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1 Alzheimer's disease is composed of four distinct subtypes
2 NSU researcher part of a flagship study on vertebrate genomes
3 New optical hydrogen sensors eliminate risk of sparking
4 Corals that "spit" algae
5 Fasting lowers blood pressure by reshaping the gut microbiota
6 Suppressing the impact of COVID-19 using controlled testing and isolation
7 Implementing Industry 4.0 in SMEs by focusing on the customer
8 Single-cell CRISPR technology deciphers role of chromatin accessibility in cancer
9 Exploring extremes--When is it too hot to handle
10 Finding the optimal way to repay student debt
11 Illinois, Nebraska scientists propose improvements to precision crop irrigation
12 More stringent public health measures associated with lower COVID-19 cases, deaths
13 Decrease in prostate cancer diagnoses due to pandemic
14 Low risk of infection in babies born to mothers with COVID-19
15 Quality improvement project boosts depression screening among cancer patients
16 Considerable gap in evidence around whether portable air filters reduce the incidence of COVID-19
17 Was North America populated by 'stepping stone' migration across Bering Sea?
18 New cell atlas of COVID lungs reveals why SARS-CoV-2 is deadly and different
19 Blueprint for a robust quantum future
20 Avocado discovery may point to leukemia treatment
21 How reef-building corals got their bones
22 Impact of randomized trial on use of minimally invasive surgery for cervical cancer
23 Criminal justice staff must view reforms as legitimate for them to be sustained, study shows
24 Research advances emerging DNA sequencing technology
25 Many Hispanics died of COVID-19 because of work exposure
26 Time for a mass extinction metrics makeover
27 New machine learning-based tool to help physicians determine best test for chest pain
28 International task force determines current Parkinson's disease subtyping may not fit all patients
29 Obesity, high-salt diet pose different cardiovascular risks in females, males
30 Rock humidity in Spain's dehesas: An additional source of water for vegetation
31 Creation without contact in the collisions of lead and gold nuclei
32 Partially sighted may be at higher risk of dementia
33 Ultra-high field MRI detects differences in brain's 'hippocampus'
34 Medical textbooks must be rewritten about low blood sugar, urge experts and patients
35 The new study of emerging materials helping in detection of COVID-19
36 Molecular biologists travel back in time 3 billion years
37 Poorer communities hardest hit by toxic pollution incidents
38 Methane release rapidly increases in the wake of the melting ice sheets
39 When does the green monster of jealousy wake up in people?
40 How does the brain flexibly process complex information?
41 Risk factors for a severe course of COVID-19 in people with diabetes
42 Prenatal exposure to pesticides increases the risk of obesity in adolescence
43 New algorithm for the diagnostics of dementia
44 Battery parts can be recycled without crushing or melting
45 Global glacier retreat has accelerated
46 Science snapshots From Berkeley Lab
47 An ocean 13 million years in the making
48 A new strain of a well-known probiotic might offer help for infants' intestinal problems
49 Light, in addition to ocean temperature, plays role in coral bleaching
50 Data from China's Fengyun meteorological satellites available to global Earth system science applications
51 Two studies demonstrate new PCI approaches offer benefits to patients and physicians
52 A third of kids develop a mental health problem after concussion
53 Unlocking herbaria biodiversity using a QR code sampling-to-sequencing workflow
54 Diseases affect brain's networks selectively, BrainMap analysis affirms
55 Study finds US Twitter users have strongly supported face coverings amid the pandemic
56 Study: ISCHEMIA trial represents small fraction of patients undergoing intervention
57 Study reveals need for equitable access of minimally invasive heart procedure
58 More than 25% of infants not getting common childhood vaccinations, study finds
59 Study: New York City nurses experienced anxiety, depression during first wave of COVID-19
60 COVID-19 stress and remote schools worsened youth mental health
61 How SARS-CoV-2 hijacks human cells to evade immune system
62 The Lancet: Many more people could benefit from blood pressure-lowering medication
63 Simple device improves care after kidney transplantation
64 Expressing variety of emotions earns entrepreneurs funding
65 Treating dental pain with opioids linked to higher risk of overdose in patients & families
66 Cancer rates in medieval Britain around ten times higher than previously thought, study suggests
67 Multi-drug resistant infection about to evolve within cystic fibrosis patients
68 Institutional mistrust a major barrier for child vaccination progress in Africa
69 Study shows how meningitis-causing bacteria may sense fever to avoid immune killing
70 Social media and science show how ship's plastic cargo dispersed from Florida to Norway
71 An hour of daily exercise could help Arctic Inuit people with faulty gene to control their high blood sugar
72 How diet controls RNA maturation
73 Study reveals extent of human impact on the world's plant-life
74 Shorter headed dogs, visually cooperative breeds, younger and playful dogs form eye contact faster
75 New atlas of genetic function maps complexities of immune system and immune diseases
76 Silicon chip will drive next generation communications
77 Meteorite amino acids derived from substrates more widely available in the early solar system
78 Treatment found to improve cognitive function in patients with fragile X syndrome
79 Eastern and Western house mice took parallel evolutionary paths after colonizing US
80 The Arctic's greening, but it won't save us
81 Team builds better tool for assessing infant brain health
82 Doctors should screen over-50s for cannabis use, say researchers
83 Machine learning algorithm helps unravel the physics underlying quantum systems
84 Mapping the 'superhighways' travelled by the first Australians
85 KICT's solution for monitoring massive infrastructures
86 For young breast cancer patients, fertility concerns influence therapy decisions
87 First Australian populations followed footpath 'superhighways' across the continent
88 New law of physics helps humans and robots grasp the friction of touch
89 If slightly high blood pressure doesn't respond to lifestyle change, medication can help
90 Exploit plants' ability to tell the time to make food production more sustainable--study
91 Baby's first poop can help predict risk of developing allergies
92 Kratom use rare, but more common among people with opioid use disorder
93 Mammals evolved big brains after big disasters
94 COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among patients undergoing dialysis
95 House mice colonizing North America's two coasts evolved parallel adaptations to the cold
96 New, rapid CRISPR/Cas9 method identifies key genes in zebrafish spinal cord regeneration
97 Small generator captures heat given off by skin to power wearable devices
98 A psychologist's guide to donating more effectively to charities
99 Mantis shrimp larvae punch just like Ma and Pa
100 Branching worm with dividing internal organs growing in sea sponge
101 Antiviral T cells safe and effective for treating debilitating complication common after stem cell transplants
102 Neural nets used to rethink material design
103 Large collaboration creates cell atlas of COVID-19 pathology
104 Tool to predict recidivism in federal inmates could make more prisoners eligible for early release
105 Illnesses of controversial celebrities can negatively affect public health
106 Piecing together the LanCL puzzle
107 UVA engineering computer scientists discover new vulnerability affecting computers globally
108 Wildfire smoke trends worsening for Western US
109 Not just for finding planets: Exoplanet-hunter TESS telescope spots bright gamma-ray burst
110 Articles for Geosphere posted online in April