File Title
1 Hubble Zooms In on Magnificent Spiral Galaxy: NGC 4603
2 Cocoa Supplementation Mitigates Severity of Fatty Liver Disease in Obese Mice, Study Shows
3 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Successfully Demonstrates Powered, Controlled Flight on Mars
4 Martian Climate Fluctuated between Drier and Wetter Periods Before It Went Dry
5 Scientists Sequence Genome of Extinct Steller's Sea Cow
6 New Barium Sulfate-Based Paint is Whitest Yet
7 Archaeologists Find 3,450-Year-Old Alphabetic Inscription in Israel
8 Genome-Wide Data from Stone Age Bears Recovered from Cave Sediments
9 Rare Wild Coffee Species Has Arabica-Like Flavor, Greater Tolerance to Higher Temperatures
10 Astronomers Directly Image Giant Planet around Young Sun-Like Star
11 Lack of Sleep in Midlife Associated with Increased Risk of Late-Onset Dementia
12 Tyrannosaurs Lived in Groups, New Evidence Suggests
13 Murchison Widefield Array Discovers Its First Pulsar
14 Tyrannosaurus rex Walked Slower than Previously Thought
15 Astronomers Detect Extreme Flare from Proxima Centauri
16 Astronomers Create New Map of Milky Way's Halo
17 Astronomers Discover Closest Known Black Hole Candidate
18 Scientists Discover New Amphibious Species of Centipede
19 ALMA Spots Gravitationally Lensed Rotating Galaxy in Early Universe
20 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Completes Its Second Flight on Mars
21 Young Tyrannosaurs Had More Slender Feet than Adults, Study Finds
22 Perseverance Extracts Pure Oxygen from Carbon Dioxide-Rich Martian Air
23 Hubble Celebrates Its 31st Birthday with Incredible Image of AG Carinae
24 Paleontologists Find Fossils of Extinct Giant Cloud Rats in Philippines
25 Hubble Captures New Image of Necklace Nebula
26 Marine Biologists Discover New Octopus Species in Pacific Ocean
27 Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs Could Be Used as Detectors of Light Dark Matter, Physicists Say
28 New Titanosaur Species Unearthed in Chile
29 Ingenuity Helicopter Sets New Records during Its Third Flight
30 Astronomers Observe Nearby Galaxy with Two Bright Cores
31 Impressive Byzantine-Period Floor Mosaic Found in Israel
32 High-Altitude Ice Clouds Caused Greenhouse Effect on Early Mars, New Study Suggests
33 South African Cave Sheltered Human Ancestors 1.8 Million Years Ago
34 Ancient DNA Sheds Light on Evolutionary History of Extinct 'Horned' Crocodile
35 Mushroom Consumption May Reduce Risk of Cancer
36 Hydroxyl Radical Detected in Atmosphere of Ultrahot Jupiter
37 Meet Yamatosaurus izanagii, New Hadrosaur from Japan
38 Chandra Detects Stable Isotope of Titanium in Cassiopeia A
39 Study: People Naturally Regulate Their Coffee Consumption Based on Cardio Health
40 Earth's Continental Crust First Emerged 3.7 Billion Years Ago
41 Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers May Help Precisely Measure Universe's Rate of Expansion
42 Physicists Turn Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensate into Molecular One
43 Astronomers Snap Detailed Image of Dwarf Galaxy Sextans B
44 Scientists Sequence Genome of Common Marmoset
45 Asteroid 2018 LA Likely Came from Vesta, Researchers Say
46 New Species of Poisonous Fluorescent Frog Discovered in Brazil
47 Hubble Captures First-Ever Ultraviolet Image of Exoplanet
48 Radio Astronomers Measure Fundamental Properties of Venus
49 Hubble Observes Massive Galaxy Cluster: Abell 3827
50 New Species of Deepwater Snapper Discovered
51 Paleontologists Find One-Billion-Year-Old Multicellular Microfossils
52 Well-Digging Feral Horses and Donkeys Increase Water Availability in Desert Regions, Study Says
53 Antimatter Stars Could Be Lurking in Milky Way
54 Scientists Synthesize New Two-Dimensional Material
55 Giant Saber-Toothed Cat Roamed North America during Miocene
56 Scops-Owl Subspecies Missing for 125 Years Rediscovered in Malaysia
