File Title
1 Small Talk and Social Anxiety--Coping Strategies
2 Death of US Doctor After Being Administered COVID-19 Vaccine Under Investigation
3 Brazil Downgrades Efficacy of Chinese-Made COVID-19 Vaccine; Exhibits Only 50% Efficacy
4 Moderna CEO Believes COVID-19 is Here to Stay 'Forever'
5 Ancient Oceans Not Susceptible to Climate Change; Human Activities Have Done Many Damages
6 Tech Giants Join Forces To Create Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Passport
7 Man Charged for Administering Fake COVID-19 Vaccine to 92-Year-Old Elderly Woman for 160 pounds
8 Pablo Escobar's 'Cocaine Hippos' Uncontrollable Breeding Pose Ecological Threat
9 Why Do Some People Hear Voices of the Dead? Studies Explain the Reason
10 COVID-19 Has Lesser Penetration to Veteran Smokers a New Case Study Proves in India
11 How Seniors Living Alone Can Protect Themselves During COVID
12 WHO Chief: 'Not Right' to Vaccinate Younger Adults in Rich Countries Before Elderly in Poorer Countries
13 Washington State Brokers' Partnership with Starbucks, Microsoft to Boost COVID-19 Vaccination
14 New Documentary Emerges, Reveals Medics Instructed to Deny Coronavirus Ourbreak
15 Japan Experiences a Spate of Suicide Incidents Due to COVID-19; Affects the Mental Health of Citizens
16 BC Cautions of Fake COVID-19 Vaccines Sold Online
17 Biden Vaccine Effort in the US Rejoins With WHO
18 Virginia to Implement Permanent COVID-19 Workplace Safety Standards
19 Adding Exercise and Supplements to Increase Weight Loss
20 Elon Musk to Throw $100 Million Prize for Twitter Followers with 'Best' Carbon Capture Tech
21 Could Cats, Dogs Pass COVID-19 to Humans? Scientists Say They Should be Vaccinated, Too!
22 Moderna Says New Variant of the Virus to Be Neutralized with Same COVID-19 Vaccine
23 Wisconsin Anti-Vax Pharmacist Pleads Guilty for Trying to Destroy Hundreds Of COVID Vaccines
24 China Starts to Use Rectal Swabs for COVID-19 Tests, 'Invasive Procedure' Draws Flak
25 Miracle Baby: 15-Weeks Premature Withstands Odds, Beats E. Coli, Sepsis, COVID-19 After He was Born
26 New York Undercounts COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Home by 50%, Report Reveals
27 Are Two Face Masks More Effective Than One as Shield From COVID-19?
28 COVID-19 Affecting Male Fertility, True or Not?
29 Tokyo Olympics COVID-19 Plans, Players to Take COVID-19 Vaccine Before the Game
30 Pregnant Women With COVID-19 Can Provide Their Babies With Antibodies, Study Reveals
31 Japan Discovers New UK COVID-19 Strains to Patients With No Travel History
32 Next Epidemic Could Be a Fatal Fungus, According To US CDC Experts
33 Stage 4 Breast Cancer Treatment
34 Oregon Law To Decriminalize Possession of Hard Drugs, Offering Addicts To Rehab Instead of Prison
35 BBB Warns of Sharing COVID-19 Vaccine Cards on Social Media, Scammers May Phish Vital Information
36 Joe Biden's Stimulus Checks: Controversial in Fulfilling Pledge to Americans
37 Teen Wakes up from Coma Unaware of the Pandemic and That He Caught It Twice
38 Australian State Lockdown: How One COVID-19 Case Put Two Million in Lockdown
39 Japan Extend State of Emergency as COVID-19 Cases Spurt, Olympics and Vaccine Remain Uncertain
40 Husband Dies of COVID-19 Two Days After Beating Prostate Cancer
41 New COVID Variant May Affect the COVID Vaccines Due to Its Mutation
42 COVID-19: Mother Shares Experience as She Gives Birth While in Critical Condition Due to Coronavirus
43 What Are the Most Common Short-Term Disability Claims?
44 US Vaccination Campaign To Open More Community Centers
45 Fake Stem Cell Treatment to Cure COVID-19 Allegedly Run by Missouri Lawmaker
46 WHO Admits Wuhan Research Mission Will Not Reveal How COVID-19 Gets Transmitted To Humans From Animals
47 When Will COVID-19 End for Us to Return to the Old Normal?
48 Student Dies After Nose Job Due To Organ Failure; Hospital Staff Claims She Was 'Fine'
49 E-Coli Infections Cause Sickness to Many People in the US, CDC Clueless About the Source
50 COVID-19 Patients with Gum Problems are Nine Times More Likely to Die, Study Claims
51 4th Grade Girl Dies Asleep 3 Days After Tested Positive for COVID-19, Family Says
52 Florida Water Hack: FBI Hunts Down Person Behind Attempted Poisoning of Florida Water Supply
53 WHO: COVID-19 Unlikely to Have Originated from Wuhan Lab
54 World's Second-Oldest Person Survives COVID-19 Before She Turns 117
55 COVID-19 Vaccine Allegedly Caused Rare Blood Disorder in Dozens of Individuals
56 CDC Waives Quarantine for Complete COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Even After Exposure to Disease
57 Canada Senate Amends Assisted Dying Bill, Extends Access To Mentally Ill People
58 Veneers Have Never Been More Popular
59 COVID-19 Vaccines for Children Coming, but Not for Many Months
