File Title
1 Only 17 percent of free-flowing rivers are protected, new research shows
2 The triple threat of coronavirus
3 Fighting food insecurity by building better beans
4 Brain research gets a boost from mosquitos
5 Youths with diverse gender identities bullied up to three times more than peers
6 Research reveals new approach to understanding our wellbeing
7 Kefir packs less of a probiotic punch than labels claim
8 Ancient gut microbiomes may offer clues to modern diseases
9 Asian scientists grapple with belonging
10 Obese girls face heightened risk of cardiovascular disease in adulthood
11 Anesthetic may affect tau spread in the brain to promote Alzheimer's disease pathology
12 Peptide could allow medical marijuana to relieve pain without side effects
13 Sources of SARS-CoV-2 and other microorganisms in dental aerosols
14 AI helps predict treatment outcomes for patients with diseased dental implants
15 Previously unknown letter reveals Einstein's thinking on bees, birds and physics
16 Online museum exhibitions will be more prominent post COVID-19
17 Better integrated circuits with glide symmetry
18 New atomically precise graphene nanoribbon heterojunction sensor developed
19 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
20 Research team investigates causes of tuberous sclerosis
21 Prehistoric horses, bison shared diet
22 Organic meat less likely to be contaminated with multidrug-resistant bacteria, study suggests
23 COVID-19: Discovery of the mechanisms of short- and long-term anosmia
24 An enzyme system for the hydrogen industry
25 20 days later--The short story about muscles regeneration
26 ACTA Pharmaceutica Sinica B Volume 11, Issue 4 publishes
27 Study finds six degrees celsius cooling on land during the last Ice Age
28 Violinmaking meets artificial intelligence
29 Empathic and altruistic or cold and individualistic: our brains reveal the truth
30 Smaller chips open door to new RFID applications
31 Integration through intercultural music collaboration
32 Xerocrassa montserratensis, an endemic and threatened snail in Catalonia
33 Locomotion Vault will help guide innovations in virtual reality locomotion
34 Giant sea lizard fossil shows diversity of life before asteroid hit
35 New method for producing synthetic DNA
36 Young adults vastly more affected by COVID pandemic in Ireland than older adults
37 Eco-friendly device developed at UL, Ireland detects real-time pipe damage
38 A new bridge between the geometry of fractals and the dynamics of partial synchronization
39 NUS scientists create a new type of intelligent material
40 Scientists design new drug compound to stop malaria in its tracks
41 Low levels of a simple sugar--A new biomarker for severe MS?
42 Interactive typeface for digital text
43 Efficiently smuggling drugs into cells
44 Scaling down Ionic Transistors to the ultimate limit
45 Advances in medical imaging enable visualization of white matter tracts in fetuses
46 Salmonella contamination via strawberry roots not a dietary risk factor
47 On the road to smart cities: Where smart vehicles stand and where they're going
48 Computer designs magnonic devices
49 A hairpin to fight cancer
50 10 years after obesity surgery: How did life turn out?
51 Researchers develop methods to understand how TB consumes its favourite foods
52 Excitation spectral microscopy integrates multi-target imaging and quantitative biosensing
53 How smartphones can help detect ecological change
54 Oleoyl-LPE exerts neurite stimulation and neuroprotection
55 Shaken, not stirred: Reshuffling skyrmions ultrafast
56 Physicists extract proton mass radius from experimental data
57 Observing individual atoms in 3D nanomaterials and their surfaces
58 Researchers discovered a gut microbiota profile that can predict mortality
59 Untangling the brain: new research offers hope for Alzheimer's disease
60 We need herd immunity against COVID-19 vaccine misinformation
61 Engineered bacteria show promise for sustainable biofuel industry, researchers say
62 Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test delivers results within 4 minutes with 90 percent accuracy
63 Health status of vulnerable gopher tortoises revealed in Southeastern Florida
64 Two-thirds of California prison residents offered COVID vaccine accepted at least one dose
65 What does your voice say about you?
66 Composing thoughts: Mental handwriting produces brain activity turned into text
67 Defining climate-smart pathways towards tree crop yield intensification
68 Drexel study: Parks not only safe, but essential during the pandemic
69 Brand new physics of superconducting metals refuted by Lancaster physicists
70 Eliminating bias from healthcare AI critical to improve health equity
71 Pandemic screen time tops 6 hours a day for some kindergartners
72 New experimental drug cagrilintide (AM833), when combined with emaglutide, shows potential for treatment of obesity (The Lancet)
73 Study finds that obesity drug semaglutide supresses appetite, food cravings and energy intake
74 Semaglutide found to reduce body weight regardless of patient characteristics, but females and those with lower body weight have better results
75 Study shows new obesity treatment semaglutide causes similar weight loss across different age groups
76 Genetic risk of heart disease may be due to low Omega 3-linked biomarker
77 Study finds obese people with pattern of later waking and peak activity later in day at higher risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease
78 Study finds reduced risk of cataracts associated with obesity surgery
79 COVID-19 is not influenza, but it offers lessons on beating it, say Concordia researchers
80 A long-lasting, stable solid-state lithium battery
81 Johns Hopkins develops device for fast gonorrhea diagnosis
82 New algorithm to ensure more accuracy in studying the interior of the Earth
83 How social media and AI enable companies to track brand reputations in real-time
84 Mechanism deciphered: How organic acids are formed in the atmosphere
85 Online CBT effective for social anxiety disorder in young people
86 COVID-19 travel plan will let new variants into the UK
87 Delaying second COVID vaccine dose may prevent deaths under certain conditions
88 Preliminary data suggests mixing COVID-19 vaccine increases reactogenicity
89 Researchers reveal the internal signals cells use to maintain energy
90 Mitochondrial enzyme found to block cell death pathway points to new cancer treatment strategy
91 No lasting benefit to tubes over antibiotics for childhood ear infections
92 Stanford scientists' software turns 'mental handwriting' into on-screen words, sentences
93 Fatigue, mood disorders associated with post-COVID-19 syndrome
94 Elephant seals' extreme diving allows them to exploit deep ocean niche
95 Study reveals structure of key receptors involved in memory and learning
96 Petting therapy dogs enhances thinking skills of stressed college students
97 'Opioid treatment deserts' abound, study finds
98 Researchers discover new genetic variants responsible for neurodevelopmental disorders
99 Artificial intelligence tool uses chest X-ray to differentiate worst cases of COVID-19
100 CNIO researchers discover the cause of neuronal death in a large proportion of familial ALS patients
101 Brain-computer interface creates text by decoding brain signals associated with handwriting
102 Academic skills least valued when assessing the 'ideal student' by academics and peers
103 Ancestors may have created 'iconic' sounds as bridge to first languages
104 Pink drinks can help you run faster and further, study finds
105 Scientists uncover how resistance proteins protect plants from pathogens
106 Harnessing the hum of fluorescent lights for more efficient computing
107 Building molecules like Tinkertoys? A breakthrough study may pave the way
108 Gold leaf could help diagnose viral infections in low-resource settings
109 Earthworms could help reduce antibiotic resistance genes in soil
110 Residential coal use in China results in many premature deaths, models indicate