File Title
1 Pets and their owners diet together, new study finds
2 Modeling can predict mutation "hotspots" and antibody escapers in SARS-CoV-2 spike protein
3 New expert statement confirms strong links between our hormones and COVID-19
4 Researchers use 'hole-y' math and machine learning to study cellular self-assembly
5 Magnetically propelled cilia power climbing soft robots and microfluidic pumps (video)
6 COVID-19 pandemic has created the "perfect storm" for family violence
7 What are the effects of inappropriate prescriptions in older adults?
8 Researchers estimate COVID-19-positive rate in Stockholm during first year of pandemic
9 Music may benefit older adults with cognitive impairment
10 Study points to potential treatment for citrus disease
11 Study reveals high levels of contaminants in killer whales
12 Different physical activity 'cocktails' have similar health benefits
13 CT scans offer new view of Lake Malawi cichlid specimens in Penn State museum
14 Alzheimer protein APP regulates learning and social behavior in the healthy brain
15 Research team develops new class of soft materials
16 Thermoplasmonic sensor for the detection of phase transitions in nanoscale materials
17 New study shows flies mutant for schizophrenia-associated genes respond well to anti-psychotics
18 Palm oil plantations change the social behavior of macaques
19 Why bipolar patients don't take their meds
20 Cholesterol levels sustainably lowered using base editing
21 Single fingerprint at a crime scene detects class A drug usage
22 How a small fish coped with being isolated from the sea
23 An automated box on wheels--with personality
24 New insight into protein production in brain could help tackle dementia
25 New FAST discoveries shed light on pulsars
26 Lockdowns may affect children's fitness--Study
27 Fresh insight into protein production inside brain cells could help tackle Parkinson's
28 New research may revolutionise cataract treatment
29 AI-aided search for single-atom-alloy catalysts yields more than 200 promising candidates
30 A rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 in saliva
31 TPU scientists: Effective application of power transformers to reduce cost of electrical energy
32 A new rapid test detects a coronavirus infection in 10 minutes
33 Parkinson's patients are particularly affected by COVID-19
34 Research of microring lasers shows prospects of optical applications in electronics
35 Groundwater monitoring with seismic instruments
36 Pancreatic cancer: Mechanisms of metastasis
37 A protein modification of MECP2 can convey neuroprotection under inflammation
38 Wireless and battery-free spintronic energy harvester
39 Scientists take a bite out of solar efficiency challenge with sandwich model
40 Children's sleep and adenotonsillectomy
41 Same nerve cell--Different influence on food intake
42 Study led by NTU Singapore finds that microbes work as a network in causing lung infection
43 Plant consumers play unexpectedly large role in the evolution of seedling success
44 Tumor marker may help overcome endocrine treatment-resistant breast cancer
45 Immunotherapy combination shows benefit for patients with advanced melanoma
46 Parental consumption shapes how teens think about and use cannabis
47 We've got the dirt on soil protists
48 NYU Abu Dhabi researchers develop non-contact probe to analyze single cells within tumors
49 'No level of smoke exposure is safe'
50 Case Western Reserve researchers identify potential approach to controlling epileptic seizures
51 Predicting blood clots before they happen in pediatric patients
52 How international students make decisions about staying in Canada
53 Digital precision agriculture tool helps Nepalese rice farmers breakthrough yield barriers
54 New insights into androgen's action could boost battle against prostate cancer
55 Workplace pandemic protocols impact employee behavior outside work
56 Study raises new alarm over long-term exposure to second-hand smoke
57 New pan-European research reveals double the concern about mental health impact of Lockdown and associated restrictions than physical inactivity
58 Researchers closer to gene therapy that would restore hearing for the congenitally deaf
59 New, biological, and safer soaps
60 New report indicates annual economic impact of human genetics/genomics
61 TTUHSC study: Virus, restrictions increase mental health risks for nursing home caregivers
62 Combination therapy achieves high rates of response for patients with ALL
63 Mitochondrial function influences schizophrenia status in patients with genetic disorder
64 Good results with online CBT for atopic eczema
65 Study finds new and effective treatment for vitamin D deficiency
66 Small uveal melanomas 'not always harmless,' ground breaking study finds
67 Wellcome's opaque fossil fuel investments harm its global health mission
68 Study explores risk of developing long term conditions during the post-acute phase of COVID-19
69 Study finds almost 1 million extra deaths in 29 high income countries in 2020
70 Scientists reconstruct past history of largest ice shelf on Antarctic Peninsula
71 Bringing sexy back: What Australian men and women find attractive in a potential mate
72 Cancer prevention and early detection continues to be suboptimal in the United States
73 Genetic analysis begins to unravel the impact of rare mutations on the severity of autism
74 European colonists may have driven the extinction of 50-70% of snakes and lizards on the Guadeloupe Islands
75 Study finds worse outcomes for heart attack survivors living in disadvantaged neighborhoods
76 Robotic 'Third Thumb' use can alter brain representation of the hand
77 Novel approach identifies genes linked to autism and predicts patient IQ
78 Heavy metal vapors unexpectedly found in comets throughout our Solar System--and beyond
79 COVID-19 pandemic magnified health inequities for people with high blood pressure
80 Protein simulation, experiments unveil clues on origins of Parkinson's disease
81 Half of Guadeloupe's snakes and lizards went extinct after European colonization
82 Researchers shed light on the evolution of extremist groups
83 Insect and animal invasions can teach us about COVID-19
84 Monitoring species condemned to extinction may help save others as global temperatures rise
85 'Postcode lottery' of nutrient intake from crops revealed in new study
86 Oncotarget: Inhibition of resistant triple-negative breast cancer cells
87 Different levels of conservation protection favor distinct communities
88 Sex-specific social learning prepares young orangutans for adulthood
89 World met target for protected area coverage on land, but quality must improve
90 Mapping the quantum frontier, one layer at a time
91 Invasive alien species may cost African agricultural sector $3.66 trillion per year
92 'Alien' plants could pose risk to fruit bats
93 Breast cancer treatments do not increase risk of COVID-19 infection or death
94 Children's physical activity linked to academic achievement via regulation of emotions
95 Eating habits change only slightly after gestational diabetes diagnosis, NIH study suggests
96 Sexual attraction preferences vary between men and women and across different ages
97 An illuminating possibility for stroke treatment: Nano-photosynthesis
98 Invasive alien species cost Africa's agricultural sector estimated $3.6 trillion a year
99 Seniors with medicare and medicaid fare worse functionally after ICU
100 VOYAGE phase 3: Dupilumab significantly reduced asthma exacerbations in children age 6-11
101 Tezepelumab significantly reduced asthma exacerbations: Phase 3 NAVIGATOR trial
102 Device for detection of signs of sudden cardiac death developed at TPU
103 Chirality memory effect of ferromagnetic domain walls
104 Type 2 diabetes medication shown to benefit asthma patients
105 Penn doubles the percentage of Black participants in cancer clinical trials
106 Scientists reveal structural details of how SARS-CoV-2 variants escape immune response
107 Will COVID-19 eventually become just a seasonal nuisance?
108 Novel immune checkpoints have applications for cancer, autoimmune disease treatment
109 Research suggests fly brains make predictions, possibly using universal design principles
110 Study: Culture influences mask wearing