File Title
1 Glandular fever increases the risk of depression
2 How plants find their symbiotic partners
3 Strong and flexible cofactors
4 How to manage osteoporosis in hematologic stem cell transplant recipients
5 Tailor-made therapy of multi-resistant tuberculosis
6 uGMRT reveals for the first time the patchy environment of a rare cosmic explosion
7 A new way to make AR/VR glasses
8 The level of satisfaction with life in Spain is marked by household financial capacity
9 Less precipitation means less plant diversity
10 An animal able to regenerate all of its organs even when it is dissected into three parts
11 Research with neutrons for better mRNA medicines
12 European coordination needed to fight science disinformation, academies say
13 Scientists warn: Humanity does not have effective tools to resist the tsunami
14 A physics perspective on wound healing
15 Lead found in rural drinking water supplies in West Africa
16 NTU Singapore scientists invent catheter system to deliver electricity-activated glue path
17 Reduction in wetland areas will affect Afrotropical migratory waterbirds
18 Scientists find small molecule cocktail to improve stem cell use in research, medicine
19 UTEP study examines movement in children with autism
20 Applying UV light to common disinfectants makes them safer to use
21 33% of neighborhoods in largest US cities were 'pharmacy deserts'
22 Volunteer firefighters have higher levels of 'forever chemicals'
23 As wildfires increase in severity, experts call for coordinated federal response
24 Researchers wirelessly record human brain activity during normal life activities
25 Screening healthcare workers could serve as early warning system for future viruses
26 How a bad day at work led to better COVID predictions
27 CityU scientists invent cryomicroneedles for intradermal therapeutic cell delivery
28 Same drug can have opposite effects on memory according to sexual differences
29 Technique to automatically discover simulation configurations for behaviors hard to test
30 Personalised medications possible with 3D printing
31 GM grass cleanses soil of toxic pollutants left by military explosives, new study shows
32 Personalised follow-up care needed to address varying health burdens in breast cancer pts
33 200-year-old poop shows rural elites in New England had parasitic infections
34 Colorblindness complicates race-related conversations between white parents and children
35 Team from UHN, CAMH identify unique characteristics of human neurons
36 Earthquake, tsunami hazards from subduction zones might be higher than current estimates
37 Structural racism contributes to the racial inequities in social determinants of psychosis
38 3D 'lung-on-a-chip' model developed to test new therapies for COVID-19 and other lung conditions
39 NYUAD study sequences genome of extinct date palms germinated from 2,000 year-old seeds
40 Human organ chips enable COVID-19 drug repurposing
41 New understanding of ovarian follicle development may lead to novel reproductive therapies
42 Cell atlas of stony corals is boost for coral reef conservation efforts
43 Election campaigns: attacks and smearing backfire and can benefit other candidates
44 Northern Red Sea corals pass heat stress test with flying colors
45 Intranasal influenza vaccine enhances immune response and offers broad protection, researchers find
46 Housing subsidies reduce health care costs for vulnerable veterans
47 Planned cesarean births safe for low-risk pregnancies
48 Mating with relatives? Not a big deal in nature
49 Oceans' microscopic plants--diatoms--capture carbon dioxide via biophysical pathways
50 Increased use of minimally invasive non-endoscopic tests for Barrett's esophagus screening [plus additional topic]
51 HKUST scientists discover how antibiotics target bacterial RNAP to inhibit its gene transcription
52 'Oddball supernova' appears strangely cool before exploding
53 Study finds limited access to paid video streaming services contributes to piracy growth
54 First detailed look at how charge transfer distorts a molecule's structure
55 UCLA team discovers how to restrict growth, spread of head and neck cancers
56 Focused ultrasound enables precise noninvasive therapy
57 On the front line: The impact of suicide on health professionals and first responders
58 Revealed: Coral fights back against crown of thorns starfish
59 Long-term monitoring shows successful restoration of mining-polluted streams
60 Machine learning accelerates cosmological simulations
61 Without commuter traffic, pandemic-era drivers are speeding up, increasing noise pollution
62 A trait of the rare few whose bodies naturally control HIV: "trained" immune cells
63 UMD team demonstrates swarm of photons that somersault in lockstep
64 Being around children makes adults more generous
65 New application of AI just removed one of the biggest roadblocks in astrophysics
66 Prenatal environmental contaminants and childhood disease
67 Neighborhood disadvantage may be an environmental risk factor for brain development
68 New app makes Bitcoin more secure
69 With a zap of light, system switches objects' colors and patterns
70 UNC Charlotte researchers analyzed the host origins of SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses
71 Study finds potential therapeutic target for pediatric acute myeloid leukemia
72 Study explores how private equity acquisitions impact hospitals
73 Examining the 'service cliff' for youth with autism and their family caregivers
74 Polarization-sensitive photodetection using 2D/3D perovskite heterostructure crystal
75 Gene therapy in Alzheimer's disease mouse model preserves learning and memory
76 Observation of antichiral edge states in a circuit lattice
77 A pediatric policy council plenary: The role of research in reducing gun violence
78 Muscle-fiber inspired pneumatic artificial muscles for multiple-mode actuations
79 A multipronged approach to addressing childhood adversity and promoting resilience
80 Emissive supramolecular metallacages via coordination-driven self-assembly
81 U of A researchers successfully use 3-D 'bioprinting' to create nose cartilage
82 MDI Biological Laboratory scientist identifies process critical to kidney function
83 Citrus derivative makes transparent wood 100 percent renewable
84 Your stomach may be the secret to fighting obesity
85 Juvenile incarceration has mixed effects on future convictions
86 Breakthrough study shows no-take marine reserves benefit overfished reefs
87 HEPA filter effectively reduces airborne respiratory particles generated during vigorous exercise
88 Hopkins-led research team takes gene mutation detection in blood to the next level
89 New graphite-based sensor technology for wearable medical devices
90 More youth report concussions since 2016, U-M study shows
91 Soybean cyst nematode is the most damaging soybean pathogen--and it's rapidly spreading
92 Investigating the role of Brd4 in diet-induced obesity
93 Phase transition inside the nucleus provides oncogenic function to mutant p53 in cancer
94 The intersection of child poverty with race, immigrant status and environmental threats
95 A calculator that predicts risk of lung cancer underperforms in diverse populations
96 New GSA Bulletin articles published ahead of print in April
97 The sensitive brain at rest
98 Emergency physicians first to safely treat vaccine-induced blood clot with heparin alternative
99 The next four years: Forecasting child health policy issues
100 With new treatments, PET imaging adds valuable information to brain metastasis monitoring
101 Why does heart scarring cause abnormal rhythms in some people but not others?
102 Addressing the persistent controversies and questions in preterm infant nutrition
103 Researchers identify potential combination therapy for aggressive lung cancer
104 Forest fires drive expansion of savannas in the heart of the Amazon
105 Population-based study shows air pollution exposure contributes to childhood asthma
106 Immunomics: A conversation on the future of diagnostics with Ramy Arnaout
107 Bringing up baby: A crocodile's changing niche
108 Forty years of nursing science in HIV/AIDS: JANAC marks progress and challenges
109 One step closer to efficient cannabis production
110 New neuroimaging technique studies brain stimulation for depression