File Title
1 Glacier melt is speeding up, raising seas: global study
2 Earth's cryosphere is vital for everyone
3 Most human origins stories are not compatible with known fossils
4 Prehistoric humans first traversed Australia by 'superhighways'
5 Head shape, breed function play a part in dog-to-human communication
6 A new perspective on the genomes of archaic humans
7 Planet of the Cave People
8 US braces for billions of cicadas to emerge after 17 years underground
9 For animals, inbreeding isn't all that bad, new research shows
10 Humans significantly altered biodiversity on islands, study shows
11 Gorilla among 200 endangered species threatened by conflict: conservationists
12 Madagascar's horned crocodile warrants a new branch on the tree of life
13 Siberian tiger attacks farm worker, batters car in northeastern China
14 Flexible diet has helped leaf-eating lemurs survive deforestation
15 Climate-friendly microbes break down dead plants, but don't release methane
16 From lizards to water, eco-bumps snag Tesla Berlin plant
17 Scientists grow human-monkey chimeric embryos in lab
18 Rhino population in Nepal grows in conservation boost
19 Scientists can now silence genes without altering underlying DNA sequence
20 Biodiversity 'hot spots' devastated in warming world
21 Energy giant sued as Spain power lines kill 100s of birds
22 Wildlife biodiversity is a boon to human health, seafood nutrition
23 Activists cheer record baby prospects for Pyrenees bears
24 Snakes, rats and cats: the trillion dollar invasive species problem
25 Friends, enemies an evolutionary function of long, slow life, study says
26 Galapagos airport staff find 185 tortoises in suitcase
27 Brain disease killing bald eagles traced to unknown cyanobacterium
28 Australians warned of deadly spider 'plague' after floods
29 French beauty spot seeks to stem surge of nature-seeking tourism
30 Competition leaves a permanent genetic imprint on the brains of songbirds
31 Owls may have inherited their night-hunting abilities from dinosaurs
32 Merkel urges richest nations to up climate game despite COVID
33 US climate envoy Kerry says islands face 'beyond existential' threat
34 Geoengineering: 'Plan B' for the planet
35 Top German court finds govt. climate plans fall short
36 What they're saying at the global climate summit
37 Major banks commit to carbon neutrality by 2050
38 China says climate onus on US in Kerry talks
39 UN warns of famine in drought-ravaged southern Madagascar
40 Dust storms and valley fever in the American West
41 India infections top 20 million but numbers offer slight hope
42 Philippines' Duterte gets Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine
43 HIV self-test prices to be slashed in half in 135 countries
44 Bodies pile up as COVID overwhelms India
45 Pandemic a shot in the arm for anti-vaccine movement
46 WHO seeks next steps in COVID origins probe
47 Sweat sensor could warn of impending COVID-19 cytokine storm
48 New Zealand trials 'early warning' virus app at border
49 China mulls mixing vaccines to improve efficacy of jabs
50 DoD to prioritize overseas personnel in COVID-19 vaccine distribution
51 China weighs carrots and sticks in push to vaccinate millions
52 Uzbekistan begins jab drive with AstraZeneca, Chinese vaccine
53 WHO experts give nod to China jabs, boosting global vaccine drive
54 WHO chief toughens tone on China with lab probe call
55 Global jabs pass half a billion as WHO seeks vaccines for poor nations
56 Hong Kong clinic punished for recommending foreign vaccine over Chinese jab
57 Cutting methane emissions key to slowing warming: UN
58 Water flora in the lakes of the ancient Tethys Ocean islands
59 US must embrace human augmentation or fall behind competitors
60 EU space regulation ready to take off with the creation of the EUSPA
61 Chameleon skin-inspired material changes color, can detect seafood freshness
62 Former Maldives president wounded in assassination bid
63 Pressure mounts on Colombia as protests begin second week
64 Ousted Myanmar lawmakers announce 'people's defense force'
65 Hong Kong teen among 5 held under security law: police
66 Drought-hit Jordan 'critical' as water sources dry up
67 UN warns of famine in drought-ravaged southern Madagascar
68 Pandemic, war, climate change fuel food fears
69 Illinois, Nebraska scientists propose improvements to precision crop irrigation
70 In London, rail-side gardening blossoms during pandemic
71 ESA and FAO unite to tackle food security and more
72 India's desert salt farmers feel the heat from climate change
73 French growers feel the pinch as cold snap wrecks crops
74 Brazil eyes record grain harvest as China demand booms
75 Shepherds were tending sheep in Central Asia at least 8,000 years ago
76 French wine growers light fires as frost threatens harvest
77 Plant gene discovery could help scientists develop heat-tolerant crops
78 Ixorigue: the solution for livestock management integrating Galileo and Copernicus
79 Study: Meat, dairy companies lack strategy to fully address emissions
80 Beef-addicted Uruguay aiming to make farming greener
81 Rodent rampage: Mouse plague sweeps Australia's east
82 Insect diversity boosts longterm stability of crop pollination services
83 Breakthrough technology introduced to combat growing global water crisis
84 How donkeys digging wells help life thrive in the desert
85 In Peru, pre-Columbian canals offer hope against drought
86 RIT researchers using drones and artificial intelligence to help assess crop growth
87 Twenty percent of groundwater wells around the world at risk of running dry
88 Sinkholes fill Turkey's breadbasket in drought
89 Along the mighty Niger River, fewer fish and more jihadists
90 Blinken cautions Africa on China during 'trip' to Nigeria, Kenya
91 Abducted Westerners feared killed in Burkina
92 France to give one bn euros aid to farmers hit by frost
93 Tunisia 'sandy' farms resist drought, development
94 Security Council meets on North Korea tests without action
95 STRATCOM wants smaller role for nuclear weapons in U.S., Russia, China
96 Israel would reject Iran deal enabling nukes: Netanyahu
97 Child unknowingly tweets from US nuclear command's account
98 NORAD readies for Arctic air defense exercises
99 Iran, Russia denounce UK plan to boost nuclear arsenal
100 UK to increase nuclear stockpile: reports
101 B-1B conducts Bomber Task Force mission in Norway and Sweden
102 French nuclear tests infected 'almost entire Polynesian population'
103 Putin, Biden should aim for more arms curbs: Gorbachev
104 Israel predicts attacks by Iran 'proxies' to pressure Biden on nuclear deal
105 Russian Envoy to US: I Don't Believe Sane US Generals Really Consider Nuclear War with Moscow
106 US says 'possible' to revive Iran nuclear deal before vote
107 Iran denies US prisoner swap reports
108 US denies reports Iran poised to free four Americans; as hopes grow on new deal
109 Iran audio leak sought to sow 'discord' amid nuclear talks: Rouhani
110 US Navy fired warning shots on Iran boats in Gulf: Pentagon
111 Iran nuclear deal talks to 'speed up': Tehran
112 Washington weighs risk of defending Taiwan against China
113 G7 ends talks with criticism of China, Russia, Iran
114 US sends more reinforcements for Afghan pullout: Pentagon