 pandemic
71 One spouse with heart disease may double risk for other
72 Cardiovascular risk factors appear early in Black women
73 Secondhand smoke linked to higher odds of heart failure
74 How accurate are virtual assessments of cognitive function?
75 Only half of heart disease patients get a flu shot
76 Prediabetes may not be as benign as once thought
77 Too much, too little sleep linked to elevated heart risks in people free from disease
78 Your longevity after a heart attack may depend on where you live
79 Biologists discover a trigger for cell extrusion
80 Want to treat heart attacks faster? There's an app for that
81 Study offers earliest evidence of humans changing ecosystems with fire
82 Black and Latinx surgeons continue to hit glass ceiling in America
83 CHOP researchers discover new disease that prevents formation of antibodies
84 From yeast to hypha: How Candida albicans makes the switch
85 Total knee replacement may be more painful for vitamin-D deficient postmenopausal women
86 New guidelines for schools recommend against food bans
87 Dexamethasone treatment safe in surgery
88 Stanford researchers identify blood markers that indicate labor is approaching
89 Mantis shrimp-inspired camera provides second opinion during cancer surgery
90 Artificial intelligence system may improve diagnosis of complicated metastatic cancers
91 CMU lab leads development of pasta that morphs into shape when cooked
92 Catastrophic sea-level rise from Antarctic melting possible with severe global warming
93 How mitochondria make the cut
94 New modeling of Antarctic ice shows unstoppable sea level rise if Paris targets overshot
95 Reduced kidney function linked to increased risk of dementia
96 Does eating a Mediterranean diet protect against memory loss and dementia?
97 New ant species named in recognition of gender diversity
98 Adolescents who are relatively older than their classmates are more popular
99 A touch from a conversing robot is linked to positive emotional state
100 The oldest human burial in Africa
101 Surprising sand fly find yields new species of bacteria
102 Cancer patients lonely and depressed during COVID
103 Organ transplant recipients remain vulnerable to COVID-19 even after second vaccine dose
104 Online learning doesn't improve student sleep habits, research suggests
105 Kidney cancer risks higher for Hispanic, Native Americans in Arizona
106 Hollings researchers study SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in asymptomatic & symptomatic individuals
107 Protected by nanobrushes
108 Asthma attacks plummeted among Black and hispanic/latinx individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic
109 By age 10, retinoblastoma patients' learning and life skills rebound
110 Researchers speed identification of DNA regions that regulate gene expression