File Title
1 Brain computer interface turns mental handwriting into text on screen
2 New study: Kefir package claims don't always accurately reflect composition of commercial products
3 Who is affected by brain pressure disorder the most?
4 Telemedicine needs to be integrated into cardiology training, experts recommend
5 Female lawyers more likely to report stress, risky drinking than male lawyers
6 Who fought in the ancient Greek Battles of Himera? Chemical evidence provides answers
7 AI learns to type on a phone like humans
8 How AIs ask for personal information is important for gaining user trust
9 Ancient Easter Island communities offer insights for successful life in isolation
10 Finding control in hard-to-predict systems
11 Nanophotonics enhanced coverslip for phase imaging in biology
12 New cellular atlas maps out healthy and cancerous breast tissue
13 Using micro-sized cut metal wires, Japanese team forges path to new uses for terahertz waves
14 Virtual reality warps your sense of time
15 Force-sensing PIEZO proteins are at work in plants, too
16 Two-in-one: Wide-angle monitoring meets high-resolution capture in new camera platform
17 Politically polarized brains share an intolerance of uncertainty
18 Epigenetic changes drive the fate of a B cell
19 Screening for ovarian cancer did not reduce deaths
20 Study of nitinol deformations to enrich understanding of materials with targeted properties
21 Scientists invent a method for predicting solar radio flux for two years ahead
22 Understanding how people make sense of the news they consume
23 UChicago study finds lasofoxifene a promising treatment for resistant breast cancer
24 University of Cincinnati researcher says proteins in patients biomarkers of heart disease
25 Tests of bitumen pave way to rational approaches in road building
26 Study finds low sugar metabolite associates with disability, neurodegeneration in MS
27 Research reveals negative effects of hotel app adoption on customer spending
28 TGen-led study of 70,000 individuals links dementia to smoking and cardiovascular disease
29 Market report: Rising stock wealth does boost spending, employment
30 Immunocompromised pediatric patients showed T-cell activity and humoral immunity against SARS-CoV-2
31 Hydrogen peroxide-producing drug boosts cancer-killing effect of radiotherapy
32 Current trend reversed
33 Evolutionary biologists discover mechanism that enables lizards to breathe underwater
34 High genomic diversity is good news for California condor
35 CT promising for sublobar resection in early-stage non-small cell lung cancer
36 Mixing massive stars
37 COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are immunogenic in pregnant and lactating women
38 Species losses on isolated Panamanian island show importance of habitat connectivity
39 Researchers 3D print complex micro-optics with improved imaging performance
40 NK cells with bispecific antibody show activity against lymphoma cells
41 Many do not recognise animal agriculture's link to infectious diseases
42 Study: Drivers with shift work sleep disorder 3x more likely to be in crash
43 Ingredient in common weed killer impairs insect immune systems, study suggests
44 Ticking upward: MU researcher studies rise of tick-borne diseases in Midwest
45 New evidence for electron's dual nature found in a quantum spin liquid
46 Treating the COVID-19 'infodemic' as an epidemic
47 How widespread is lemur and fossa meat consumption?
48 Man's best friend in life and death: Pet dog brain banking supports aging research
49 Molecular alteration may be cause--not consequence--of heart failure
50 Urban traffic noise causes song learning deficits in birds
51 Study finds mechanism leading to herceptin resistance and Rx approach to reverse it
52 The Achilles heel of the coronavirus
53 Antarctic ice sheet retreat could trigger chain reaction
54 Pregnant Aussie mums denied nausea and vomiting medications
55 Can the diffraction limit be overcome in the linear imaging system?
56 A new polarized fluorescent probe for revealing architectural dynamics of living cells
57 CDEX listens to the sound of cosmology from a laboratory deep underground
58 Ankle and foot bone evolution gave prehistoric mammals a leg up
59 Eating more fruit and vegetables linked to less stress--study
60 Ion-selective smart porous membranes
61 Snakes alive? We're totally fine with them--just not at our house
62 Freeform imaging systems: Fermat's principle unlocks 'first time right' design
63 Non-linear optics meets X-rays
64 New 2021 COVID-relevant fire safety and emergency evacuation guidelines for intensive care units and operating theaters launched
65 Scientists show how to attack the 'fortress' surrounding pancreatic cancer tumors
66 Pandemic stigma: Foreigners, doctors wrongly targeted for COVID-19 spread in India
67 Novel nanotech improves cystic fibrosis antibiotic by 100,000-fold
68 A new approach to identify genetic boundaries of species could also impact policy
69 Knowledge gaps on opioid use after surgery offer opportunities for improving patient education
70 Study identifies risk factors for pediatric opioid dependence after surgery
71 HSS researchers find duloxetine may reduce opioid use after total knee replacement
72 Study: Obesity slows progress against cancer deaths
73 New study reveals where memories of familiar places are stored in the brain
74 Abortion opposition related to beliefs about fetal pain perception
75 'Love thy neighbor, mask up' resonates among white evangelicals
76 Teaching a computer program to track cells
77 Orangutan finding highlights need to protect habitat
78 Count your blessings: Short gratitude intervention can increase academic motivation
79 Dental procedures during pandemic are no riskier than a drink of water
80 Songbird neurons for advanced cognition mirror the physiology of mammalian counterparts
81 Congestion pricing could shrink car size
82 Triple-negative breast cancer more deadly for African American women
83 Adolescents and older adults lack attention in social situations
84 Social media networking doesn't 'level the playing field' for women physicians
85 Carbon emissions from dams considerably underestimated so far
86 The emergence of cooperation
87 COVID-19: Majority of infected children may not show typical symptoms
88 The first frost is the deepest
89 Having a healthier heart is associated with better problem-solving and reaction time
90 Ozone in air pollution is linked to fibroid development in Black women
91 Causes of concrete and asphalt deterioration explained
92 Scientists identify source of weight gain from antipsychotics
93 Victoria's watch catchments may not recover from drought: Study
94 Fossilized tracks show earliest known evidence of mammals at the seashore
95 Kaiser Permanente cancer survival rate higher among insured
96 Scientists show immune cells change behavior unexpectedly to instigate psoriasis lesions
97 Researchers identify a missing piece of the Lyme disease puzzle
98 Trace gases from ocean are source of particles accelerating Antarctic climate change
99 Cancer has ripple effect on distant tissues
100 Ventilation in buildings: where water sanitation was in the 1800s
101 Depression and anxiety more common in heart failure than cancer patients
102 Brain mechanism of curiosity unraveled
103 Scientists find molecular patterns that may help identify extraterrestrial life
104 Life may have become cellular by using unusual molecules
105 Health effects of prenatal exposure to 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda
106 What makes plant cell walls both strong and extensible?
107 To prevent next pandemic, scientists say we must regulate air like food and water
108 Largest-ever study of artificial insemination in sharks--and the occasional 'virgin birth'
109 Obesity during adolescence linked to increased risk of stroke as an adult
110 Kelp, maggots and mycoprotein among future foods that must be mass-farmed to combat malnutrition