File Title
1 Dapagliflozin did not significantly reduce organ failure or death in high-risk patients hospitalized
2 Tailored cardiac rehab program improves function and quality of life in older heart failure patients
3 Heart-protecting drugs likely unnecessary for many breast cancer patients
4 Rivaroxaban reduces first and total ischemic events in patients with peripheral artery disease
5 Novel monoclonal antibody can substantially lower triglycerides in patients with acute pancreatitis
6 Study shows online gambling soared during lockdown, especially among regular gamblers
7 The Lancet: Experts call for urgent action to reduce global burden of cardiovascular disease in women by 2030
8 Multimodal therapy may hold key to treating aggressive childhood cancer
9 Novel rehab program improves outcome for older heart-failure patients, study finds
10 Zapping nerves with ultrasound lowers drug-resistant blood pressure
11 Tailored, earlier heart failure rehab has physical, emotional benefits for patients
12 Mount Sinai cardiologist leads commission to help reduce burden of women's heart disease
13 Middle-aged women urged to check their blood pressure to avoid heart attacks
14 Weighted "lottery" provides greater access to scarce COVID-19 medications
15 Removal of 'race correction' in pulmonary function tests highlights health disparity
16 Poverty associated with worse survival, fewer lung transplants in lung disease patients
17 HKU researchers identify promising new biologics for obesity-related diseases
18 Stunning simulation of stars being born is most realistic ever
19 Why "old-fashioned" perceptions of women are holding them back in the workplace
20 Aggressive or friendly? The inflammatory protein interleukin 1[beta] may decide
21 Oregon State research shows why some pockets of conifer survive repeated forest fires
22 Commonly used drugs for schizophrenia linked to greater cognitive impairment
23 Uninsured cancer patients 60-64 face worse outcomes than Medicare beneficiaries aged 66-69
24 Indigenous co-management essential for protecting, restoring Bears Ears region
25 COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies reduce risk of hospitalization and death
26 Study shows early preterm births can be decreased with DHA supplementation
27 Linguistic and biological diversity linked
28 Research reveals potential treatment to prevent obesity-driven liver damage
29 Caltech professor helps solve Hindenburg disaster
30 Therapeutics that can shut down harmful genes need a reliable delivery system
31 Study reveals new options to help firms improve the food recall process
32 Scientists shed light on the mechanism of photoactivation of the orange carotenoid protein
33 Fundamental mechanism discovered that fine-tunes gene expression & is disrupted in cancer
34 Domestic abuse head injuries prevalent among women in prison, study finds
35 Diamonds engage both optical microscopy and MRI for better imaging
36 Slow research to understand fast change
37 Alcohol problems severely undertreated
38 Bird data from Ethiopia fills in baseline data gaps
39 Insulin is necessary for repairing olfactory neurons
40 Ethnicity, geography and socioeconomic factors determine likelihood of detecting serious congenital heart disease
41 Multi-gene testing could detect more hereditary cancer syndromes
42 Researchers reveal new tool to help prevent suicide
43 American College of Cardiology program works to improve global heart attack care
44 Researchers: No added risk of death with drug-coated devices used for lower body procedure
45 Researchers call for bias-free artificial intelligence
46 Newly published data provides clearer picture of volcano collapse
47 In slow motion against antibiotic resistance
48 Stanford study reveals new biomolecule
49 Educational intervention enhances student learning
50 Archaeologists teach computers to sort ancient pottery
51 Family history, race and sex linked to higher rates of asthma in children
52 Greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions are lengthening and intensifying droughts
53 Type of heart failure may influence treatment strategies in patients with AFib
54 Researchers identify proteins that predict future dementia, Alzheimer's risk
55 Pollutants rapidly seeping into drinking water
56 Alcohol may have immediate effect on atrial fibrillation risk, events
57 How COVID-19 survival improved in UK hospitals during first wave
58 Exposure to lead can cause epigenetic changes even at relatively low levels
59 Air quality linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's
60 Therapeutic hypothermia below guidelines did not improve outcomes after cardiac arrest
61 Finerenone may delay onset of AFib in patients with chronic kidney disease, diabetes
62 'Hyperinvasive' care improves survival in refractory out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
63 Hidden diversity
64 Pet trade may pose threat to bushbaby conservation
65 In enabling rural administration, bureaucracy does not enslave actors
66 First immune stimulating long noncoding RNA involved in body's response to cancer
67 New technology makes tumor eliminate itself
68 Civil commitment for substance use disorder treatment--what do addiction medicine specialists think?
69 Routine testing before surgery remains common despite low value
70 Omecamtiv Mecarbil brings greater benefits for severe heart failure
71 An asthma vaccine effective in mice
72 Clinical trial suggests convalescent plasma may improve survival with severe COVID-19
73 Pirfenidone reduces scar tissue in patients with heart failure
74 Sacubitril/valsartan not superior to valsartan for advanced heart failure
75 Rare COVID-19 response in children explained
76 'Sticky' speech and other evocative words may improve language
77 Comprehensive Mount Sinai study shows direct evidence that COVID-19 can infect cells in eye
78 Discovery of flowering gene in cacao may lead to accelerated breeding strategies
79 Additional data, feedback on hospital care did not improve heart failure outcomes
80 Cells from the centre of tumours most likely to spread around the body
81 Sotagliflozin shows benefit for difficult-to-treat form of heart failure
82 Lipid droplets help protect kidney cells from damage
83 Shortcut for dendritic cells
84 Parts of Greenland may be on the verge of tipping: New early-warning signals detected
85 Warnings on the dangers of screen time are ill founded--New study
86 Mammals in the time of dinosaurs held each other back
87 COVID-19 hit stock markets as it spread from country to country
88 Climate policies, transition risk, and financial stability
89 Skoltech researchers developed an enriched method for increasing the capacity of next-generation metal-ion battery cathode materials
90 Heat not burn product compared with cigarettes and e-cigarettes
91 Errors in large-scale and convective tropical precipitation simulations using current global models may impact climate feedback
92 Scientists find new way of predicting COVID-19 vaccine efficacy
93 Scientists explain why climate models can't reproduce the early-2000s global warming slowdown
94 Anisotropic zoning in the upper crust of the Tianshan Tectonic Belt
95 Researchers develop algorithm to see inside materials with subatomic particles
96 The perfect blend: Optimizing gas mixtures for hydrogen storage in clathrate hydrates
97 Fast, affordable solution proposed for transparent displays and semiconductors
98 Global land use more extensive than estimated
99 New numerical method makes simulating landslide tsunamis possible
100 Oncotarget: Caloric restriction creates a metabolic pattern of chronological aging delay
101 Oncotarget: CABYR-a/b and CABYR-c hold promise as targets for specific immunotherapy
102 Oncotarget: Phase 1 study of Z-Endoxifen in patients with solid tumors
103 COVID-19 vaccination: Thrombosis can be prevented by prompt treatment
104 New epigenetic regulatory mechanisms involved in multiple myeloma growth
105 Gut hormone triggers craving for more proteins
106 Two biodiversity refugia identified in the Eastern Bering Sea
107 Cysteinylated albumin: A new early diagnostic marker for diabetic kidney disease
108 High-intensity intermittent training improves spatial memory in rats
109 Cypriot grapes perform well in heat and on taste
110 New combination immunotherapy plus ART expand innate cells critical to controlling HIV