File Title
1 Glacier Avalanches--With Potential Dire Consequences--More Common Than Thought
2 New Laser to Help Clear the Sky of Space Debris
3 Spin Defects Under Control: Improved Materials for Quantum Sensor Technology
4 NASA SpaceX Crew-1 Astronauts Splash Down Safely After Record Space Station Mission
5 Environmental Scientists Want to Extract Carbon-Neutral "Biofuel" From Lakes
6 Record-Breaking Gamma Rays Bathe the Milky Way in an Energetic Haze
7 The Human Genome at 20: How Biology's Most-Hyped Breakthrough Led to Anticlimax and Arrests
8 New Chip Developed That Improves Testing and Tracing for COVID-19
9 Illuminating Dark, Underground Spaces: Scientists Design "Smart" Device to Harvest Daylight
10 COVID-19 Is a Vascular Disease: Coronavirus' Spike Protein Attacks Vascular System on a Cellular Level
11 Violent Black Hole-Neutron Star Collisions May Help Settle Dispute Over Universe's Expansion
12 Identifying Individual Molecules: How to Build a Better "Nanopore" Biosensor
13 DALI Experiment: An Astro-Particle Telescope for Dark Matter
14 Xenobots 2.0: Scientists Create the Next Generation of Living Robots
15 Scientists Discover That the Shape of Light Changes Our Vision
16 New Cell Atlas of COVID Lungs Reveals Why SARS-CoV-2 Is Different and Deadly
17 Inactive Oil Wells May Be a Big Source of Methane Emissions
18 Our Giant Universe: Hubble Spots Massive Galaxy Cluster With a Wealth of Exciting Possibilities
19 Experiments on Live Human Brain Tissue Yield Unexpected Findings
20 Same Drug Can Have Opposite Effects on Memory in Males and Females
21 Artificial Intelligence Helps Crack the Code of the Dead Sea Scrolls
22 Mars Curiosity Rover Explores Stratigraphy of Gale Crater: Finds Multiple Transitions Between Drier and Wetter Climates
23 Beyond Qubits: Key Components for a Qutrit-Based Quantum Computer Demonstrated
24 Physicists Open New Window Into Dark Energy
25 Red Sea Is No Longer a Baby Ocean: Hidden Structures Reveal 13 Million Years of Seafloor Spreading
26 How Plants Find Their Symbiotic Bacteria Partners
28 Two of the Most Destructive Forces of Nature--Earthquakes and Tsunamis--May Be a Bigger Threat Than Thought
29 Mating With Relatives? New Research Shows It Is Not a Big Deal in Nature
30 NASA's Parker Solar Probe Discovers Radio Signal in Venus' Atmosphere
31 Toward Improved Solar Cells With Active Learning
32 Asteroid That Hit Botswana in 2018 Likely Originated From Vesta
33 Scientists Successfully Sequenced the Genome of Previously Extinct Date Palms
34 Bizarre Branching Worm With Dividing Internal Organs Discovered Growing in Sea Sponge
35 Fragments of Titanium Found Blasting Out of a Famous Supernova
36 Cracking the Mysteries of Venus: New Information on Planet's Spin and Internal Structure
37 Yamatosaurus: New Duckbilled Dinosaur Discovered in Japan
38 After Proving Flight Is Possible on Mars, NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Has a New Mission
39 Meteorites Reveal Ancient Magnetic Record of Protoplanet Churn
40 Body's Natural Pain Killers Can Be Enhanced--Works With Fewer Side Effects Than Opioids
41 Laser Light Makes a Comeback (Literally): New Phenomenon Discovered
42 Extraordinary Species Diversity Within a 14.7 Million-Year-Old Tropical Rainforest and Sheds Light on Evolution
43 Compelling Patterns in Bothnian Bay Before the Breakup
44 Plants and Insects Threatened by Increasing Pesticide Toxicity
45 Tracing COVID Back to Origin: Many Variant Strains Were Already Present Before the First Known Cases Identified in China
46 Pokemonas--New Bacteria Related to Lung Parasites Discovered, Named After Pokemon
47 Spectre Strikes Back: New Hacking Vulnerability Affecting Billions of Computers Worldwide
48 Snakeskin Inspires Safer Buildings
49 Converting a Cell Phone Into Powerful Chemical Detector for $50
50 Circadian Rhythm Research Could Turn Early Birds Into Night Owls--Or Vice Versa
51 Seismicity on Mars Full of Surprises--More Than 500 Marsquakes Detected by InSight Lander in First Year
52 'Last Resort' Antibiotic Kills Bacteria by Popping Them Like Balloons
53 High Dose of Vitamin D Fails to Improve Condition of Moderate to Severe COVID-19 Patients
54 Radio Astronomers Discover 8 New Millisecond Pulsars With MeerKAT Telescope
55 200-Year-Old Poop Shows Rural Wealthy Elites in New England Had Parasitic Infections
56 No! Loan Applications Processed Around Midday, Are More Likely to Be Rejected
57 New Study Deconstructs Dunbar's Number: Yes, You Can Have More Than 150 Friends
58 MIT's "Programmable Matter" Technique: A Zap of Light Switches Objects' Colors and Patterns
59 Plastic Pollution in the Deep Sea: A Geological Perspective on a Global Problem
60 Solution Proposed to Mystery of Incredibly Strong White Dwarf Magnetic Fields
