File Title
1 Yoga only goes so far: How overhauling patient records can curb physician burnout
2 Stopping the sickness: Protein may be key to blocking a nauseating bacterium
3 In the deep sea, the last ice age is not yet over
4 Synthetic mucus can mimic the real thing
5 UMD study suggests supporting Indonesian women in conservation supports biodiversity
6 Teachers can use popular media to address anti-Asian bias, KU research shows
7 Open-label placebo works as well as double-blind placebo in irritable bowel syndrome
8 Selenium supplementation protects against obesity and may extend lifespan
9 New model to help identify risk factors for reading difficulties in children
10 Degrees of happiness? Formal education does not lead to greater job satisfaction, study shows
11 Sussex scientists develop ultra-thin terahertz source
12 Why are optical refractive indices so small?
13 Lung Cancer: UVA health expert helps develop new national screening guidelines
14 The egg in the X-ray beam
15 Mysteries of malaria infections deepen after human trial study
16 Remote monitoring could boost the use of nature-based solutions to safeguard against natural hazards
17 Lack of competition and transparency: challenges in the online advertising market
18 Russian biologists discover a transmissible cancer lineage in the Far Eastern mussels
19 Gender discrimination threatens crop yield among smallholder farmers in Africa, researchers say
20 Growing appetite for meat alternatives in Brussels
21 Changes in mouth bacteria after drinking beetroot juice may promote healthy aging
22 New early warning system for self-driving cars
23 New COVID-19 research: How to make people follow restrictions without appealing to fear
24 Doctors experiencing domestic abuse feel socially and professionally isolated
25 Water splitting for solar energy conversion
26 Groundwater discharge affects water quality in coastal waters
27 Infants' language skills more advanced than first words suggest
28 The early death of nerve cells is crucial to form healthy brains
29 Researchers reveal SARS-CoV-2 distribution and relation to tissue damage in patients
30 Breaking records like baking bread
31 Cardiorespiratory fitness improves grades at school
32 Modern analysis of rock art
33 Chronic inflammatory liver disease: cell stress mechanisms identified
34 Urban and transport planning linked to 2,000 premature deaths per year in Barcelona and Madrid
35 Algorithm-based music recommendations: Low accuracy for lovers of non-mainstream music
36 The third generation of siRNA delivery system makes RNAi therapy feasible
37 New research shows risk of COVID-19 from aerosols to healthcare workers
38 The neural mechanism of a circulatory response to stress
39 Helping childhood-onset lupus patients stay healthy as adults
40 Urban squirrels, how much are we disturbing you?
41 Salt substitution--an effective way to reduce blood pressure in rural India
42 COVID-19 pandemic has led to more advanced-stage cancer diagnoses, physician survey finds
43 Study investigates non-verbal signs of resistance
44 How to talk to people about climate change
45 Researchers develop new method for identifying mutational signatures in cancer
46 Scientists identify molecular pathway that helps moving cells avoid aimless wandering
47 'Bottom-up' approach needed to study freshwater blooms
48 Experimental hearing implant succeeds in registering brain waves
49 Unique AI method for generating proteins will speed up drug development
50 Status of greater sage-grouse populations
51 Scientists discover new genetic disease that delays brain development in children
52 Prime editing enables precise gene editing without collateral damage
53 Fasting acts as diet catalyst
54 New oil palm map to inform policy and landscape-level planning
55 Scientists discover unique Cornish 'falgae'
56 Friends and enemies 'make sense' for long-lived animals
57 Topological protection of entangled two-photon light in photonic topological insulators
58 Heart attacks in young adults more deadly in those with systemic inflammatory disease
59 Scientists show technology can save people from shark bites
60 Using holographic endoscopes to observe distant objects
61 Widespread facemask use is vital to suppress the pandemic as lockdown lifts, say scientists
62 New statistical method eases data reproducibility crisis
63 Preventive treatment reduces diabetic retinopathy complications
64 The 'one who causes fear'--new meat-eating predator discovered
65 First interstellar comet may be the most pristine ever found
66 New tool assesses patients' home dialysis experience
67 Shining, colored LED lighting on microalgae for next-generation biofuel
68 Cervical cancer testing tech could replace pap smears, save lives
69 Human hiking trails custom built for sauntering grizzlies
70 Confronting plastic pollution to protect environmental and public health
71 Big data tells story of diversity, migration of math's elite
72 Historical data offers a glimpse into the mental health of adolescents during COVID-19
73 From dinner to sustainable electronics, the surprising versatility of crabs
74 Impact of COVID-19 'Safer at Home' order on radiology utilization
75 New study looks at long-term outcomes and costs of NMIBC
76 The majority of workers return to their jobs after being hospitalized for injuries
77 Thicker-leaved tropical plants may flourish as CO2 rises, which could be good for climate
78 Mount Sinai researchers find novel therapeutic target for specific cancer treatment
79 How do our facial expressions influence how we see others' pain?
80 Houston Methodist among largest providers of monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19
81 Will US public support donating COVID-19 vaccines to low- and middle-income countries?
82 Chemo for glioblastoma may work better in morning than evening
83 OCD patients with comorbidities respond well to deep brain stimulation
84 Fast, portable test can diagnose COVID-19 and track variants
85 COVID-19 antibody tests, even rapid finger pricks, are effective, new study finds
86 Novel pharmacological strategies to treat alcoholism. Focus on epigenetics
87 Scientists find genetic link to clogged arteries
88 New study supports the effectiveness of the ForsythKids school-based dental program for reducing untreated tooth decay
89 Mothers bear the cost of the pandemic shift to remote work
90 National study examines US mammography screening rates during COVID-19 pandemic
91 Even without a brain, Penn Engineering's metal-eating robots can search for food
92 Low-cost solar-powered water filter removes lead, other contaminants
93 Nursing graduate students report high levels of stress, anxiety, depression
94 A Skoltech method helps model the behavior of 2D materials under pressure
95 CU Cancer Center researcher reveals new effects of oxygen deprivation in cancer cells
96 Crnic Institute discovery may explain high risk of leukemia in children with Down syndrome
97 UNH Research: New Hampshire coastal recreationists support offshore wind
98 Decades of hunting detects footprint of cosmic ray superaccelerators in our galaxy
99 Study: Race made no difference in ICU Outcomes of COVID-19 patients
100 Preventive medicine physician shortage continues to fall behind population needs in the US
101 Getting to the core of HIV replication
102 The IASLC Molecular Database Project: Objectives, challenges and opportunities
103 Study: Female monkeys use males as "hired guns" for defense against predators
104 Quantum material's subtle spin behavior proves theoretical predictions
105 Researchers: Plants play leading role in cycling toxic mercury through the environment
106 Attention and working memory: Two sides of the same neural coin?
107 First X-rays from Uranus discovered
108 Study shows promise of quantum computing using factory-made silicon chips
109 The color red influences investor behavior, financial research reveals
110 Sugar not so nice for your child's brain development