File Title
1 Natural Sciences students' research published in prestigious journal
2 Renewable energy, new perspectives for photovoltaic cells
3 The CNIO describe how embryonic stem cells keep optimal conditions for use in regenerative medicine
4 Arctic sponge survival in the extreme deep-sea
5 Gearing up nanoscale machines
6 How tiny machines become capable of learning
7 NTU Singapore scientists develop antibacterial gel bandage using durian husk
8 How improving acoustic monitoring of bats could help protecting biodiversity
9 Insufficient financial reporting may lead to underestimation of environmental liabilities
10 Relieve your stress, relieve your allergies
11 Urban 'escalator' means disadvantaged rural students miss out on top universities
12 Scientists first realized real-time GW-BSE investigations on Spin-Valley exciton dynamics
13 Revealing nano big bang--Scientists observe the first milliseconds of crystal formation
14 TPU scientists develop sensor with nanopores for definition doping in blood
15 Automated embryo selection system might rise likelihood of success in treating infertility
16 New documentation: Old-growth forest carbon sinks overestimated
17 Ancient megafaunal mutualisms and extinctions as factors in plant domestication
18 SMART develops rapid deterministic lateral displacement assay to assess immune response
19 Researchers reveal how lipids and water molecules regulate 5-HT receptors
20 The world's longest bottlebrush polymer ever synthesized
21 Better postoperative recovery for physically active
22 New insights into close encounters between albatross and fishing vessels
23 Toxin in potatoes evolved from a bitter-tasting compound in tomatoes
24 HIV vaccine candidate's mysteries unlocked 20 years later
25 Researchers discover new organic conductor
26 Researchers improve plant prime editing efficiency with optimized pegRNA designs
27 Detecting hidden signals
28 New protein helps carnivorous plants sense and trap their prey
29 Biocrude passes the 2,000-hour catalyst stability test
30 Scientists find evidence that novel coronavirus invades the mouth's cells
31 NCCN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference addresses cancer care in a year of crisis and innovation
32 Distinctively Black names found long before Civil War
33 Technology uses 'single' approach to develop electronics, acoustics
34 Researchers at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon reveal cost of key climate solution
35 Starting smoking cessation in hospitalized patients would reduce many premature deaths
36 Scientists find evidence that novel coronavirus infects the mouth's cells
37 Anabolic androgenic steroids accelerate brain aging
38 Researchers identify brain's role in broken heart syndrome
39 Stroke care declined globally during COVID-19 pandemic despite stroke-related COVID complications
40 Researchers show how stem cell depletion leads to recurring pregnancy loss
41 Stressed brain linked to broken heart
42 Inhibiting impact of dust aerosols on eastern Pacific tropical cyclones from the perspective of energy transmission
43 Failed your New Year resolution again? Join the club
44 Palm oil production can grow without converting rainforests and peatland
45 Moderate daily caffeine intake during pregnancy may lead to smaller birth size
46 Forty-three percent of melanoma patients have chronic complications from immunotherapies
47 MIT engineers make filters from tree branches to purify drinking water
48 Study of NCOA3 yields novel findings of melanoma progression
49 New study published in Science maps wildlife microbiota
50 Pregnant women show robust immune response to COVID vaccines, pass antibodies to newborns
51 Researchers capture first 3D super-resolution images in living mice
52 Preservative used in hundreds of popular foods may harm the immune system
53 Study links genes with function across the human brain
54 Second drug targeting KRASG12C shows benefit in mutated non-small-cell lung cancer
55 Soft robotic dragonfly signals environmental disruptions
56 Text message program shows 60 percent of opioid tablets unused after common procedures
57 Researchers use machine learning to rank cancer drugs in order of efficacy
58 Exploring the nanoworld in 3D
59 Design could enable longer lasting, more powerful lithium batteries
60 Warm water has overlooked importance for cold-water fish, like salmon and trout
61 California's diesel emissions rules reduce air pollution, protect vulnerable communities
62 Tired of video conferencing? Research suggests you're right to question its effectiveness
63 Changes in ocean chemistry show how sea level affects global carbon cycle
64 New clues to classic cancer target found in immune cells
65 Ocean's mammals at crucial crossroads
66 New light on baryonic matter and gravity on cosmic scales
67 Two new species of already-endangered screech owls discovered in Amazon rainforest
68 A clue to how some fast-growing tumors hide in plain sight
69 What is killing bald eagles in the U.S.?
70 Aerobic exercise may help address dialysis-related symptoms
71 Gene required for jumping identified in rabbits
72 Octopuses have two alternating sleep states, study shows
73 Plant gene found in insect, shields it from leaf toxins
74 Exposure to flame retardants early in pregnancy linked to premature birth
75 Study maps key proteins linked to epilepsy, revealing new drug targets
76 Researchers discover why cold induces tooth pain and hypersensitivity--and how to stop it
77 Uranium compound achieves record anomalous Nernst conductivity
78 Oil and natural gas production emit more methane than previously thought
79 Signals from muscle protect from dementia
80 Controlling bubble formation on electrodes
81 Cancer drug lessens the toxicity of a protein from COVID-19 virus
82 Face masks associated with reducing healthcare workers' risk of acquiring COVID-19
83 Rural US has more heart failure deaths than urban areas
84 Vitamin D deficiency linked to metabolic changes in patients with lupus--study
85 Video gamers skills enhanced by training 10 minutes a day
86 Silent MRSA carriers have twice the mortality rate of adults without the bacteria
87 UTEP helps optimize COVID-19 vaccination clinics in the U.S.
88 Rutgers study: Bariatric surgery significantly reduces cancer risk for certain patients
89 Research group identifies potential therapeutic target for lupus
90 Plasmon-coupled gold nanoparticles useful for thermal history sensing
91 Insights on operationalizing COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment
92 International investigation discovers bald eagles' killer
93 Study exposes global ripple effects of regional water scarcity
94 The persistent danger after landscape fires
95 Correcting altered brain circuit could tackle coinciding obesity and depression
96 The brain area with which we interpret the world
97 Study analyses fish larval dispersal in western Mediterranean
98 A general approach to high-efficiency perovskite solar cells
99 Forest restoration action must prioritize diversity over scale for cheaper, long-term success
100 Mapping COVID risk in urban areas: a way to keep the economy open
101 How much peanut does it take to trigger an allergic reaction?
102 Women with sensory loss twice as likely to suffer depression
103 Incurable cancer: Patients need palliative care support early on
104 Hypnosis changes the way our brain processes information
105 Molecule attacks coronavirus in a novel way
106 Researchers discover new species of South American screech owls
107 One drop of blood brings progression of multiple myeloma into better view
108 DNA--Metal double helix
109 Gray's beaked whales 'resilient' to ecosystem changes
110 Controlled scar formation in the brain