File Title
1 3D holographic head-up display could improve road safety
2 Scientists have cultured the first stable coral cell lines
3 Mapping the path to rewilding: the importance of landscape
4 New research uncovers continental crust emerged 500 million years earlier than thought
5 Material scientists find new angle toward better heat transfer
6 Higher education does not influence how the brain ages
7 Alternative meats are not suppressing reliance on grazing animal sources
8 Persuading consumers to go green
9 Do fish feel pain? UTA team says it's likely.
10 Following nature's cue, researchers build successful, sustainable industrial networks
11 One in five pharmacies blocks access to key medication to treat addiction
12 Studies connect hormone to breast cancer and uncover potential for novel targeted drugs
13 Skin and bones repaired by bioprinting during surgery
14 Energy-saving gas turbines from the 3D printer
15 New clues to the conundrum of mother-to-child HIV transmission
16 Genetic changes in head and neck cancer, immunotherapy resistance identified
17 New rapid COVID-19 test the result of university-industry partnership
18 Fooling fusion fuel: How to discipline unruly plasma
19 Is night shift really helping you sleep better?
20 Researcher questions whether powered flight appeared on non-avialan dinosaurs
21 Psst! Have you heard that gossip isn't all bad?
22 Cleaner water through corn
23 Two novel biobanks offer investigatory targets for cocaine and oxycodone addiction
24 A new perspective on the genomes of archaic humans
25 Forensic scientists unlocking unique chemical signatures in tires
26 Spike in severe pediatric type 2 diabetes complication during COVID-19 pandemic
27 Research result reporting set for boost under new system
28 New study reveals Down East wild blueberry fields warming faster than Maine as a whole
29 Mayo Clinic researchers question effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for solid organ transplant
30 Hydrocracking our way to recycling plastic waste
31 Study finds increased risk of serious opioid events in mothers, regardless of dose
32 Genomic study points to new treatment approaches for advanced small-cell lung cancer
33 Drug derived from Kentucky-grown plant shows promise for ovarian cancer treatment
34 Researchers say prescribing opioids for pain relief after knee surgery is unnecessary
35 New testing strategy can speed up COVID-19 test results for healthcare workers
36 Stanford researchers reveal that homes in floodplains are overvalued by nearly $44 billion
37 What spurs people to save the planet? Stories or facts?
38 Supervisors focused on others' needs get 'benefit of the doubt' from employees
39 Study shows 2% of asymptomatic pediatric dental patients test positive for COVID-19
40 Brain changes following traumatic brain injury share similarities with Alzheimer's disease
41 Results of study could be biggest rehab advance in decades for patients after stroke
42 Which Parkinson's symptoms do patients most want to see improved by treatment?
43 New study shows microbes trap massive amounts of carbon
44 New study provides insight in identifying, treating lung cancer at early stages
45 Research by University of Minnesota Medical School students suggests protocol change for tear gas deployment
46 Experimental proof for Zeeman spin-orbit coupling in antiferromagnetics
47 Implications are global in new study predicting Human exodus in Bangladesh
48 Blood transfusions in cats: A precious resource requiring a considered approach
49 Plastic electronics: Ushering in the next generation of technology
50 A new way of rapidly counting and identifying viruses
51 New prostate cancer urine test shows how aggressive disease is
52 Study of COVID-19 in Ireland shows links between underlying conditions and poorer outcomes
53 CRISPR/Cas-based diagnostics and gene therapy
54 Can a newborn's brain discriminate speech sounds?
55 Weight loss surgery reduces brain pressure in patients with neurological condition
56 Toxic fluorocarbons--Not just in ski waxes
57 Six factors that determine success when working from home
58 Surprise in the deep sea
59 Common inflammatory bowel disease treatment blunts COVID-19 vaccine response
60 Freeze! New model to help protect ships from ice accretion
61 Sounds familiar: A speaker identity-controllable framework for machine speech translation
62 How COVID-19 impacted UK healthcare
63 Smell training, not steroids, best treatment for COVID-19 smell loss
64 Mental health promotes children's physical activity during lockdown
