File Title
1 Changes in proteins play important role in aging kidneys
2 Do people aged 105 and over live longer because they have more efficient DNA repair?
3 Team cracks century-old mystery over the health struggles of explorer Ernest Shackleton
4 Researchers identify protein "signature" of severe COVID-19
5 Research reveals Medicaid expansion is still improving hospital finances
6 Scientists at NREL report new synapse-like phototransistor
7 Researchers create new lunar map to help guide future exploration missions
8 Little to no increase in association between adolescents' mental health problems and digital tech
9 Scientists have developed a new "key-hole surgery" technique to extract metals from Earth
10 Pyrosomes: Enigmatic marine inhabitants with an important role in the Cabo Verde ecosystem
11 People with disabilities faced pandemic triage biases
12 A sweet solution to hard brain implants
13 Nanoplastics and other harmful pollutants found in disposable face masks--Regulation and research urgently needed, say experts
14 New look at a bright stellar nursery
15 Tiny plastic particles in the environment
16 Cheap but desirable: Generic drugs a great alternative to the brand-names for hypertension
17 Testing tool can quickly distinguish between viral and bacterial infections
18 Chronic exposure to low levels of blast may be associated with neurotrauma
19 Confirmation of an auroral phenomenon discovered by Finns
20 People with familial longevity show better cognitive aging
21 Insights from color-blind octopus help fight human sight loss
22 Staying down on the farm
23 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor suppresses immunity to oral cancer through immune checkpoint regulation
24 The micro-environment of breast cancer in three dimensions
25 Snakeskin can inspire to safer buildings
26 Fertility apps with hundreds of millions of users collect and share excessive information
27 Using personalized medicine to avoid resistance to leukemia treatment
28 Powering Discovery: A new expert panel report from the CCA
29 Partners of people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have often a mental disorder
30 Chronic attack on the aging nervous system
31 Scientists find gene mutation linked to exfoliation syndrome, most common cause of glaucoma
32 Stirling experts develop artificial intelligence to monitor water quality more effectively
33 Mangroves and seagrasses absorb microplastics
34 Young people and adolescents know too little about pathogens such as COVID-19
35 Greta Thunberg and Fridays For Future, from global myth to local mobilization
36 New protocol makes Bitcoin transactions more secure and faster than Lightning
37 Cayman Islands sea turtles back from the brink
38 The secret life of bee signals can communicate colony health
39 Polarization and mobilization on social media affect infection figures
40 Closing in on state-of-the-art semiconductor solar cells
41 Help for serious shopaholics
42 Complex shapes of photons to boost future quantum technologies
43 Researchers advance 3D printing to aid tissue replacement
44 UBCO researcher uses geology to help astronomers find habitable planets
45 Mobile gaming app enhances HIV care
46 Poor grasp of dating violence in college perpetuates 'boys will be boys' views
47 Our immune systems blanket the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein with antibodies
48 Chemical 'nose' sniffs critical differences in DNA structures
49 New study shows tree nuts may play a role in both weight loss and weight maintenance
50 New clinical practice guideline on community acquired pneumonia
51 Pandemic worsened older adults' mental health & sleep; others show long-term resilience
52 Intestinal polyps in close relatives can increase risk of colorectal cancer
53 Climate action potential in waste incineration plants
54 Microplastics found in Europe's largest ice cap
55 Original investigation: When drug companies raise list prices, out-of-pocket costs for patients rise too
56 Laser light makes a comeback (literally)
57 Surgery to prevent breast cancer requires a patient-doctor dialogue about risks, benefits
58 Cellphone converts into powerful chemical detector
59 Using 4D printing to enable vascularization, bone tissue regeneration, spinal fusion
60 Air pollution linked to high blood pressure in children; other studies address air quality and the heart
61 Human mesenchymal stem cells show promise in treating chronic lung infections
62 Study reveals the gateway to conscious awareness
63 New study deconstructs Dunbar's number
64 New study traces back the progenitor genomes causing COVID-19 and geospatial spread
65 Surfaces can be designed with antiviral properties to mitigate COVID-19
66 Circadian rhythm research could turn early birds into night owls
67 Loan applications processed around midday more likely to be rejected
68 One cup of leafy green vegetables a day lowers risk of heart disease
69 Climate change impacts conservation sites across the Americas
70 Aluminum may affect climate change by increasing ocean's carbon sink capacity
71 Low achieving students benefit most from COVID-19 online switch
72 Worth 1000 words: How the world saw Australia's black summer
73 Microalgae biofuels: Changing carbohydrates into lipids
74 WHO 'needs to act' on suicides caused by pesticides
75 First nanoscale look at a reaction that limits the efficiency of generating hydrogen fuel
76 UNH research: More than one way for animals to survive climate change
77 340B hospitals offer more assistance removing barriers to medication access
78 New mutation raises risk for AFib, heart failure for people of color
79 New method identifies tau aggregates occurring in healthy body structures
80 UIC researcher finds possible novel migraine therapy
81 The last battle of Anne of Brittany: isotopic study of the soldiers of 1491
82 Gender pay gaps in nonprofits are even greater when there is room for salary negotiations
83 Countries denied access to medicines and vaccines they help develop
84 Nanoscope presents novel gene delivery and electrophysiology platforms at ARVO
85 Ice core chemistry study expands insight into sea ice variability in Southern Hemisphere
86 Antarctica remains the wild card for sea-level rise estimates through 2100
87 Dark matter detection
88 Supersymmetry-inspired microlaser arrays pave way for powering chip-sized optical systems
89 Rapid rovers, speedy sands: Fast-tracking terrain interaction modeling
90 New, almost non-destructive archaeogenetic sampling method developed
91 Magnetic material invented by Irish scientists breaks super-fast switching record
92 Cardiovascular disease could be diagnosed earlier with new glowing probe
93 Crohn's disease patients have specific IgG antibodies to human bacterial flagellins
94 Can an AI algorithm mitigate racial economic inequality? Only if more black hosts adopt it
95 GSA's journals add five articles on COVID-19 and Aging
96 How a Yale scientist and REM star named an ant for a Warhol 'Superstar'
97 New imaging technique captures how brain moves in stunning detail, holds diagnostic potential
98 Depression part of daily life for many Black Canadians
99 New ultrasound technique detects fetal circulation problems in placenta
100 Fundamental regulation mechanism of proteins discovered
101 Now available with a negative charge too
102 Johns Hopkins scientists model Saturn's interior
103 Study shows how low-protein intake during pregnancy can cause renal problems in offspring
104 Long-acting injectable medicine as potential route to COVID-19 therapy
105 International study links brain thinning to psychosis
106 Danish-Norwegian study on adverse reactions after AstraZeneca vaccination is now published
107 New emergency department program enables patients to recover at home safely
108 Meet the freaky fanged frog from the Philippines
109 Targeted methods to control SARS-CoV-2 spread
110 Sex-specific genetics of autism