File Title
1 A new technique to synthesize superconducting materials
2 Tires turned into graphene that makes stronger concrete
3 Pioneering study gives new insight into formation of copper deposits
4 Research for environment-friendly production plants
5 Scientists turn plastic into moisture-wicking textile
6 Controlled by light alone, new smart materials twist, bend and move
7 A scarf that speaks? Scientists develop message display fabric
8 Nuclear engineering researchers develop new resilient oxide dispersion strengthened alloy
9 Engineering the boundary between 2D and 3D materials
10 China's appetite for copper provides Chile with opportunity
11 More sustainable recycling of plastics
12 Sloshing quantum fluids of light and matter to probe superfluidity
13 Coca-Cola to sell soda in 100% recycled plastic in US
14 How planets form controls elements essential for life
15 When the atmosphere isn't enough
16 First ever discovery of methanol in a warm planet-forming disk
17 Juice arrives at ESA's technical heart
18 New research reveals secret to Jupiter's curious aurora activity
19 NASA's Europa Clipper builds hardware, moves toward assembly
20 New Horizons reaches a rare space milestone
21 The PI's Perspective: Far from Home
22 Solar system's most distant planetoid confirmed
23 The 15th Anniversary of New Horizons Leaving Earth
24 Tracking Carbon from the Ocean Surface to the Twilight Zone
25 UK recalls navy vessels as Jersey standoff with France eases
26 WTO deal 'doable' to stop subsidies that lead to over-fishing
27 Breakthrough technology introduced to combat growing global water crisis
28 How donkeys digging wells help life thrive in the desert
29 In Peru, pre-Columbian canals offer hope against drought
30 Global warming is making India's monsoon season more erratic
31 1.5íC warming cap could 'halve' sea level rise from melting ice
32 Red Sea corals to persist, even as other corals succumb to global warming
33 Tiny ocean plants called diatoms use a single carbon capture pathway
34 Baby mantis shrimp is born ready to fight, researchers say
35 In Florida, a worrying uptick in manatee deaths
36 BDS-3 system facilitates public transportation in east China's Nanchang
37 GSA commissions RUAG to study more accurate satellite navigation
38 Google Maps to show more eco-friendly routes
39 VIPER Hits the SLOPEs
40 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Heads for Earth with Asteroid Sample
41 New View of Asteroid Ryugu's Surface
42 Robotic spacecraft will fly to asteroid, comet
43 Asteroid that Hit Botswana in 2018 likely came from Vesta
44 Hide and Seek--How NASA's Lucy Mission Team Discovered Eurybates' Satellite
45 US space probe Osiris-Rex heads home with asteroid dust
46 New ESA telescope in South America to search for asteroids
47 Scientists find CO2-rich liquid water in ancient meteorite
48 Asteroid crater on Earth provides clues about Martian craters
49 More than 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust fall to Earth each year
50 International cutting-edge SWOT satellite to survey the world's water
51 Basic structure for new generation of weather satellites
52 China's Fengyun weather data freely available for EO applications
53 Russia to Launch New Meteor-M Weather Satellite in Late November
54 Nearly a fifth of Earth's surface transformed since 1960
55 The natural brightness of the night sky
56 With a zap of light, system switches objects' colors and patterns
57 Study suggests that silicon could be a photonics game-changer
58 Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost
59 New warp research dashes light speed travel but reveals stranger possibilities
60 A molecule that responds to light
61 uGMRT reveals for the first time the patchy environment of a rare cosmic explosion
62 Star light, star bright as explained by math
63 A breakthrough astrophysics code rapidly models stellar collisions
64 Outback radio telescope discovers dense, spinning, dead star
65 Mysterious hydrogen-free supernova sheds light on stars' violent death throes
66 Are there anti-stars around us
67 Nano flashlight enables new applications of light
68 Machine learning accelerates cosmological simulations
69 Small galaxies likely played important role in evolution of the Universe
70 Black hole-neutron star collisions may help settle dispute over Universe's expansion
71 ALMA discovers rotating infant galaxy with help of natural cosmic telescope
72 Machine-learning methods lead to discovery of rare "quadruply imaged quasars"
73 New study sews doubt about the composition of 70 percent of our universe
74 The very first structures in the Universe
75 A new window to see hidden side of magnetized universe
76 Illuminating the Cosmic Dark Ages with a Lunar radio telescope
77 Telescopes unite in unprecedented observations of famous black hole
78 How NASA's Roman Space Telescope will uncover lonesome black holes
79 Black hole seeds key to galaxies behemoths
80 Peering into a galaxy's dusty core to study an active supermassive black hole
81 Black holes like to eat, but have a variety of table manners
82 Blinken to seek Arctic cooperation in Greenland
83 Upcoming talks 'last chance' to prevent climate disaster: UK
84 Can lab-grown algae help tackle hunger?
85 Spanish parliament approves clean energy bill
86 French Toshiba unit hit by ransomware attack
87 Airbnb sees massive travel rebound ahead
88 Instagram lets users pick preferred gender pronouns
89 SoftBank beats Japanese record for annual net profit
90 'Nihao Mars': China's Zhurong rover touches down on Red Planet
91 Perseverance, Hope and a fire god: a history of Mars rovers
92 China's Zhurong rover makes history with Mars landing
93 Israel pounds Gaza as deadly conflict intensifies
94 Republicans urge Biden to end Iran talks over Hamas rockets
95 Iran says may extend UN access if nuclear talks 'on right track'
96 North Korea says Biden has a 'hostile policy,' warns of response
97 Israel strikes Syria after attack near secretive nuclear site
98 US, Japan, S. Korea show united front on N. Korea
99 Israel pounds Gaza, hits media building housing AP and Jazeera
100 Israel flattens Gaza building hosting AP, Jazeera in air strike
101 15 years in prison for former US Green Beret who spied for Russia
102 Japanese journalist held in Myanmar arrives in Tokyo
103 Moderate conservative Larijani bids for Iran presidential race
104 US says 'possible' to revive Iran nuclear deal before vote
105 Security Council meets on North Korea tests without action
106 North Korean leader's sister slams South's Moon as US 'parrot'
107 SpaceX to launch lunar mission paid with cryptocurrency Dogecoin
108 NASA, Axiom Agree to First Private Astronaut Mission on Space Station
109 Blue Origin will fly first crew to space in July
110 Stone skipping techniques can improve reentry of space vehicles
111 NASA extends Mars helicopter mission to assist rover
112 NASA's Webb to study young exoplanets on the edge