65 Increase in stroke mortality in people with COVID-19 during first lockdown
66 Cell adaptation in critically ill could be difference between life and death
67 Shopping online or locally--an individual choice
68 We've been at it a long time
69 Ozone pollution in Germany falls thanks to lower nitrogen oxide emissions
70 Divide and conquer? New insights from the ancients of the microscopic world
71 How do slow anomalies beneath subducting slabs affect giant megathrust earthquakes?
72 Nondestructive characterization technique helps gallium nitride crystal developments
73 Netflix commits to local productions to continue leading the streaming platform market
74 Airports could generate enough solar energy to power a city: Study
75 Against presbyopia
76 Toward painless oral insulin administration
77 Study evaluates biomarker criteria for assessing Alzheimer's risk
78 Researchers have identified a novel autoantigen in narcolepsy, a mimic of a protein from H1N1 virus
79 Pain patients and healthcare providers want CDC opioid guideline revoked
80 Study looked at how nurses view touch as a form of care
81 Structure gives insight into how plants keep their "mouths" shut
82 Star light, star explained by math
83 Researchers solve puzzle of origin and formation of specialized body plan in flatfishes
84 Nanobodies inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection
85 TBI: A new roadmap for advancing personalized treatment solutions
86 Football Fitness gives an important boost to health in women treated for breast cancer
87 Long-term care infrastructure must be re-imagined in a post-pandemic world
88 Genetic discovery in songbird provides new insights
89 Majority of US faculty help students with mental health issues--but few are trained for it
90 Discovery of an elusive cell type in fish sensory organs
91 More than half of generation Z gay, bisexual teenage boys report being out to parents
92 UBCO researcher re-evaluates estimate of the world's high-altitude population
93 Human genome editing requires difficult conversations between science and society
94 The Lancet: Experts call for comprehensive reform of miscarriage care and treatment worldwide
95 New cancer algorithm flags genetic weaknesses in tumours
96 Scientists develop new class of cancer drug with potential to treat leukaemia
97 Better hearing with optical cochlear implants
98 Asteroid that hit Botswana in 2018 likely came from Vesta
99 Surgical procedure may help restore hand and arm function after stroke
100 Icy clouds could have kept early Mars warm enough for rivers and lakes, study finds
101 Prototype for mobile devices could screen children at risk for autism spectrum disorder
102 Preeclampsia during pregnancy increases stroke risk later in life
103 Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University find COVID-19 variants may offer clues in predicting patient outcomes as virus evolves
104 Study shows smartphone app can identify autism symptoms in toddlers
105 Female military veterans face additional barriers accessing mental health support
106 Secondhand smoke appears to heighten risk of oral cancer
107 Hospitalized shift workers up to 3 times more likely to be COVID-19 positive
108 Mysterious ocean-floor trails show Arctic sponges on the move
109 Researchers demonstrate fully recyclable printed electronics
110 First village-level mapping of childhood undernutrition in India reveals local disparities
111 Genome sequencing delivers hope and warning for the survival of the Sumatran rhinoceros
112 Probing deep space with Interstellar
113 Social tensions preceded disruptions in ancient Pueblo societies
114 Women with gynecologic cancer and low income report increased financial stress and anxiety during COVID-19 pandemic
115 Close monitoring for heart risk needed if breast, prostate cancer treatment includes hormones
116 Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 have a small risk of heart failure
117 Serial antigen testing may be an effective strategy for controlling infection during a nursing home [plus additional topics]
118 Study examines association between lifestyle patterns and BMI in early childhood
119 How the brain encodes social network structure
120 Normally harmless cell molecule triggers neuron death
121 Taking vitamin D could lower heart disease risk for people with dark skin
122 Researchers work to increase number of transplantable livers
123 How did dinosaurs deliver bone-crushing bites? By keeping a stiff lower jaw.
124 Could heart medications increase COVID-19 risk?