File Title
1 New process makes 'biodegradable' plastics truly compostable
2 Detecting Unknown Anomalies: Artificial Intelligence for Space
3 Island Gigantism and Dwarfism: Evolutionary "Island Rule" Confirmed
4 Stellar Feedback and an Airborne Observatory: Nebula Actually Much Younger Than Previously Believed
5 Satellite View: Fierce Fire Season Rages in Nepal
6 Paleontologists Stunning Conclusion: 2.5 Billion T. Rexes Roamed North America Over the Cretaceous Period
7 Dancing With the Stars: Corridor Test of Proba-3's Formation Flying Sensors
8 NASA Astrobiology: Probing for Life in the Icy Crusts of Ocean Worlds
9 Fascinating or Horrifying? Scientists Create Human-Monkey Chimeric Embryos
10 Heavy Energy Drink Consumption Linked to Heart Failure in 21-Year-Old Man
11 New "Time Machine" Technique Unveiled to Measure Cells
12 Scientists Warn of "Oxygen False Positives" in Search for Signs of Alien Life on Other Planets
13 Ultralight Bosons: Fast-Spinning Black Holes Narrow the Search for Dark Matter Particles
14 Mountain Growth Influences Greenhouse Effect--Weathering of Rocks Can Bind or Release Carbon Dioxide
15 Noninfluenza Viruses Have Rates of Illness and Death Similar to Flu
16 Mysterious Giant Radio Pulses From Pulsars Are Hundreds of Times More Energetic Than Previously Believed
17 Unlocking the Next Generation of Computer Technology: New Nanoscale Device for Spintronics
18 Innovative Technology for Building Ultralow-Loss Integrated Photonic Circuits
19 New Research Reveals Survival Mechanism for Cells Under Stress
20 NASA's Io Volcano Observer: Following the Heat and Hunting Clues to Planet Evolution
21 Scientists Zero In on the Role Volcanoes Played in the Demise of Dinosaurs
22 Scientists in Japan Discover Key to Coronavirus Transmission: Triangular-Shaped Spikes
23 NASA SpaceX Crew-2 "Go" for April 22 Launch to the International Space Station
24 Thermoelectric Material Discovery May Deliver New Forms of Electric Power in the Future
25 La Soufriere Volcano Explosive Eruption: Before-and-After Satellite Images
26 COVID-19: Scientists Identify Human Genes That Fight SARS-CoV-2 Infection
27 The Trojan-Horse Mechanism: How Network-Based Recruitment Can Reduce Gender Segregation
28 Hypnotic New NASA Visualization Probes the Light-Bending Dance of Binary Black Holes
29 Meltwater Pulse 1A: Melting Ice Sheets Caused Sea Levels to Rise Up to 18 Meters
30 Archaeologists Uncover Evidence From Monumental Tombs of Domesticated Dogs in Ancient Arabian Peninsula
31 Intriguing Warp Drive Research Dashes Faster Than Light Travel Dreams--But Reveals Stranger Possibilities
32 Centrifugal Multispun Nanofibers Put an Effective New Spin on COVID-19 Masks
33 Smoking Cannabis Significantly Impairs Vision--But Many Users Are Unaware of It
34 NASA Selects SpaceX Starship to Land Next Americans on Moon
35 Large New Amphibious Centipede Species Discovered in Okinawa and Taiwan
36 New Findings on COVID-19 Evolution Using Novel Technology Could Inform Treatment and Vaccine-Development Efforts
37 Forests on Caffeine: Coffee Waste Can Boost Tropical Forest Recovery
38 MIT Student's Artistic Approach to Designing Medical Devices
39 Earth's Mantle, Not Its Core, May Have Generated Planet's Early Magnetic Field
40 NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins & Cosmonaut Crewmates Return Safely to Earth
41 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Challenge: Two Paths to First Flight on Mars
