File Title
1 New Satellite-Measured "Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence" to Improve Carbon Neutrality Research
2 Mars-Directed Coronal Mass Ejection Erupts From the Sun
3 Probing Deep Space With a New Interstellar Spacecraft
4 Surprise in the Deep Sea: Mysterious Ocean-Floor Trails Show Arctic Sponges on the Move
5 Making Renewable Energy From Water With Nanoporous Cubic Silicon Carbide
6 Women's Menstrual Cycles Temporarily Synchronize With Moon Cycles
7 More Compact and Efficient Vertical Turbines Could Be the Future for Wind Farms
8 Ancient DNA Reveals New Spot in the Tree of Life for Extinct "Horned" Crocodile
9 COVID-19 Silences the Immune Response in Infected Cells in the Gut
10 US and Iranian Researchers Work Together on Lake Urmia Restoration
11 High School Junior Built a Low-Cost Seismometer That Delivers Earthquake Early Warnings for Homes and Businesses
12 Scientists Have Discovered a Unique and Powerful Dark Matter Detector
13 Math Shows How Widespread Facemask Use Is Vital to Suppress the COVID Pandemic As Lockdowns Lift
14 Ultracold Atom Interferometry Demonstrated in Space for the First Time
15 How COVID-19 Worms Its Way Into the Brain--Explaining Baffling Neurological Symptoms
16 Muon g-2 Particle Accelerator Experiment Results Are Not Explained by Our Current Theories of Physics
17 Low-Cost, Highly Efficient Solar-Powered Desalination for Safe Drinking Water
18 Isaac Newton May Have Met His Match: New AI Tool Calculates Materials' Stress and Strain Based on Photos
19 How Do the Most Massive Stars Explode? Bubbles With Titanium Trigger Titanic Explosions
20 Physicists Prove That the Imaginary Part of Quantum Mechanics Really Exists!
21 Like Boot Prints on the Moon, NASA's OSIRIS-REx Left Its Mark on Asteroid Bennu
22 Advanced Computer Model Enables Improvements to "Bionic Eye" Technology
23 Highly Accurate Measurements Show Neutron Star "Skin" Is Less Than a Millionth of a Nanometer Thick
24 HI-SEAS Mars/Moon Habitat: Scientists Don Spacesuits to Explore Hawaiian Lava Tubes As if They Were on Mars
25 Genetic Link to Clogged Arteries Discovered--Raises Risk of Heart Disease Independent of Cholesterol Levels
26 Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking in a Superconductor
27 Microbiologists Have Found a Way to Use Bacteria to Remove Microplastics From the Environment
28 NASA's Curiosity Rover Team Names Martian Hill That Serves as Mission "Gateway"
29 Astronauts Enjoyed a Fresh Supply of Leafy Greens Grown on the International Space Station
30 More Than a Third of Antarctic Ice Shelf Area at Risk of Collapse As Planet Warms
31 New Artificial Neuron Device Runs Neural Network Computations Using 100 to 1000 Times Less Energy
32 Evidence of "Pulsar Wind Nebula" May Solve 34-Year-Old Astronomical Mystery
33 Skid Mark Clues: Forensic Scientists Classify Unique Chemical Signatures in Tires
34 COVID Variant P.1 Is More Transmissible and More Lethal
35 Researchers Solve a 350-Year-Old Puzzle and Discover a New Rule of Nature
36 Scientists Discover a Psychedelic-Like Drug Without the Hallucinogenic Side Effects
37 Scientists Harness Molecules Into Single Quantum State--Could Open New Fields in Quantum Chemistry
38 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Spots Perseverance Mars Rover From the Air
