File Title
1 An industrially viable competitor to silicon-based solar cells is in the works
2 Astronomy and Landscape in the city of Caral, the oldest city in the Americas
3 Faster and less-invasive atomic force microscopy for visualizing biomolecular systems
4 Optogenetics: Light regulates an enzyme
5 Carbon labeling reduces our CO2 footprint--even for those who try to remain uninformed
6 Deciphering the secrets of printed electronics
7 Getting the inside track on street design
8 New research: Photovoltaics can make the world fossil-free faster than expected
9 Depression affects visual perception
10 Natural resources decrease income inequality in resource-rich countries
11 New drug to regenerate lost teeth
12 Stellar eggs near galactic center hatching into baby stars
13 Getting on top of rural Asia's blood pressure
14 Genetic sleuthing reveals endangered river dolphins in Asia as different species
15 Detecting for carpal tunnel syndrome with a smartphone game
16 Genes associated with increased risk of cervical cancer identified
17 Mapping policy for how the EU can reduce its impact on tropical deforestation
18 Experimental antibodies for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's may cause harmful inflammation
19 SwRI scientists discover a new auroral feature on Jupiter
20 Racial diversity within a church is associated with higher average attendance over time
21 Machine learning helps spot gait problems in individuals with multiple sclerosis
22 Scientists identify virus-cell interaction that may explain COVID-19's high infection rate
23 Procedures identify Barrett's esophagus patients at risk for cancer progression
24 Inflammation-fighting protein could improve treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
25 Consuming online partisan news leads to distrust in the media
26 Study shows survival mechanism for cells under stress
27 Contact lenses poised to detect cancer, treat disease and replace digital screens
28 Another Martini for better simulations
29 Extra 100 million years before Earth saw permanent oxygen rise
30 Younger age of first drug use associated with faster development of substance use disorder
31 Carried with the wind: mass migration of Larch Budmoth to the Russian High Arctic
32 'DIY' type one diabetes treatment demands clearer guidelines for patient benefit
33 Air pollution and physical exercise: when to do more or less
34 A visit to 'Dr. Google' makes patients better at diagnosis
35 Cells rely on their crampons to avoid slipping
36 Autism rates have increased and show differences in ethnic minorities
37 Laser lights the way
38 Researchers discover how animals grow their pointy body parts
39 Glaucoma linked to increased risk of dementia
40 'Animal-stress' signal improves plant drought resilience
41 More exercise, fewer screens: New Australian guidelines for kids in OSHC
42 Stroke rate 4 times higher in Black adults than whites
43 WIC Nutrition Program increased enrollment shifting from paper vouchers to electronic
44 Method offers inexpensive imaging at the scale of virus particles
45 Mummified parrots point to trade in the ancient Atacama desert
46 Working long hours may increase odds of second heart attack
47 New nondestructive optical technique reveals the structure of mother-of-pearl
48 Physical inactivity is responsible for up to 8% of non-communicable diseases and deaths worldwide
49 Low parental socioeconomic status during pregnancy alters early fetal brain development
50 Type of glaucoma linked to increased risk of cognitive impairment
51 Fewer people sought medical help for severe asthma attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic
52 UMD reports six novel variants for CRISPR-Cas12a in plants, expanding genome engineering
53 Algorithm-generated music recommendations may be least accurate for hard rock listeners
54 Researchers notice pattern on surface of leaves, uncover new clue about plant evolution
55 Paying to clear-cut the rain forests
56 Black hole seeds key to galaxies behemoths
57 Uprooting cancer: Hydrogel rapidly reverts cancer cells back to cancer stem cells
58 How AI beats spreadsheets in modelling future volumes for city waste management
59 Political beliefs shape whether we notice social inequality
60 One in five Colorado high school students has access to firearms
61 Chronic viral infections can have lasting effects on human immunity, similar to aging
62 Six pregnancy complications are among red flags for heart disease later in life
63 People with severe gum disease may be twice as likely to have increased blood pressure
64 Long-term space travelers will need high-intensity exercise to protect heart health
65 Forests on caffeine: coffee waste can boost forest recovery
66 A mouse's bite holds venomous potential, finds new study
67 Direct oral anticoagulants show better safety and effectiveness versus warfarin in patients with valvular atrial fibrillation [plus additional topic]
68 Viewing medical evidence through a new PRISMA
69 Noninfluenza viruses have rates of illness, death similar to flu
70 Scientists zero in on the role of volcanoes in the demise of dinosaurs
71 Why the brain enjoys music
72 Scientists create simple synthetic cell that grows and divides normally
73 Curved plasmonic fluxes reveal new way to practical light manipulation within nanoscale
74 How Streptococcus pyogenes can survive on skin and cause skin infections
75 Kuroshio current may be responsible for climatic discomfort in Tokyo, scientists find
76 Cone snails use sexual enticements to lure prey out of hiding
77 Engineers use tiny device to change songbird pitch, improve understanding of human speech
78 Study finds microbial-plant interactions affect the microbial response to climate change
79 Turning back the clock on a severe vision disorder
80 Sounds like home: Murrelets choose breeding locations by eavesdropping on other murrelets
81 Endangered songbird challenging assumptions about evolution
82 A second look at sunlight
83 Dementia and COVID: What families and physicians should know
84 Architecture of Eolian successions under icehouse and greenhouse conditions
85 Kumon or Montessori? It may depend on your politics, according to new study of 8,500 parents
86 COVID-19-associated seizures may be common, linked to higher risk of death
87 Apples to apples: neural network uses orchard data to predict fruit quality after storage
88 Early Earth's hot mantle may have led to Archean 'water world'
89 Study: Insights from two reopened schools during the COVID-19 pandemic
90 An organic material for the next generation of HVAC technologies
91 Fat grafting shows promise for cancer patients with radiation-induced skin injury
92 Pandemic stress, boredom caused some PA residents to increase cigarette use
93 High-fiber diet may play a role in controlling the inflammation associated with COVID-19
94 Researchers observe new isotope of fluorine
95 Herpesvirus triggers cervical cancer affecting nearly 1 in 4 adult sea lions
96 Mysterious living monuments
97 Researchers develop tool to simplify diagnoses for children facing medical complexities
98 Ever wondered what red foxes eat? There's a database for that
99 Anti-inflammatory drug protects against lethal inflammation from COVID-19 in animal models
100 Stopping gene-regulating activity of signaling molecule could aid heart failure prevention
101 Researchers discover new type of ancient crater lake on Mars
102 Bespoke neuroblastoma therapy weaponizes cell metabolism
103 Materials scientists use frontal polymerization to mimic biology, reimagine manufacturing
104 Social media addiction linked to cyberbullying
105 Top business leaders share lessons from the COVID crisis in new report
106 Environmental antimicrobial resistance driven by poorly managed urban wastewater
107 Kids' metabolic health can be improved with exercise during pregnancy: here's why
108 Land-based learning reconnects Indigenous youth to their cultures, says Elizabeth Fast
109 T cells recognize recent SARS-CoV-2 variants
110 Screams of 'joy' sound like 'fear' when heard out of context