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1 In the blood: Which antibodies best neutralize the coronavirus in COVID-19 patients?
2 Zebrafish brain shows that new neurons are formed in the brain in a coordinated manner
3 Wealth inequality is key driver of global wildlife trade
4 Nature draws out a happy place for children
5 Freeports: innovative trading hubs or centres for money laundering and tax evasion?
6 Many people could reduce their 'feeding window' by three hours
7 Bone-deep: Mineral found in human bone can help fight toxic organic compounds
8 The level of satisfaction with life in Spain is marked by household financial capacity
9 Zoo YouTube videos prioritize entertainment over education
10 To enhance creativity, keep your research team fresh
11 The Lancet: More nurses lead to fewer patient deaths&readmissions, shorter hospital stays, and savings
12 When conservation work pays off: After 20 years, the Saker Falcon breeds again in Bulgaria
13 Strong quake, small tsunami
14 Scientists will protect the "Smart City" from cyber threats
15 Model bias corrections for reliable projection of extreme El Nino frequency change
16 The brain game: What causes engagement and addiction to video games?
17 Using contrast MRI after a heart attack could increase survival
18 Researchers use optical data to reveal the basic structure of spacetime in rotating frames
19 How fasting diets could harm future generations
20 New marine sulfur cycle model after the Snowball Earth glaciation
21 Quantum mechanics paves the way for more stable organic solar cells
22 Pepsin-degradable plastics of bionylons from itaconic and amino acids
23 Improved air quality during first wave of COVID prevented 150 premature deaths in major Spain cities
24 MOF metallic mastery
25 How to predict severe influenza in hospitalised patients
26 Researchers reveal how PIF proteins regulate cytokinesis
27 Discovering candidate for reflex network of walking cats: Understanding animals with robots
28 Researchers reveal Knl1 gene function in plants
29 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
30 Electromagnetic levitation whips nanomaterials into shape
31 Lichens slow to return after wildfire
32 New study suggests pregnant women hospitalized for COVID-19 do not face increased risk of death
33 Study shows significant benefit of PolarCap in recovery from sports-related concussions
34 Protecting local water has global benefits
35 People are persuaded by social media messages, not view numbers
36 Medicaid expansion alone does not resolve disparities in cancer care
37 New material to treat wounds can protect against resistant bacteria
38 Minimum nurse-to-patient ratios policy saves lives and lowers costs
39 In 'minibrains,' hindering key enzyme by different amounts has opposite growth effects
40 Study shows how some severely obese children were negatively affected by the COVID-19 lockdown
41 Virtual weight-loss support during lockdown leads to clinically meaningful weight loss
42 Inhibition of proteins activated by nitric oxide reverses aortic aneurysm in Marfan syndrome
43 COVID-19 risk and restrictions both motivated and supported participants in online weight loss program, but had a negative impact on mood and behaviors
44 Low temperature physics gives insight into turbulence
45 Study finds consumption of free sugars by secondary school children in the UK lower during snacking periods than at main mealtimes
46 Study of 1.5 million British people shows BMI cut offs for obesity and diabetes risk do not work for non-white populations
47 Bioengineering approach for functional muscle regeneration
48 The Aqueduct of Constantinople: Managing the longest water channel of the ancient world
49 Cholesterol-lowering statins prescribed less later in day
50 Study shows how our brains sync hearing with vision
51 Study examining biodiversity loss calls for urgent global economy 'rethink'
52 Sex cells in parasites are doing their own thing
53 Blitz data used to identify those at risk of mental illness following COVID
54 Nature has enormous potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss in the UK
55 Researchers develop magnetic thin film for spin-thermoelectric energy conversion
56 Rooting the bacterial tree of life
57 New genetic copycatchers detect efficient and precise CRISPR editing in a living organism
58 'Pre-bunk' tactics reduce public susceptibility to COVID-19 conspiracies and falsehoods
59 Gene therapy offers potential cure to children born without an immune system
60 8 Out of 10 people hospitalized with COVID-19 develop neurological problems
61 Metagenomic analyses used to identify changes in the gut microbiome after spinal cord injury
62 Stabilizer residue in inks found to inhibit conductivity in 3D printed electronics
63 New mothers twice as likely to have post-natal depression in lockdown
64 Box fan air cleaner greatly reduces virus transmission
65 Fivefold rise in young children swallowing magnets over past 5 years in UK
66 Long term use of prescription meds for insomnia not linked to better quality sleep
67 Make job conditional on COVID jab for frontline healthcare workers, argue ethicists
68 Hidden within African diamonds, a billion-plus years of deep-earth history
69 1.5íC degrowth scenarios suggest need for new mitigation pathways: Research
70 Boosting body heat production: A new approach for treating obesity
71 Updated guidance issued for maintaining ethics and professionalism in cardiovascular care
72 A comprehensive map of the SARS-CoV-2 genome
73 Rural school districts swifter to return to in-person instruction than urban districts
74 Horseradish flea beetle: Protected with the weapons of its food plant
75 A beetle's Achilles heel
76 Gene therapy offers a potential cure to children born without immune system
77 Tiny amino acid differences can lead to dramatically different enzymes
78 UQ research finds new way to reduce scarring
79 For the brain, timing is everything
80 CIA's misleading inoculation drive led to vaccine decline in Pakistan
81 Same gene drives male water striders' long legs and the inclination to use them as weapons
82 New gene editing strategies developed for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
83 Evaluation of the diagnostic criteria for anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis in children
84 Domino-like crystallization of glass
85 Jab-free dengue immunity could be just a click away
86 Quantum machine learning hits a limit
87 Can fisheries benefit from biodiversity and conserve it too?
88 Research reveals ancient people had more diverse gut microorganisms
89 Measuring brain blood flow and activity with light
90 UNH research estimates 1.4 million children have yearly violence-related medical visits
91 University of Minnesota Medical School researchers identify target for senolytic drugs
92 Backyard chickens, rabbits, soybeans can meet household protein demand
93 Breakthrough could lead to early detection of pregnancy complications
94 How the body builds a healthy relationship with 'good' gut bacteria
95 A delicate balance: Learning new ways that gut microbes educate the immune system
96 Study finds ghost forest 'tree farts' contribute to greenhouse gas emissions
97 UCLA scientists decode the 'language' of immune cells
98 New research may explain shortages in STEM careers
99 Scientists use genetic engineering to explore mechanisms involved in psychiatric disorders
100 Stimulating environments boost the brain; now scientists have found the genes responsible
101 Symbiotic bacteria in root cells may be key to producing better crops, Rutgers study finds
102 PENTEC: World experts team up to improve outcomes for children after radiation therapy
103 Bears that mark more trees may be more successful in mating
104 Lemon trees showed less response to citrus greening disease pathogen than orange trees
105 New ebolavirus vaccine design seeks to drive stronger antibody defense
106 How imperfect memory causes poor choices
107 All gas, no brakes: Testosterone may act as 'brake pedal' on immune response
108 Major differences in COVID patient care caused by insufficient data, misleading advice
109 Autologous adipose injection for shoulder pain in wheelchair users with spinal cord injury
110 Mutation profile of acral nevi differs from acral melanoma, Moffitt researchers say