42 MIT Develops a Method to Assess COVID-19 Transmission Risks Indoors
43 Seeing Quadruple: Artificial Intelligence Leads to Discovery That Can Help Solve Cosmological Puzzles
44 Climate Change Has Cut Global Farming Productivity 21% Since the 1960s
45 Tiny Cat-Sized Dinosaur Leaves the Smallest Stegosaur Footprint Ever Discovered by Paleontologists
46 NASA to Attempt First Controlled Flight of Ingenuity Helicopter on Mars As Soon As Monday
47 COVID-19 Patients Can Be Categorized Into Three Groups--Here Are the 3 Phenotypes
48 A Software Swiss Army Knife for Genomic Data
49 What Mario Kart Teaches Us about How to Reduce World Poverty and Improve Sustainability
50 Astronomers Detect a New Super-Earth Orbiting a Red Dwarf Star
51 Need a New Tooth? Drug Discovered to Regenerate Lost Teeth
52 Enabling Better Optoelectronic Devices With Thin Cuprous Iodide Film
53 The Whitest Paint Is Here & It's the Coolest--Could Help Curb Global Warming
54 Exploring Earth From Space: Space Coast, Florida [Video]
55 NASA's Gravity Assist: Black Hole Mysteries
56 Resilience to Climate Change: Corals Carefully Organize Proteins to Form Rock-Hard Skeletons
57 Investigators Link COVID-19 and Risk of Blood Clot Formation
58 The Rann of Kutch: India's White Desert
59 Nuclear Fusion: Building a Star on Earth Is Hard--We Need Better Materials
60 NASA's NICER Tests Matter's Limits--Probes the Squeezability of Neutron Stars
61 New Theory Addresses Centuries-Old Physics Problem
62 A Sponge to Soak Up Carbon Dioxide From the Air
63 Experimental Antibodies for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's May Cause Harmful Inflammation
64 Technology Breakthrough Enables Practical Semiconductor Spintronics
65 New COVID Variants Have Changed the Game, and Vaccines Will Not Be Enough
66 Species Come and Go--Their Ecosystems Persist Over Millions of Years
67 Tarantula's Pervasiveness Traced Back to the Cretaceous Period
68 How NASA's Roman Space Telescope Will Uncover Solitary Black Holes
69 Mysteries of Malaria Infections Deepen After Study Where Volunteers Were Injected With Malaria Parasites
70 Scientists May Detect Signs of Extraterrestrial Life in the Next 5 to 10 Years With New Telescope
71 A Perilously "Profound Ignorance"--As Plant/Animal Diversity Wanes, Is Microbial Life Changing Too?
72 Hubble Snaps a Stunning Close-Up of a Magnificent Spiral Galaxy
73 Scientists Crack "The Brazil-Nut" Puzzle--How the Largest Nuts Rise to the Top
74 Electron-Ion Collider: The Future of Particle Accelerators Is Here
75 NASA's New Horizons Reaches a Rare Space Milestone--It's Almost 5 Billion Miles Away and Still Exploring
76 Paleontologists Believe 2.5 Billion T. rex Roamed the Earth Over the Cretaceous Period
77 Curiosity Rover Finds That Mars Did Not Dry Up All at Once
78 Mapping North Carolina's Ghost Forests From 430 Miles up Provides New Answers
79 History is Made! NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Successfully Completes First Flight on Mars
80 Transparent Nanolayers for More Solar Power: Silicon Solar Cells With More Than 26% Efficiency
81 Harvard Researchers Reveal Next Step in 3D Tracking of Freely Behaving Animals
82 Satellite Imagery Key to Powering Google Earth Timelapse
83 Physicists Build a Quantum Bit That Can Search for Dark Matter
84 New COVID-19 Vaccine May Offer Broad Protection Against Existing and Future Coronavirus Strains at a Cost of $1
85 Snake Venom Complexity Is Driven by Prey Diet
86 HydroGNSS: Second Scout Satellite Mission Gets the Go-Ahead
87 DOE Pushes for Aggressive U.S. Investment in Fusion Energy
88 Multivitamins, Omega-3, Probiotics, Vitamin D May Lessen Risk of COVID-19
89 Lucky 9000-Year-Old Finds From Rabbit Hole Re-write Prehistory of "Dream Island"
90 Double Masking to Protect Yourself From COVID-19? New Research Shows How to Double the Effectiveness
91 Researchers Notice Long-Overlooked Pattern on Surface of Leaves, Uncover New Clue About Plant Evolution
92 Green Chemistry and Biofuel: Mechanism of a Key Photoenzyme Decrypted
93 Super Typhoon Surigae Stirs Up the Pacific
94 SHIELDS Up! NASA Rocket Launched to Survey Our Solar System's Windshield
95 COVID-19: Flushing a Public Toilet? Don't Linger, Because Aerosolized Droplets Do
96 Microorganisms Can Help Us Get to Net Negative Emissions--Here's How
97 Putting the Pieces Back Together: Scientists Reconstruct Solar System's Original Architecture
98 Strange New Genetic Disease Discovered That Causes Children's Brains to Develop Abnormally
99 NASA SpaceX Crew-2 Astronauts Head to Space Station to Conduct Microgravity Science
100 Global Warming: Alpine Plants Are Losing Their White "Protective Coat"
101 One in Five American Adults Experience Chronic Pain, Limiting Daily Functioning and Productivity
102 Decades of Scientific Theory Disproven: Beneficial Health Effects Found From High Background Radiation Exposure
103 Blood Forensics Puzzle Cracked via Fluid Mechanical Principles
104 MagicDNA: Tiny, Complex DNA Robots Designed in Minutes Instead of Days
105 Science Made Simple: What Are Biofuels?
106 Predicting the Next Pandemic Virus Is Harder Than We Think--Here's Why
107 Faster, Larger Quantum Computers, Tricked-Out With Qubits Comprised of Holes
108 First Video of NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter in Flight--Including Takeoff and Landing
109 Simple Oral Hygiene--Such As Using Mouthwash--Could Help Reduce COVID-19 Severity
110 Soft, Mechanical Metamaterial That Can "Think" Offers Potential of Helpful "Living" Machines in the Future
111 Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts Include Lower Frequency Radio Waves Than Previously Detected
112 Mountain Gorillas May Use Chest Beats To Communicate Information About Themselves
113 How Do Birds Breathe Better? Researchers' Loopy Discovery