File Title
1 Making AI algorithms show their work
2 Prehistoric footprints suggest mammals did like to be beside the seaside
3 Archaeology: Climate change may be accelerating ancient rock art degradation
4 Call for "paradigm shift" to fight airborne spread of COVID-19 indoors
5 Food dyes may cause disease when the immune system is dysregulated, researchers report
6 After near extinction, new genome data bodes well for condors' future
7 A sibling-guided strategy to capture the 3D shape of the human face
8 Two regions in the canine genome explain one third of the risk of rare blood cancer
9 New snailfish genome reveals how they adapted to the pressures of deep-sea life
10 Call for scientific community to increase diversity and inclusivity in medical research
11 A Z-RNA nanoswitch encoded by "junk DNA" turns-off immune responses against self
12 Pandemic boosts demand for postal delivery of abortion pill
13 Compound may prevent risk of a form of arrhythmia from common medications
14 People at high genetic risk for colorectal cancer benefit more from lifestyle changes
15 New technology enables rapid sequencing of entire genomes of plant pathogens
16 Harvesting light like nature does
17 Heart attack recovery aided by injecting heart muscle cells that overexpress cyclin D2
18 Cataloging breast cells to find cancer origins
19 U-M researchers trace path of light in photosynthesis
20 New cyanobacteria species spotlights early life
21 Most pediatric spinal fractures related to not wearing seatbelts
22 New pre-clinical model could hold the key to better HIV treatments
23 New benefit increases Veterans' access to urgent care in the community
24 Sensors developed at URI can identify threats at the molecular level
25 New research optimizes body's own immune system to fight cancer
26 Access to overdose-reversing drugs declined during pandemic, researchers find
27 Researchers pinpoint possible way to prevent permanent hearing loss caused by cancer drug
28 Researchers suggest pathway for improving stability of next-generation solar cells
29 Solar wind from the center of the Earth
30 New perspective on stress pandemics and human resilience from the analysis of COVID-19
31 Maternal stress during pregnancy may shorten lifespans of male lizard offspring
32 Businesses have a moral duty to explain how algorithms make decisions that affect people
33 Male hormones regulate stomach inflammation in mice
34 New research will improve safety and quality of Heparin
35 Few realistic scenarios left to limit global warming to 1.5íC
36 Researchers develop first-in-class inhibitors against key leukemia protein
37 The mechanism of action of genes with high mutation frequency in cancer
38 Yoga and breathing exercises aid children with ADHD to focus
39 Is the past (and future) there when nobody looks?
40 Lockdown led to positive lifestyle changes in older people
41 Emergence of a new heteronanostructure library
42 Artificial intelligence identifies the tiger mosquito from photos in the Mosquito Alert
43 Ventilating the rectum to support respiration
44 Ecology-inspired mathematical models to understand social networks
45 Terpen-tales: The mystery behind the unique fragrance of the lovely lavender
46 The chemistry of magnesium turned on its head
47 Hanging by a thread: Imaging and probing chains of single atoms
48 Where on Earth is all the water?
49 Scientists rewrite the genesis of mosquito-borne viruses
50 Less wastage during production of marble slabs in the Roman imperial period than today
51 Charting the expansion history of the universe with supernovae
52 Nagoya University scientists reveal unprecedentedly versatile new DNA staining probe
53 Researchers observe new complexity of traveling brain waves in memory circuits
54 New screening method could lead to microbe-based replacements for chemical pesticides
55 Which animals will survive climate change?
56 Glaciologists measure, model hard glacier beds, write slip law to estimate glacier speeds
57 The eyes offer a window into Alzheimer's disease
58 Gimmicky or effective? The effects of imaginative displays on customers' purchase behavior
59 Health outcomes differ between UK and US children with cystic fibrosis
60 Fairness 'important--but not enough'
61 Fruit flies and mosquitos are 'brainier' than most people suspect, say scientists
62 New immunotherapy 'highly effective' against hepatitis B
63 Herbivores developed powerful jaws to digest tougher plants after the mass extinctions
64 New weapon in the fight against gastrointestinal disease in informal settlements
65 Above the noise
66 Study of hip fracture patient characteristics and outcomes pre- and post-COVID-19 outbreak
67 Interim study suggests oral TXA is equally effective in preventing blood loss in joint replacement
68 Researchers develop 3D-printed jelly
69 Ion transporters in chloroplasts affect the efficacy of photosynthesis
70 Probiotics associated with fewer respiratory symptoms in overweight and older people
71 Pancreatic cancer trials fail to include minorities despite worse outcomes
72 Pairing bariatric procedure with diabetes drug increases weight loss
73 COVID-19 pandemic sees increased consults for alcohol-related GI and liver diseases
74 New research shows: Antoni van Leeuwenhoek led rivals astray
75 Fibre-optics used to take the temperature of Greenland Ice Sheet
76 How moths find their flame--genetics of mate attraction discovered
77 Climate change threatens one-third of global food production
78 Etching process enhances the extraction of hydrogen during water electrolysis
79 Genes associated with COVID-19 risk identified
80 Teens, adults who use E-cigarettes have increased odds of asthma, asthma attacks
81 Living in redlined areas associated with lower lung function in those with asthma
82 No-one knew if lymph vessel cells bear cilia; turns out, they're indispensable for health
83 Earth's oldest minerals date onset of plate tectonics to 3.6 billion years ago
84 E-cigarettes associated with wheezing, shortness of breath
85 Mammals can use their intestines to breathe
86 Our dreams' weirdness might be why we have them, argues new AI-inspired theory of dreaming
87 Bio-inspired scaffolds help promote muscle growth
88 Teachers' gender, sexuality, and age affect perceptions of sexual misconduct of students
89 Left atrial appendage occlusion associated with low rate of stroke
90 Left atrial appendage occlusion reduces stroke after heart surgery
91 Sacubitril/valsartan does not outperform ACE inhibitor after heart attack
92 Baby and regular-strength aspirin work equally well to protect heart health
93 Apixaban not superior to standard care after TAVR
94 Shrinking planets could explain mystery of universe's missing worlds
95 Early biomarker warning of heart disease for diabetic patients
96 Low- and high-dose aspirin achieve similar protection, safety for those with heart disease
97 Rutgers reports first instance of COVID-19 triggering recurrent blood clots in arms
98 Simple surgery prevents strokes in heart patients
99 New medical image fusion method draws on deep learning to improve patient outcomes
100 A LiDAR device the size of a finger available
101 Future sparkles for diamond-based quantum technology
102 Sperm help 'persuade' the female to accept pregnancy
103 No benefit to FFR-guided PCI in STEMI patients with multi-vessel disease
104 Renal denervation lowers blood pressure in medication-resistant hypertension
105 Burnout rates double for cardiology clinicians amid COVID-19
106 Clopidogrel superior to aspirin for long-term post-stent maintenance
107 No improvement in outcomes with rapid, high-sensitivity troponin T testing protocol at one year
108 De-escalation of dual antiplatelet therapy appears safe and effective
109 Evinacumab could help some patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia
110 Higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids from prescription fish oil showed no effect on CV events