File Title
1 Study of marine noise highlights need to protect pristine Australian waters
2 Research on Lake Victoria cichlids uncovers the processes of rapid species adaptation
3 A simple exercise goal protects against unhealthy weight gain
4 IPK scientists identify networks for spikelet formation in barley
5 HKUST develops a novel raman spectroscopy platform to characterize IDPs in dilute solution
6 Bone collagen of fish shows individual history of migration and feeding habits
7 Researchers use a nanoscale synthetic antiferromagnet to toggle nonlinear spin dynamics
8 More sleep or more exercise: the best time trade-offs for children's health
9 Scientists see chemical short-range order in medium-entropy alloy
10 The state of China's climate in 2020: Warmer and wetter again
11 Restricting internet searches causes stock market instability: study
12 Study reinforces benefits of long-term duel antiplatelet therapy for ACS patients
13 Late-breaking studies highlight new treatment protocols for cardiogenic shock patients
14 Category killers of the internet are significantly reducing online diversity
15 International COVID registry finds inequities in heart attack outcomes based on ethnicity
16 New device reduces hemostasis time following catheterization and improves efficiency
17 African Americans with coronary artery disease impacted by non-traditional risk factors
18 Study: Significant decline in heart attack patients who sought care at peak of pandemic
19 Espresso, latte or decaf? Genetic code drives your desire for coffee
20 How behavioral rhythms are fine-tuned in the brain
21 Deep under the ocean, microbes are active and poised to eat whatever comes their way
22 Novel imaging method to visualize respiratory activity of 3D tissue models
23 Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions updates consensus guidelines on best practices
24 Combined recognition strategy allows CAR T cells to kill solid tumors in mice and avoid side effects
25 Researchers find how tiny plastics slip through the environment
26 Scientists' discovery of blood clotting mechanism could lead to new antithrombotic drugs
27 How to get salt out of water: Make it self-eject
28 Spring forest flowers likely key to bumble bee survival, Illinois study finds
29 Cave deposits reveal Pleistocene permafrost thaw, absent predicted levels of CO2 release
30 Treating neurological symptoms of CHARGE syndrome
31 Study examines racial inequity in suicide prediction models
32 Wasps are valuable for ecosystems, economy and human health (just like bees)
33 Can genetics predict bothersome hot flashes?
34 COVID-19: Large meta-analysis shows people with more advanced diabetes have higher risk of death from SARS-CoV-2
35 Major advance enables study of genetic mutations in any tissue
36 Fish oil supplements linked with heart rhythm disorder
37 Cave deposits show surprising shift in permafrost over the last 400,000 years
38 Many children with cardiomyopathy have a genetic mutation but few are screened
39 The Vertebrate Genomes Project introduces a new era of genome sequencing
40 Brain's waste removal system may offer path to better outcomes in Alzheimer's therapy
41 Does your neighborhood affect your stroke recovery?
42 Parents more lenient about alcohol with teens who experience puberty early
43 Severe COVID-19 cases can be predicted by new test
44 Delayed antibiotic prescribing is safe and effective for most patients
45 Risk of developmental difficulties remains high among children born early
46 Mass home COVID testing is misguided and unlikely to reduce transmission, warn experts
47 Should masks be worn outdoors?
48 Leading cancer charity raises concern over a lack of funding into new cures
49 Hidden air pollutants on the rise in cities in India and the UK--study
50 Side effect of cancer treatment can be safely reduced with topical cream
51 Researchers use AI to detect wrist fractures
52 New report highlights the benefits of bringing nature into our cities
53 Is forest harvesting increasing in Europe?
54 Using microbes to remove microplastics from the environment
55 Aging impairs critical final egg maturation stage
56 People of color hardest hit by air pollution from nearly all sources
57 The shape of light changes our vision
58 Flies grow bigger up north: Insect size a promising new proxy for palaeoclimate
59 Protein linked to sex differences in age-related dopamine neuron loss
60 GeneSight Mental Health Monitor shows misunderstanding of depression and treatment
61 Policies designed to protect public health from fracking may be ineffective in practice
62 Project to read genomes of all 70,000 vertebrate species reports first discoveries
63 Study shows both parents and peers play a role in greater alcohol use among adolescents who experience early puberty
64 Draining brain's debris enhances Alzheimer's therapies in mice
65 Childhood air pollution exposure linked to poor mental health at age 18
66 UChicago scientists harness molecules into single quantum state
67 PsychLight sensor to enable discovery of new psychiatric drugs
68 Low-income blocks in 92% of US urban communities have less tree cover and are hotter
69 Best desk locations in an open-plan office grant visual control over the environment
70 Childhood psychiatric symptom risk strongly linked to adverse exposures during gestation
71 Researchers identify a psychedelic-like drug without the hallucinogenic side effects
72 Alcohol and sexist attitudes combine to increase male violence towards women
73 Awakening 'ghosts' in patients with Parkinson's, a powerful diagnostic tool
74 Stress slows the immune response in sick mice
75 Sperm development linked to testicular cancer
76 Espresso, latte or decaf? Genetic code drives your desire for coffee
77 Dead lithium: The culprit of low Coulombic efficiency with LIBs
78 Latest observations by MUSER help clarify solar eruptions
79 New view of species interactions offers clues to preserve threatened ecosystems
80 Researchers develop chip that improves testing and tracing for COVID-19
81 A silver lining for extreme electronics
82 Northern forest fires could accelerate climate change
83 Guidance on treatment for rare blood clots and low platelets related to COVID-19 vaccine
84 Study: Older adults found resilience during pandemic through community, human connection
85 Icebreaker's cyclone encounter reveals faster sea ice decline
86 Small galaxies likely played important role in evolution of the Universe
87 New test detects residual cancer DNA in the blood without relying on tumor data
88 Open-source GPU technology for supercomputers
89 Discarded ostrich shells provide timeline for our early African ancestors
90 Digital mental health interventions for young people are perceived promising, but are they effective
91 Partnerships between researchers, policymakers and practitioners improve early childhood education
92 In-person schooling with inadequate mitigation measures raises household member's COVID-19 risk
93 How to level up soft robotics
94 Nearly $500 million a year in Medicare costs goes to 7 services with no net health benefits
95 Battling public health misinformation online
96 Pop those 'BPA-free' drinking bottles into the dishwasher before using them
97 An OU-led study sheds new insight on forest loss and degradation in Brazilian Amazon
98 Less innocent than it looks
99 Baby mantis shrimp don't pull their punches
100 Coral symbionts have a genome like no other
101 New Geology articles published online ahead of print in April
102 Hubble watches how a giant planet grows
103 Fish have been swallowing microplastics since the 1950s
104 Lateral flow testing should not be used as a green light for activities
105 How long is a day on Venus? Scientists crack mysteries of our closest neighbor
106 High vaccination rate is key to course of COVID-19 pandemic, modeling shows
107 Combining solar panels and lamb grazing increases land productivity, study finds
108 Lightning and subvisible discharges produce molecules that clean the atmosphere
109 Wearable glucose monitors shed light on progression of Type 2 diabetes in Hispanic adults
110 Six out of every 10 teachers believe that changing the design of the classroom is key to improving learning