57 TESS Detects Bright, Long-Lasting Gamma-Ray Burst
58 Scientists Create Detailed Geologic Map of Moon's South Polar Region
59 Eating Green Leafy Vegetables May Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk
60 Astronomers Take Closer Look at Giant Molecular Cloud W49A
61 Cretaceous Turtle from Madagascar Had Adaptations for Suction Feeding
62 Parker Solar Probe Detects Natural Radio Emission from Ionosphere of Venus
63 Researchers Sequence Genomes of Revived 2,000-Year-Old Date Palms
64 New Fanged Frog Species Discovered in Philippines
65 Helium Rain Layer Influences Unique Magnetic Field of Saturn, Study Suggests
66 Entomologists Discover New Species of Trap-Jaw Ant in Ecuador
67 Study: Larger-Sized Bumblebee Foragers Start Work Earlier
68 DNA Study Confirms There Are Four Giraffe Species
69 Desert-Living Dinosaur Had Extraordinary Vision and Hearing
70 Hominins Originated in Africa from Ape Ancestors Unlike Any Living Species, Study Suggests
71 Listen to NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter in Flight
72 Hubble Spots Beautiful Emission Nebula in Monoceros
73 Sharks Use Earth's Magnetic Field for Homeward Orientation, Study Shows
74 Ingenuity Completes Its Fifth Flight on Mars
75 TESS Finds Massive Exoplanet around 10-Billion-Year-Old Dwarf Star
76 Israeli Archaeologists Find Rare Bronze Oil Lamp
77 VLT Observes Huge Cloud of Ionized Hydrogen
78 Mars Could Still Be Volcanically Active, Planetary Scientists Say
79 New Species of Freshwater Fish Discovered: Fergana Stone Loach
80 Researchers Reconstruct Oral Microbiomes of Neanderthals, Paleolithic and Modern Humans
81 Sao Tome Caecilian is Actually Two Different Species, New Study Shows
82 OSIRIS-REx Is On Its Way Back to Earth with Sample of Asteroid Bennu's Regolith
83 Paleontologists Find 18.5-Million-Year-Old Liana Fossil
84 Astronomers Capture Stunning New Images of Jupiter
85 Voyager 1 Detects Plasma Waves in Interstellar Medium
86 New Ceratopsid Dinosaur Uncovered in New Mexico
87 Perseverance Begins to Study Floor of Jezero Crater
88 New Mosasaur Species Unearthed in Morocco
89 Lemon-Scented Gum Tree Genome Sequenced
90 58-Million-Year-Old Mammal Footprints Found in Wyoming
91 Study: Orangutans Lose Muscle Mass during Episodes of Fruit Scarcity
92 NASA Sees Tides Under the Ocean's Surface [Video]
93 Sharks Use Earth's Magnetic Fields to Guide Them Like a Map--"It Really Is Mind Blowing"
94 Best of Both Worlds: Artificial Intelligence Makes Great Microscopes Better Than Ever
95 Why Is COVID-19 So Hard to Treat? A Comprehensive Review of What We Know
96 NASA Ingenuity Helicopter's Fifth Flight on Mars Will Be Different--Here's Why
97 Nano Flashlight Enables New Applications of Light--Such As Detecting Viruses
98 NASA Wallops Rocket Launch Will Be Visible in the Eastern United States
99 Evidence of Active Volcanoes on Mars Raises Possibility of Recent Habitable Conditions--"Mars Isn't Dead"
100 Colloidal Gels, Ubiquitous in Everyday Products, Divulge Their Secrets of Evolution
101 Using 3D Printing in Search for Black Holes
102 Innovative Chemical "Nose" Sniffs Critical Differences in DNA Structures
103 Exercise Scientist Explains: Do You Really Need to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day?
104 Boeing's Starliner Completes Full Space Station Mission Simulation
105 Using "Almost Inconceivably Fast" Measurements, Researchers Find Bubbles Speed Up Energy Transfer
106 With Masks On, Three Feet Is Just as Safe as Six Feet Apart for COVID-19
107 Deep Sleep Takes Out the Trash: Waste Clearance Is Crucial for Brain Health
108 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Completes First Trip to New Airfield--"Another Great Achievement!"
109 A Diversity of Wildlife Is Good for Our Health: To Prevent Future Pandemics, We Must Restore and Protect Nature
110 Astronomers See First Hint of Silhouette of Star Spaghettified by Black Hole