39 New Test Can Predict Severe COVID-19 Cases
40 Climate Change Concerns Rise As Cave Deposits Show Surprising Shift in Permafrost Over the Last 400,000 Years
41 NASA Delays SpaceX Crew-1 Astronauts Return to Earth--Here's Why
42 Experts Debate: Should COVID Masks Be Worn Outdoors?
43 Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements Linked With Heart Rhythm Disorder
44 Just Like Bees, Wasps Are Valuable for Ecosystems, Economy and Human Health
45 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Has Passed Away at Age 90
46 Barging In: Mighty SLS Core Stage for Artemis I Mission Arrives at Kennedy Space Center
47 Reducing Blue Light: A New Type of LED That Won't Keep You Up All Night
48 Hydroxyl Molecule Signature Detected in an Exoplanet Atmosphere for the First Time
49 Scientists Shrink Pancreatic Cancer Tumors by Starving Their Cellular "Neighbors"
50 New Nanoparticle Material Developed for Efficient Water Desalination
51 At Least Four Independent Traits Affect Dogs' Ability To Establish Eye Contact With Humans
52 Vega Rocket Returns to Service With Successful Launch of 6 Satellites
53 When Combined With Hepatitis C Drugs, Antiviral Remdesivir May Be 10 Times More Effective Against COVID-19
54 Energy-Saving Gas Turbines Made by 3D Printer
55 Mammals Evolved Big Brains After Big Disasters (Mass Extinction and Climate Change)
56 Smart Glass Has a Bright Future: Daylight Steering Provide Huge Energy Savings
57 6G and Beyond: Silicon Multiplexer Chip Will Drive Next Generation Communications
58 Different General Anesthetics Affect Consciousness and Memory in Surprisingly Different Ways
59 First Human Inhabitants of Australia Followed "Superhighways" Across the Continent
60 Slippery When Wet: New Law of Physics Helps Humans and Robots Grasp the Friction of Touch
61 Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Helps Unravel the Physics Underlying Quantum Systems
62 Corals That "Spit" Algae: Ancient Immune Response and Beneficial Symbioses
63 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Already Met Its Goals--Now NASA Wants to Push the Envelope
64 Extent of Human Impact on the World's Plant Life Revealed in New Research
65 Global Glacier Retreat Has Accelerated: Analysis of 220,000 Glaciers Shows Rapid Melting That Has Scientists Worried
66 Path to the Pad: NASA Artemis I Moon Rocket Comes Together
67 Mantis Shrimp Larvae Pack an Explosive Punch Just Like Ma and Pa--"We Were Amazed!"
68 Skeletal Remains Show Cancer Rates in Medieval Britain 10x Higher Than Previously Thought
69 Researchers Identify the Defect That Limits Solar-Cell Performance: Hydrogen in Hybrid Perovskites
70 Hungry Fruit Flies Are Extreme Ultramarathon Fliers--Can Travel Six Million Times Their Body Length
71 Artificial Intelligence Model Predicts Which Immune System Key Opens the Locks of Coronavirus
72 Supermassive Black Holes Like to Eat, but Have a Variety of Table Manners
73 Oxygen Production From Three-Body Photodissociation of Water Revealed by Dalian Coherent Light Source
74 New Brain-Like Computing Device With Electrochemical "Synaptic Transistors" Simulates Human Learning
75 NIH Study Provides an Atlas to Pinpoint Neurons Involved in Neurodegenerative Diseases
76 SpaceX Dragon Fire
77 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Failed to Takeoff for Fourth Flight on Mars
78 MIT Develops Nanostructured Device That Stops Light in Its Tracks
79 Sounding the Seafloor With Light: Mapping the Shallows With Freely Available Satellite Data
80 SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Alone May Cause COVID-19 Lung Damage--Even Without the Presence of Intact Virus
81 Cave Deposits Reveal Permafrost Thawed 400,000 Years Ago, When Temperatures Were Not Much Higher Than Today
82 Testing Einstein's Theory of General Relativity From the Shadows and Collisions of Black Holes
83 Four-Second Cycling Sprints: 10 Minutes Is All You Need for This High-Intensity Workout
84 Witness the Formation of a Planet: Hubble Watches How a Giant Exoplanet Grows
85 Harvard Researchers Say Antarctic Ice-Sheet Melting to Lift Sea Level 30% Higher Than Thought
86 Researchers Say Benefits of AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Outweigh Its Risks
87 MIT: On Course to Create a Fusion Power Plant
88 First Major Discoveries Reported From Project to Read Complete Genetic Sequences of All 70,000 Vertebrate Species
89 Scientists Discover Three Liquid Phases in Aerosol Particles
90 Surprise in the Deep Sea: Researchers Discover Unexpected Paths on the Ocean Floor
91 Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Completes Spectacular Fourth Flight, Setting New Records
92 NASA's Artemis I SLS Rocket Core Stage Transported to Its New Home
93 New Optical Device Allows Engineers To Fine Tune the Color of Light
94 Researchers Warn: AI Algorithms Can Influence People's Voting and Dating Decisions
95 Campfires on the Sun Offer Clue to Solar Heating Mystery
96 Creating Patterns With Complex Microstructures Spontaneously in Synthetic Materials
97 Wildfires and Smoke Cause "Black Sky" in Siberia
98 Does Selfishness Evolve? Ask a Cannibal
99 Humungous, Record-Breaking Stellar Flare From Sun's Nearest Neighbor
100 Billion-Year-Old Fossil Discovered--Reveals Missing Link in the Evolution of Animals
101 Dietary Therapy for Cancer? Amino Acid Consumption Determines the Fate of Cancer Cells
102 New Breakthrough Towards Understanding Dark Energy
103 Nuclear DNA From Cave Sediments Helps Unlock Ancient Human History
104 Huge Region of Europe Destroyed by Asteroid Impact in Planetary Defense Exercise
105 Newly Discovered Immune Cell Function Vital to Healing May Lead to Treatments for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases
106 New Research Shows Pain Relieving Effects of CBD
107 May Skywatching Tips: A Rocky Planet Round-Up and a Super Blood Moon Eclipse
108 Scientists Map Rivers of Pollution in the Sky
109 New Directed Energy Device for Biomedical and Military Defense Applications