File Title
1 New catalyst proved efficient to electrosynthesis of ammonia
2 Study shows optimized multi-scale structure and chemical gradients in exoskeletons of mantis shrimps
3 Modular photoswitch cpLOV2 developed for optogenetic engineering
4 Electric cars: Special dyes could prevent unnecessary motor replacements
5 Doctor and mother recounts COVID-19 experience that saw her placed on special ECMO respiratory support and remain in hospital for 150 days
6 Study reveals huge pressures on anaesthesia and critical care workforce and hospitals during winter wave of COVID-19 pandemic, and devastating drop in surgical activity
7 Spintronics: Improving electronics with finer spin control
8 'Bite' defects revealed in bottom-up graphene nanoribbons
9 Megaprojects threaten water justice for local communities
10 Icing muscle injuries may delay recovery
11 Toward overcoming solubility issues in organic chemistry
12 Bipolar order: A straightforward technique to have more control over organic thin films
13 City of Hope and Griffith University develop direct-acting antiviral to treat COVID-19
14 Towards a universal flu vaccine for Indigenous populations
15 Study shows Pinterest users pin healthy recipes, are more likely to make unhealthy ones
16 SCAI statement on meta-analysis of elective coronary revascularization vs. Medical therapy alone
17 Alien radioactive element prompts creation rethink
18 How X-rays could make reliable, rapid COVID-19 tests a reality
19 Study confirms origin of vervet monkeys living near an urban airport for decades
20 Gut check
21 Ancient Australian Aboriginal memory tool superior to 'memory palace' learning
22 The importance of DNA compaction in tissue formation
23 Western diet may increase risk of gut inflammation, infection
24 Western diet found to impair function of immune cells in the gut
25 'We're playing Moneyball with building assets'
26 Intensive agriculture could drive loss of bees and other tropical pollinators
27 Black, Hispanic and Asian populations saw greatest rise in cardiac deaths during pandemic
28 Epigenetics study draws link between hatchery conditions and steelhead trout fitness
29 '45 is the new 50' as age for colorectal cancer screening is lowered
30 World first concept for rechargeable cement-based batteries
31 $8.1 billion in damages from Hurricane Sandy directly linked to human-caused climate change
32 Novel method of labeling DNA bases for sequencing
33 The environmental trade-offs of autonomous vehicles
34 Synaptic transmission: Not a one-way street
35 Health and the city: Using urban design to promote heart health
36 Dementia risk factors similar for men and women, but not high blood pressure
37 More targeted cancer prevention and early detection strategies needed in breast cancer survivorship
38 San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance study finds topography is key factor in where Andean bears mothers make their dens
39 How to become 'ant-i-social'
40 Researchers announce new discovery to evaluate tuberculosis treatments
41 Wake steering potentially boosts energy production at US wind plants
42 Shootin1a--the missing link underlying learning and memory
43 Discovery increases likelihood of growing food despite drought
44 Scientists debut most efficient 'optical rectennas,' devices that harvest power from heat
45 Portable, affordable, accurate, fast: Team invents new COVID-19 test
46 Hepatitis C screening doubles when tests ordered ahead of time
47 Adding antibodies to enhance photodynamic therapy for viral and bacterial disease
48 Disabled researcher calls for better support for faculty
49 Postsynaptic density consisting of tubulin-based postsynaptic density lattice backbone
50 COVID-19 testing method gives results within one second
51 Embryo cryopreservation minimizes cryoinjuries, offers hope for would-be parents
52 Psychosocial support interventions in medical settings can improve survival
53 AI predicts lung cancer risk
54 Cool AMI EU pivotal trial final results after trial discont. following ad interim analysis
55 A new meta-analysis supports elective revascularization and medical therapy
56 Brain scans could offer sign of postpartum psychosis risk
57 EBC MAIN trial results--what is new and what will change in left main stenting?
58 A randomised trial comparing imaging-guided PCI with Orsiro vs. Xience
59 PCR STATEMENT on the 2-year clinical outcomes from the Evolut low risk trial
60 One-year results from the FUTURE-II trial
61 Two-fifths of US seniors with COPD have poor access to pulmonary rehabilitation
62 Secondhand tobacco exposure in utero linked to decreased lung function in children
63 Evidence suggests bubonic plague had long-term effect on human immunity genes
64 Does correcting online falsehoods make matters worse?
65 Blocking a protein in liver cells protects against insulin resistance, fatty liver disease
66 Earthquake creates ecological opportunity
67 Yellowstone National Park is hotter than ever
68 Study finds high-speed ferries, recreational boats are big noise polluters in SF Bay
69 Researchers identify novel approach to repair the human heart
70 The 'Great Dying'
71 Soy kits provide earning power for women entrepreneurs in Malawi
72 Silicon chips combine light and ultrasound for better signal processing
73 In severe ankle arthritis, total ankle replacement yields better function than ankle arthrodesis
74 Study shows sharp decrease in Texas childhood vaccination rates during pandemic
75 Nuclear terrorism could be intercepted by neutron-gamma detector that pinpoints source
76 Unexpected 'Black Swan' defect discovered in soft matter for first time
77 White shark population is small but healthy off the coast of Central California
78 Tree species diversity is no protection against bark beetle infestation
79 Study on bizarre rodent genetics solves a mystery and reveals another
80 Children's Tumor Foundation announces revised diagnostic criteria for NF1
81 The way mice lick could reveal origins of neurological disorders
82 A safer, greener way to make solar cells: researchers find replacement for toxic solvent
83 FSU researchers uncover new role for strange organisms in ocean food web
84 What causes pools below waterfalls to periodically fill with sediment?
85 Genetic tools help identify a cellular culprit for type 1 diabetes
86 Story tip from Johns Hopkins experts on COVID-19
87 Triple-drug therapy safely cuts serious asthma flares
88 A revolutionary method to drastically reduce stray light on space telescopes
89 Nodal and deltoid radiotracer uptake on post-COVID-19 vaccination PET
90 Metabolic inhibitor IACS-6274 shows early antitumor effects in underserved patients
91 Study validates shorter treatment for major world infection, tuberculosis
92 New study explores digitally native, but technologically illiterate students
93 Bees interrupted
94 Cognitive-behavioral approach to treatment of obesity yields significant results
95 A complex link between body mass index and Alzheimer's
96 Study solves mystery of how amyloid beta forms in brain nerve cells
97 Rogue antibodies wreak havoc in severe COVID-19 cases
98 New research could help manufacturers avoid 3D-printing pitfall
99 Birds dealing with change--Mapping migration routes can lead to conservation areas
100 Nickel atoms detected in the cold gas around interstellar comet 2I/Borisov
101 Body chemistry can predict severity of depression after death of spouse
102 Novel immunotherapy boosts long-term stroke recovery in mice
103 Liquid-like motion in crystals could explain their promising behavior in solar cells
104 Risk scores for predicting short-term outcomes for patients with unexplained syncope
105 Vegan and omnivorous diets promote equivalent muscle mass gain, study shows
106 Self-affirmation can help Black med students achieve residency goals
107 Envisioning safer cities with AI
108 Combatting climate change with carbon farming
109 Long search finds grain of hope in the glume
110 Tampons, sanitary napkins could diagnose yeast infections with color-changing threads