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1 Warming seas might also look less colorful to some fish. Here's why that matters.
2 California's worst wildfires are helping improve air quality prediction
3 A receptor that controls appetite presents a target for anorexia, suggests mouse study
4 Higher mushroom consumption is associated with a lower risk of cancer
5 1 of 695 Fast mitigation of power grids instability risks
6 People at high risk for HIV know about prevention pill, but use remains low
7 Antibiotics protect apples from fire blight, but do they destroy the native microbiome?
8 Why climate change is driving some to skip having kids
9 The wave beneath their wings
10 Study explains 'cocktail party effect' in hearing impairment
11 Study provides detailed look at intriguing property of chiral materials
12 Stem cell therapy promotes recovery from stroke and dementia in mice
13 Flowering rooted in embryonic gene-regulation
14 Host, management, or microbial traits: Which is dominant in plant microbiome assemblage?
15 Right to food strategy could eliminate food waste on farms
16 Inflammatory diet linked to testosterone deficiency in men
17 What leads young women to disclose abuse in their first relationships?
18 Researchers share strategies for making geosciences more inclusive
19 Aerial photos uncover an invisible fault in Chinese City
20 A "finger phantom" to train treatment of trigger finger using ultrasound guidance
21 A growing problem of 'deepfake geography': How AI falsifies satellite images
22 Study: 'Fingerprint' for 3D printer accurate 92% of time
23 Does listening to calming music at bedtime actually help you sleep?
24 Record-breaking flare from Sun's nearest neighbor
25 Verbal fluency deficits in multiple sclerosis may reflect impaired language ability
26 New process breaks down biodegradable plastics faster
27 Humungous flare from sun's nearest neighbor breaks records
28 Insurance isn't enough for women at high risk of breast cancer
29 Bubble with titanium trigger titanic explosions
30 New report finds COVID-19 pandemic causes dramatic shifts in prescription drug spending
31 For scleroderma, algorithm helps better screen for fatal complication
32 Illuminating invisible bloody fingerprints with a fluorescent polymer
33 Cracking open the mystery of how many bubbles are in a glass of beer
34 Brushing away oral health disparities in America's rural children
35 Consistent use of food pantries needed to address food insecurity, related health issues
36 Great white feeding ground
37 Bypassing broken genes
38 Solar panels are contagious--but in a good way: Study
39 How SARS coronaviruses reprogram host cells to their own benefit
40 Ingredient in Indian long pepper shows promise against brain cancer in animal models
41 21st century medical needles for high-tech cancer diagnostics
42 Monkeys are less cuddly with each other when dealing with an infection, study finds
43 Freshwater salt pollution threatens ecosystem health and human water security
44 Researchers identify potential subtype of PTSD
45 International research team argues for combining organic farming and genetic engineering
46 New results about the diets of people who lived on the Great Hungarian Plain
47 Improved management of farmed peatlands could cut 500 million tons CO2
48 Lighting it up: Fast material manipulation through a laser
49 Genes linked to creativity were the "secret weapon" in the survival of Homo sapiens
50 Microplastics affect global nutrient cycle and oxygen levels in the ocean
51 Early Neolithic farmers modified the reproductive cycle of sheep
52 Direct observation of the ad- and desorption of guest atoms into a mesoporous host
53 Age at the menopause can be assessed using predictive modeling
54 New cognitive bias affecting evaluation processes: Generosity-erosion effect
55 First study into prevalence of COVID-19 symptoms amongst high-risk children
56 SARS-CoV-2: Infection induces antibodies capable of killing infected cells
57 Esophage cancer: Discovery of the mechanisms involved
58 Insect evolution was more complex than previously assumed
59 Energy transition is dominated by myths arising from beliefs in continuous economic growth
60 Recolonization of Europe after the last ice age started earlier than previously thought
61 Identification of the wettability of graphene layers at the molecular level
62 Pregnant/postpartum women report higher depression, post-traumatic stress during pandemic
63 The sweet taste of success for a supported nickel phosphide nanoalloy catalyst
64 Mechanical engineers develop new high-performance artificial muscle technology
65 Children exposed to intimate partner violence twice as likely to have poorer health
66 Astronomers release new all-sky map of the Milky Way's outer reaches
67 PSU study challenges idea that students with cognitive disabilities can't be in STEM
68 Beyond space-age tech: Hybrid material moves next-generation transport fuel cells closer
69 No-Cath forecast
70 Swing vote 'trumped' turnout in 2016 election
71 Outback radio telescope discovers dense, spinning, dead star
72 To design truly compostable plastic, scientists take cues from nature
73 Shift-work causes negative impacts on health, affects men and women differently
74 Picture perfect: Camera traps find endangered dryas monkeys
75 Bistable pop-up structures inspired by origami
76 In calculating the social cost of methane, equity matters
77 Delaying second dose of COVID-19 vaccines may be an effective public health strategy
78 Scientists find CO2-rich liquid water in ancient meteorite
79 'Ice cube tray' scaffold is next step in returning sight to injured retinas
80 Augmented reality in retail and its impact on sales
81 Walk the dinosaur! New biomechanical model shows Tyrannosaurus rex in a swinging gait
82 Review: Changing views on atherosclerosis
83 A good night's sleep could do wonders for your sex life
84 NASA NeMO-Net video game helps researchers understand global coral reef health
85 Babies surviving Group B strep more likely to require special educational support
86 Scientists reveal origin of neuronal diversity in hypothalamus
87 New conductive polymer ink opens for next-generation printed electronics
88 First of its kind study links wildfire smoke to skin disease
89 Chronic stress may reduce lifespan in wild baboons, according to new multi-decadal study
90 Using floodwaters to weather droughts
91 Migraine linked to increased risk of high blood pressure after menopause
92 Black, hispanic stroke survivors more likely to have changes in brain's blood vessels
93 Novel agent shows promise in treating the most aggressive type of breast cancer
94 Cracking the code of the Dead Sea Scrolls
95 Scientists capture first ever image of an electron's orbit within an exciton
96 Gaps in genetic knowledge affect kiwi conservation efforts
97 AI-based system could help triage brain MRIs
98 Study reveals the complexity of microplastic pollution
99 New evidence shows important seabird nutrients reach coral reefs after rat eradication
100 New analysis addresses fear of cancer recurrence
101 Probiotic strain helps pregnant women maintain healthy iron levels
102 New insights on inflammation in COVID-19
103 Dating in a jungle: Female praying mantises jut out weird pheromone gland to attract mates
104 Energy unleashed by submarine volcanoes could power a continent
105 Stress and death in female baboons
106 Climate 'tipping points' need not be the end of the world
107 Foods associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death in middle-age
108 Central African forests are unequally vulnerable to global change
109 Enhancing virtual walking sensation for seated observer using walking avatars
110 Simplifying our world