File Title
1 Researchers use arcuate organoids to study development and disease of the hypothalamus
2 Invasive species alters marine community, interferes in post-disaster recovery
3 CHEST releases updated guidelines to diagnose and evaluate hypersensitivity pneumonitis
4 The formation of the Amazon Basin influenced the distribution of manatees
5 Volcanoes on Mars could be active
6 Controlling cholesterol in microglia alleviates chronic pain, opioid-free
7 Solving the cocktail party problem
8 Even when they include them, gifted programs aren't serving Black or low-income kids
9 Stanford researchers map how people in cities get a health boost from nature
10 'Flipping' optical wavefront eliminates distortions in multimode fibers
11 Does driving wear you out? You might be experiencing 'accelerousal'
12 New theory may revolutionize treatment of endometriosis
13 UM scientist joins team partnering with UN's initiative to map ungulate migrations
14 Geoscientists find that shallow wastewater injection drives deep earthquakes in Texas
15 For twins, gesture and speech go hand-in-hand in language development
16 Grand Challenge research harnesses AI to fight breast cancer
17 Informed tourists make whale watching safer for whales
18 Timing is everything in new implant tech
19 The next generation of hunters could look different
20 Integrating medical imaging and cancer biology with deep neural networks
21 Top educational apps for children might not be as beneficial as promised
22 Growing sweet corn at higher densities doesn't increase root lodging risk
23 Bacteria do not colonize the gut before birth, says collaborative study
24 Intense light may hold answer to dilemma over heart treatment
25 'Unmaking' a move: Correcting motion blur in single-photon images
26 Study reveals mixed reactions about COVID-19 health disparities
27 Diet, exercise and sleep linked to high risk of cardiovascular disease in autistic people
28 Scientists develop better way to block viruses that cause childhood respiratory infections
29 Active cavity solitons: Ultra-stable, high-power optical pulses for measuring light waves
30 The 'key' to new COVID-19 vaccine development
31 Living memory home helps people stay connected with deceased loved ones
32 Mapping citrus microbiomes: The first step to finding plant-microbiome treasures
33 Flying at up to Mach 16 could become reality with UCF's developing propulsion system
34 Differences between leopards are greater than between brown bears and polar bears
35 As global climate shifts, forests' futures may be caught in the wind
36 Esophageal cancers resurrect ancient retroviruses hidden in our genome
37 It is time to create contracts all users can understand
38 Turns out developing a taste for carbs wasn't a bad thing
39 How Legionella makes itself at home
40 Older adults having surgery less frequently--but it depends on the surgery and hospital
41 Peers who boost marginalized voices help others, and themselves, study shows
42 Time running out to save coral reefs
43 Microneedle patch delivers antibiotics locally in the skin
44 Friendly pelicans breed better
45 SARS-CoV-2 research: Second possible effective mechanism of remdesivir discovered
46 Dartmouth-led study finds overemphasis on toy giveaways in TV ads unfairly promotes fast-food to children
47 Research shows opportunities to improve the accuracy of dispatching pre-hospital critical care
48 Fifty shades of reading: Who reads contemporary erotic novels and why?
49 Even small bills for health insurance may cause healthy low-income people to drop coverage
50 New vaccine blocks COVID-19 and variants, plus other coronaviruses
51 Errors at the start of life
52 Mount Sinai ophthalmologists develop new technique to assess progression of sickle cell retinopathy
53 Conservationists concerned about illegal hunting and exploitation of porcupines in Indonesia
54 Understanding family members' grief for a living loved one
55 Prenatal exposure to famine heightens risk for later being overweight
56 Long-term stress in dogs linked to the owner-dog relationship
57 Synergistic effects of acoustics-based therapy and immunotherapy in cancer treatment
58 Agents that target viral RNA could be the basis for next generation anti-viral drugs
59 Researchers in Sweden develop light emitters for quantum circuits
60 3D printing lays the foundation for a new range of diagnostic tests
61 Analysis of autopsy, toxicological and psychiatric reports of Portugal's first major forensic case
62 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Non-hospitalised COVID-19 patients have low-risk of serious long-term effects, but report more visits to general practitioner following infection
63 Biomarker detects severe COVID-19 early on
64 Identifying the rise of multi drug resistant E. coli
65 Unraveling positional and structural errors in numerical weather forecast models
66 TB immune response discovery could significantly reduce disease harm
67 Cancer cells hijack the 3D structure of DNA
68 Light meets superconducting circuits
69 Universal equation for explosive phenomena
70 Why Germany's coal compromise failed to end the debate
71 Reaching your life goals as a single-celled organism
72 Flower size correlates with pollinator size, evolved independently among mountains
73 THz emission spectroscopy reveals optical response of GaInN/GaN multiple quantum wells
74 High rates of childhood obesity alarming given anticipated impact of COVID-19 pandemic
75 Point-of-care ultrasonography offers enormous advantages in acute diagnostics
76 Fat around waist more important than general obesity in predicting severity of chest X-ray results
77 New study finds an association between increasing BMI and the risk of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2
78 Do purines influence cancer development?
79 Chill out: Advanced solar tech runs cooler and lasts longer
80 Firefighting chemical found in sea lion and fur seal pups
81 Rapid lifestyle changes during early COVID-19 pandemic had no impact on climate change
82 Study finds pretty plants hog research and conservation limelight
83 Meaningful movies help people cope with life's difficulties
84 Blocking lipoxygenase leads to impaired cardiac repair in acute heart failure
85 New finding suggests cognitive problems caused by repeat mild head hits could be treated
86 Engineering diseased human skin in vitro
87 Treating cerebral aneurysms with a new filling method
88 Researchers achieve 50dB noiseless at all optical isolation
89 USTC realizes coherent storage of light over one-hour
90 Flash flood risk may triple across third pole due to global warming
91 This system helps robots better navigate emergency rooms
92 Wastewater treatment system recovers electricity, filters water
93 Molecular tweezers that attack antibiotic resistant bacteria developed by Ben-Gurion U.
94 Tweet and re-tweet: songbird stuttering allows researchers to pinpoint causes in the brain
95 In the emptiness of space, Voyager I detects plasma 'hum'
96 In soil, high microbial fluctuation leads to more carbon emissions
97 How planets form controls elements essential for life
98 Study led by Penn Medicine reveals new mechanism of lung tissue regeneration
99 Single-cell map of early stage lung cancer and normal lung sheds light on tumor development, new therapeutic targets
100 Should we panic over declining sperm counts? Harvard researchers say not so fast
101 New tools enable rapid analysis of coronavirus sequences and tracking of variants
102 Mediterranean turtles recovering at different rates
103 Male infertility scoring using AI-assisted image classification requiring no programming
104 Research results challenge a decades-old mechanism of how we hear sounds
105 Sharks in protected area attract illegal fishers
106 Higher levels of ultra-processed food in childhood associated with increased risk of child overweight/obesity and changes in metabolome
107 Emotional distress in fathers and mothers linked to heightened risk of overweight in their children
108 Bronze Age migrations changed societal organization and genomic landscape in Italy
109 Study indicates Sao Tome island has two species of caecilians found nowhere else on Earth
110 Scientists find mechanism that eliminates senescent cells