60 Guinea Declares First Ebola Outbreak Since 2016, Records 4 Fatalities
61 Israel Awards $1 Million to Anthony Fauci for 'Defending Science'
62 Future Outbreaks May Be More Severe Without Proper Mitigation, Says Experts
63 North Korea Attempts to Steal Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data, South Korean Lawmakers Say
64 The Rewards of Psychiatric Nursing
65 Mexico Dissatisfied Over Unequal Vaccine Distribution, Files UN Complaint
66 Texas Officials Caution Residents of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Wake of Winter Storm Uri
67 New York Restaurant Fires a Waitress for Not Getting COVID-19 Vaccine
68 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Sends 63 Chinese Cinema Goers to Hospital
69 Life Expectancy Drops by a Year, While 20 Million Years Are Lost Due To COVID-19, Study Claims
70 Vatican Threatens to Fire Employees Who Refuse to Get COVID-19 Vaccine
71 SC Governor Signs Fetal Heartbeat Bill; Bans Abortion After Heartbeat Detection
72 Health Secretary Matt Hancock Says UK Prioritizes COVID-19 Fight Over Transparency
73 Israeli Bar Offers Free Drinks for Those Who Will Get COVID-19 Vaccines
74 Italy's Mt. Etna Erupts 4 Times in the Past Week, Offers a Show of Lava and Fire
75 First Animal to Human Transmission of New Strain of Avian Flu Reported in Russia
76 COVID-19 Pandemic Could Be 'Mostly Gone' by April, According to John Hopkins
77 Texas Family Files $100 million Suit Against Power Companies After 11-year-old Died of Hypothermia Amid Winter Storm
78 Can stress trigger psoriasis?
79 Michigan Transplant Patient Dies from COVID-19 2 Months After Receiving Lungs That Carried the Virus
80 FDA Claims J&J's Single-Shot of COVID-19 Vaccine is Safe, Effective
81 COVID-19 Cases Decreasing, but US Should Not Fall Into Complacency, Says Dr. Peter Hotez
82 Ghana Receives 600,000 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine from COVAX, Sparks Hope for Developing Countries
83 Take a Holistic Approach to Keeping Your Brain Sharp
84 J&J's Single-Dose COVID Vaccine Receives FDA Advisers Backing
85 You May Have Had COVID-19 Without Realizing It If You Experience These Signs
86 First Single-Dose Vaccine Should Be Available for Administering on Tuesday
87 Iceberg in Antarctica Larger than New York City Breaks Off from Brunt Ice Shelf
88 Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine May Not Work Well on Obese People, Study Claims
89 Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Receives Backlash from Church
90 Canada Vaccine Committee Against Administering AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine to 65 and Above
91 REPORT: CDC Claims Americans Who Get COVID-19 Vaccine Can Gather Indoors Without Masks
92 Japanese Billionaire Offers to take Eight People on SpaceX Moon Trip in 2023
93 South Korea Investigates Deaths of Two Patients who Received AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine
94 Japanese Woman Dies of Brain Hemorrhage Three Days After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
95 Biden: United States on Track to Have Enough Vaccines for All Adults by End of May
96 Children To Start Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine in the Fall
98 Hundreds Gather in Idaho State Capitol in "Burn the Mask" Rally to Protest Pandemic Restrictions
99 COVID-19 Vaccine Death: Austria Suspends AstraZeneca
100 Adults With Down Syndrome More Likely To Die From COVID-19
101 No Masks, Physical Distancing for Fully Vaccinated People
102 COVID-19 Fragments Found in Australia, US Wastewater
103 Treatments That Could Restore Hearing Loss for Millions
104 North Korea To Receive Two Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine
105 Utah Mother Dies Days After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
106 AstraZeneca Vaccines: Safe To Use, Canada Claims
107 WHO Investigators Defend Wuhan Lab on COVID-19 Origins
108 McConnell Slams Biden's Adults COVID-19 Vaccination Target
109 Boris Johnson Defends Safety of AstraZeneca Vaccine
110 Moderna Begins Study of Vaccine in Children
111 Florida Baby, First to Be Born with COVID-19 Antibodies
112 Pfizer, AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccines Effective Against Brazilian Variant, Weaker to South African Variant
113 Four-Week Paris Lockdown to Commence Following Sudden Surge in COVID-19 Cases
114 Joe Biden Eyes Mid-May to Start Relaxing COVID-19 Travel Restrictions, Sources Claim
115 AstraZeneca Vaccine Declared 'Safe' by EU Agency After Countries Halt Use
116 COVID-19 Third Wave Threatens Europe, More Likely To Cancel Summer Holidays
117 People Who Had Common Cold Could be Protected Against COVID-19 Study Suggests
118 Pfizer Launches First-Ever COVID-19 Pill, Prevents Virus Mutation Inside the Human Cells
119 New Zealand Approves Automatic Paid Leave After Miscarriage