File Title
1 Social, not just biological factors, key in increased knee injuries among girls and women
2 A stable copper catalyst for CO2 conversion
3 Pressure sensor with high sensitivity and linear response based on soft micropillared electrodes
4 Slc20a1b is essential for hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell expansion in zebrafish
5 Scent of a species
6 Incurable Leigh Syndrome: German scientists create first human model for rare disease
7 Robust cell junctions are critical for maintaining stem cell function
8 Climate change significantly increases population displacement risk
9 High-loading atomically dispersed Ir/MoC catalyst for hydrogenation reaction
10 The origin and uniqueness of Basque genetics revealed
11 Sorting out nanodiamonds with fluorescent centers
12 Risk prediction to reduce minority disparities in USPSTF lung cancer screening guidelines
13 Dogs (not) gone wild: DNA tests show most 'wild dogs' in Australia are pure dingoes
14 Surgery is a viable treatment for pancreatic cancer patients especially after chemotherapy
15 AI used in battle against asbestos-linked cancer
16 A simple, no-cost way to increase organ donor registrations
17 Ancient genomes trace the origin and decline of the Scythians
18 Eat me: The cell signal of death
19 CTC mutations may predict outcomes in some castrate-resistant prostate cancer patients
20 Study exposes global ripple effects of regional water scarcity
21 How teeth sense the cold
22 Functional consequences of global biodiversity loss guide future nature conservation
23 School closures disproportionately hit disadvantaged students in the US
24 Measurable changes in brain activity during first few months of studying a new language
25 X-rays combined with AI offer fast diagnostic tool in detecting COVID-19
26 Study reveals bias among doctors who classify X-rays for coal miner's black lung claims
27 Scientists develop new platelet-based formulation for combination anticancer therapy
28 Progress in the study of the left atrial function index in cardiovascular disease
29 A nomogram to predict patients with obstructive coronary artery disease
30 Appropriate use of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators at a single academic center
31 Using 3-D Lorenz Scatter Plots to detect patients with atrioventricular node double path
32 Atezolizumab-induced autoimmune diabetes mellitus presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis
33 Myocardial fibrosis in pathogenesis, diagnosis & treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
34 Calcium-sensing receptor of immune cells and diseases
35 Running with face masks/respirators detrimental to respiratory and cardiovascular systems
36 How will climate change affect hailstorms?
37 HKBU-led research unlocks the genomic secrets of organisms that thrive in extreme deep-sea
38 Clearing of woody weeds in Baringo County, Kenya, may yield major livelihood benefits
39 Smokers motivated to 'quit for COVID' to ease burden on health system
40 Childhood adversity shapes adolescent delinquency, fatherhood
41 Mystery of photosynthetic algae evolution finally solved
42 Faster imaging in rubber X-ray CT imaging helps tires become smarter and more efficient
43 64% of global agricultural land at risk of pesticide pollution?
44 Discovery of a mechanism for making superconductors more resistant to magnetic fields
45 Factors that may predict next pandemic
46 Teens describe their gender and sexuality in diverse ways, but some are being left behind
47 Beetle outbreak impacts vary across Colorado forests
48 New research finds majority of children with autism may be 'doing well'
49 Relationship between psoriasis treatments and cardiovascular risk explained
50 When parole, probation officers choose empathy, returns to jail decline
51 Maternal exposure to chemicals linked to autistic-like behaviours in children
52 The race is on, but cooling industry needs to accelerate net zero efforts
53 High risk of acute kidney injury in patients undergoing treatment for infected total knee replacement
54 Protein rewires metabolism to block cancer cell death, may allow cancer spread
55 Monkeys experience the visual world the same way people do
56 Probing wet fire smoke in clouds: can water intensify the earth's warming?
57 Researchers first to link silicon atoms on surfaces
58 Jordan's worsening water crisis a warning for the world
59 Decoding smell
60 Lab model offers hope for macular degeneration patients
61 Percutaneous image guided thermal ablation safe, effective therapy for metastatic gynecologic cancers
62 New computational models to understand colon cancer
63 Intentional youth firearm injuries linked to sociodemographic factors
64 Common medications contain animal byproducts, study finds
65 How coastal forests are managed can impact water cycle
66 Diabetes drug may be a new weapon against HIV
67 Prognostic value of molecular classification in metastatic breast cancer confirmed
68 Remote-friendly student project presentations enable creativity and risk-taking
69 Brazilian researchers obtain more efficient red bioluminescence
70 New technique provides detailed map of lung pathology in COVID-19
71 TGen-ASU review suggests added sugars are contributing to liver disease among children
72 Study looks at impacts of COVID-19 and Cyclone Harold on fishers in Fiji
73 Tires turned into graphene that makes stronger concrete
74 Parents often don't use child car seats in ride-share
75 Apes show dramatically different early immune responses compared to monkeys
76 Coastal lupine faces specific extinction threat from climate change
77 Mental health support at schools helps male, but not female, students feel safe from bullying
78 Even with regular exercise, astronaut's heart left smaller after a year in space
79 How cells transport molecules with 'active carpets'
80 NIST develops privacy-preserving 'encounter metrics' that could slow down future pandemics
81 Drug coupons and vouchers cover only a sliver of prescription drugs
82 First detailed look at crucial enzyme advances cancer research
83 Metformin trial dramatically reduces seizures in tuberous sclerosis
84 Narwal tusks reveal mercury exposure related to climate change
85 GlyNAC improves multiple defects in aging to boost strength and cognition in older humans
86 Love bats? Think twice about that bat box, experts say
87 New model simulates the temperature rise of laser-heated skin
88 SARS-CoV-2 positivity in asymptomatic-screened dental patients
89 Scientists urge swift action to prepare for next pandemic
90 For better or worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the health care delivery landscape
91 Your neighborhood may influence your COVID-19 risk
92 Skoltech scientists use machine learning to help doctors find veins for no-fuss blood draws
93 Increased precipitation and the watery miracles of Italian saints
94 Standing out: Unusual magnetic transition in perovskite oxide can help boost spintronics
95 Differences in herpes virus symptoms may relate to variations in strain gene expression
96 Racial disparities in chronic disease death rates persist despite efforts to close gap
97 Pioneering pollinator study offers clues to Darwin's 'abominable mystery'
98 Scientists use nanotechnology to detect bone-healing stem cells
99 Science snapshots from Berkeley Lab
100 Meat and dairy companies slow to commit to net-zero emissions, new analysis finds
101 Scientists find explanation for abnormally fast release of gas from nuclear fuel
102 New study finds satellites contribute significant light pollution to night skies
103 An improved safety standard for bionic devices
104 Plants remember drought
105 First steps towards revolutionary ULTRARAM memory chips
106 Activity is good. Varied activity is better
107 Electromagnetic fields of nanostructures visualized in 3D for the first time
108 Scientists develop test to detect the virus that causes COVID-19 even when it mutates
109 String theory solves mystery about how particles behave outside a black hole photon sphere
110 Analysis of the sensitivity of the UK (B.1.1.7) and South African (B.1.351) variants to SARS-CoV-2 antibodies