61 Alternative to Conventional Fertilizers: Fungi Could Manipulate Bacteria to Enrich Soil With Nutrients
62 Experiments Show Cryptic Sixth Sense of Orientation of Bats Lies in the Eye
63 New Map Reveals Genes That Control the Skeleton--Will Help Find Therapies for Bone Disease
64 How Llamas Wally and Winter Are Helping Scientists Find Effective COVID-19 Treatments
65 Hot Spots of Aging and Disease Revealed by How Brain Cells Repair Their DNA
66 New Allergy Guidelines for Schools Recommend Against Food Bans
67 New "Key-Hole Surgery" Technique to Extract Metals From the Earth--Could Revolutionize the Future of Mining
68 Too Much or Too Little Sleep Linked to Elevated Heart Risks in People Free From Disease
69 Want to Treat Heart Attacks Faster? There's an App for That
70 People With Prediabetes Significantly More Likely to Suffer a Heart Attack, Stroke
71 Where You Live May Make a Big Difference on How Long You Live After a Heart Attack
72 New Moon Map Created to Help Guide Future Lunar Exploration Missions
73 A New Way to Make AR/VR Glasses: Freeform Optics Combined With Metasurface to Avoid "Bug Eyes"
74 Researchers Discover New Disease That Prevents Formation of Antibodies
75 Africa's Oldest Human Burial Site Uncovered: 78,000-Year-Old Remains Reveal How Stone Age Populations Interacted With the Dead
76 New Miniature Trap-Jaw Ant Ant Species Discovered--Named in Recognition of Gender Diversity
77 Gravitational-Wave Scientists Brilliant New Method to Refine the Hubble Constant--The Expansion and Age of the Universe
78 Researchers Analyze: How Accurate Were Early Expert Predictions on COVID-19?
79 Dementia Linked to Poor Kidney Function in New Research
80 How Moderna Helped Launch a Vaccine Revolution
81 Experts Debate: Is PTSD Overdiagnosed?
82 Flat Pasta Developed That Morphs Into Shape When Cooked
83 Global Warming Could Lead to the Melting of More Than a Third of Antarctic Ice Shelves, Huge Rise in Sea Levels
84 Many Consumers Misinterpret Food (Best By / Use By) Expiration Date Labels
85 Achieving High COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage Levels by Summer Can Prevent Millions of Cases and Save Billions of Dollars
86 GridScale: Storing Renewable Energy in Stones Instead of Lithium Batteries
87 A Giant Piece of Space Junk From a Chinese Rocket Is Hurtling Towards Earth--Here's How Worried You Should Be
88 Novel Genetic Biomarker Linked to Hair Loss Can Determine COVID Severity in Men
89 60 Years Ago: Alan Shepard Becomes the First American in Space
90 240-Million-Year-Old Ichthyosaur--Besanosaurus--Was an 26 Foot Long Marine Snapper
91 Alien Raindrops Are Surprisingly Similar to Rain on Earth
92 Alcohol in Moderation May Help Protect the Heart by Calming Stress Signals in the Brain
93 An Easy Way to Improve Exercise Performance: Dab on Deep Heat Cream
94 Hydropower Can Help States Afford to Meet Net-Zero Emissions Targets by 2050
95 Record-Breaking Laser Pulses Allow Astrophysical Phenomena to Be Studied in the Lab
96 Climate Scientists Show Flooding May Triple in the Mountains of Asia Due to Global Warming
97 Towards 2D Spin-Logic Memory Technology Using Magnetic Graphene
98 Mice With Hallucination-Like Behaviors Reveal Insights Into Psychotic Illnesses
99 Mysterious Hydrogen-Free Supernova Sheds Light on Massive Stars' Violent Death Throes
100 Molecular Glue Boosts Efficiency and Makes Perovskite Solar Cells Dramatically More Reliable Over Time
101 Oceanographers Find "Heat Bombs" Destroying Arctic Sea Ice
102 Novavax Vaccine Trial Indicates 100% Protection Against Severe COVID-19 Due to South African Variant
103 How We Created the "Perfect Storm" for the Evolution and Transmission of Infectious Diseases Like COVID-19
104 Dwindling Water Sources in Mexico: Nearly 85 Percent of the Country Is Experiencing Drought
105 Shuvuuia: Extraordinary Dinosaurs That Hunted in the Dark
106 New Research Reveals Different Brain Activity Behind Missed Penalty Kicks
107 Hand Dermatitis in Two Thirds of Public Due to Frequent Hand Washing During COVID-19
108 Learning on the Fly: Model Demonstrates Similarities in How Humans and Insects Learn
109 Rare Genetic Neurological Disease Caused by Mutations in Protein That Controls RNA Metabolism
110 Space Station Astronauts Study how Space Affects Immune System, Exercise
111 SpaceX's Starship Prototype Rocket Successfully Lands for the First Time
112 I Felt Really Heavy!--NASA's SpaceX Crew-1 Astronauts Discuss Their Historic Mission and Return to Earth
113 Physicists Demonstrate Swarm of Photons That Somersault in Lockstep
114 Researchers Find Leakage of Airborne Droplets Escaping From COVID Masks--Even When Just Breathing
115 Early Human Embryo Structure Created With Stem Cells in Advance for Fertility Research